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Tomasz Łakomy
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Reasons why React is better than jQuery


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Ben Halpern

Anyone who's tried to create a complex interface with evolving context and state with jQuery

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Tomasz Łakomy • Edited

I used to work in a large Backbone + jQuery codebase

There were 4 different event buses and the entire app worked by accident

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Praneet Rohida • Edited


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Ryan Dunton

A few years ago I had to make a quiz web app using jquery and we had to remove all children DOM elements then recreate them whenever the content changed for XSS reasons. That is when I realized React was much easier than jQuery for state management

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Nick Taylor
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Alexander P. • Edited

i wouldn't really compare those two since react is a component library while jQuery is a library that makes DOM management easier

EDIT: language -> library

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Leigh Barnes

Why is this even a question? JQuery for what it was in the day was great. However as with every thing days pass, and it fell behind.

There is no way I want to go back to rolling statemanagment and event listener binding and rebinds. It's benefit of easy Dom selection, is with current browser support obsolete.

I loved JQuery way back, buy react is a different thing all together. JQuery has no real place in modern web dev. IMHO.

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Pankaj Patel

For large scale apps, React provides the necessary blocks to keep the project manageable.

For small projects and simple homepages; don't matter. Both can be overkill or underdogs.

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Reasons why React is better than jQuery

It's not jQuery.

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Eddy Vinck

Try building an actual app with jQuery and then having the design or requirements change significantly for a v2. In jQuery, this can mean having to rewrite your app entirely.

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One less letter. Bytes matter!

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Point 3 is an amazing reason why React is better! I loved the read, thanks!!