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Why staying calm can help game dev's or prgrammers solve bugs more faster

Hey There,

Tired and exhausted Dev's. I am Tirth here your one and only game blogger here.Trust me guys sometimes while coding you mind just scatter's in small peices, this happens with me too it feels like i am a loser in this world and cannot achive anything in my life.That is why staying calm can help in the following ways:

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It Turns Out, That Coding Anxiety Is Real:

Imposter syndrome. Since a programmer’s median salary is quite high ($86k/year, according to Payscale), it’s common for developers to think that their skills aren’t worth the paycheck. Working in teams adds to the pile of pressure as well — you are always in touch with your peers who seem sharper, more well-versed in tech, big-picture-driven, or attentive to details.

Not being the “real programmer”. If you’ve been interested in tech long enough, you are no stranger to the “real programmer” archetype. You can often see these coders in Facebook groups, on Reddit, or Stack Overflow, telling how much they work and how little they care about weekends or off-time. Seeing coders as no-lifers became so common that beginning programming learners started wondering: “I can’t code for 8 hours straight — maybe software development isn’t it for me?”. The truth is, working 16-hour long days is highly counterproductive — according to a Stanford study, 40-hour week employees work three times more productively than those who pull off 60-hour sprees.

Starting too late. Although, in my opinion, coding has no age limit as long as you are eager to learn and absorb new technologies, some of my students don’t seem to think so. Indeed, stories about 14-year-old AI engineers can intimidate and discourage whoever.

Solution To All Of The Above:

1. Choose a primary programming language

Try all the languages you are intrested in if ya want to and then try to learn and master that one language you are the most intrested in, after that once you have completly done with that chose yout second most intrested language, and remember never ever stop learning cause in programming feild everyday something new comes up in the market.

2. Plan your education:

It’s common for beginning programmers to dive right into learning a programming language without doing much research on its fundamental concepts. They rely too much on all learning content they find online — more often than not, this is a straight road to a mess. Most beginners start meddling in advanced concepts too soon and get discouraged by the complexity of the language and the lack of progress.

3. Collect the right resources:

Having to apply the knowledge obtained when learning in real-world conditions is a major freakout cause among development students. A Freecodecamp forum user summarized this anxiety perfectly:
If you, too, are scared that you don’t have what it takes to ace job interviews, the resources you use for learning might be to blame. While books and video courses are important for absorbing the essence of the language, I’m confident that programmers should make a huge emphasis on practice while learning.

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