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How Can Games Help Programmers Be More Productive

Hey There,

Tired and exhausted Dev's. I am Tirth here your one and only game blogger here. So today we are going to talk about a little bit off-topic by the way sorry for that. Ok, so I have a question?
So how can games help programmers be more productive??, you must be thinking that (from your perspective) wait what tirth you must be kidding right.
if you know anything else pls comment
No guys I am not joking here's your answer:

Boost Learning and Memory:

A lot of video games require players to learn,memorize and apply various tricks.Player also beed to remember all the instructions given at the start of the game.So programers must be able to learn all the syntax and related sybols of the coding language.

Improve Problem-Solving Skills:

A great problem solver can make critical decisions in a matter of seconds. In video games, decision-making is often cut down to seconds, and players must make full use of their brain power before proceeding to the next step.Each video game has rules guiding players on what to follow before executing the next move.
You can apply this skill to programming, where you are required to develop a software solution that will solve a real-world problem.

Improve Multitasking Skills:

For example, if the game involves fighting, a player will have to keep monitoring the energy levels of fighters while simultaneously attacking enemies. Without excellent multitasking skills, one is highly likely to fall on the losing end.
Programming will also call for excellent multitasking skills to create solutions to real-world problems. Programmers must be keen and observant to whatever is taking place on their screen and must be able to write code while simultaneously checking for errors.

So, End of the day it's up to you i have only shown the benifits of gaming in programmers life it also has some cons just don't be be addicted to game it may effect your work.Play games for entertainment.

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Nice article tirth! I just want to point out that developers are terrible at multi tasking. We truly work better focusing on a single task at hand. Keep doing what you are, bud. Great work!