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trinwin profile image Trinity Nguyen ・1 min read

I spent 3 hours trying to make it looks good ✌🏻 I'm thinking of how I can improve it 🤔.

Here is the final look:

Alt Text

👾 Link to my Github: https://github.com/trinwin

What does your Readme look like? ⬇️

Don't forget to show the one you live some 😍🌟💫🌟⭐️🥰


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Yours looks great! 😄

Here's mine: github.com/Clifton893


Just a work-in-progress! Need to trim a little, so that everything is above the fold.... 😅


love that title banner, looks really good.
P.S: followed you xD


Thanks! I was worried the cyberpunk flourish would be just a little unprofessional, haha!

oh thats exactly what it made me think of.. CYBERPUNK 2077 haha. and I don't think people are really concerned about "professional looking GitHub readme".
Besides showcasing our programming/dev skills, we are using it to show a bit of personality flair.

but then again, im not a recruiter so I can't vouch for that. xD


That's pretty neat. I loved the title gif man, how did you make it?
p.s. there's a typo in the second line :)


umm where's the typo...?😂

oh and, I read this article about cool text effects (waves, glow, vibrate etc).. so I took that idea, made a Pen, screen recorded, cropped and converted to a Gif 😂😂😂.

here's a link to the pen, play around, you'll get it:codepen.io/saberglow/pen/xxVwodW

I'm "sudying" Computer Science Engineering at BME, Budapest. 𝙸'm expecting to graduate in 2022.
You missed the 't'.

hahaha omg, i read that line so many times and totally overlooked this 😂😂. thenks man 👍,


I like it! a very clean design!


Wow, yours is really cool! 😄


haha thenks.. it took me quite some time xD


Wow this is next level 🌟 I need to catch up


i got lucky because I was learning HTML and CSS when I discovered this readme repo trick, so I basically just applied all the stuff I learnt and it turned out pretty well actually xD


Mine's pretty simple and clean. With my favourite colors.
Link: github.com/2KAbhishek

2KAbhishek's Readme


Here's mine: "Push me" to learn more about me! 👀


Thanks, really love the images in your README as well. Where did you find those?

if you're asking about the honeycomb icons, i got them from DeviantArt... if you don't find your icon of choice on Deviant, just google it.
(Rainmeter community has been making honeycomb icons themselves)


This is mine: github.com/brew-install-buzzwords

My visuals aren't too fancy yet, but the list of blog posts is updated daily from my blog's rss feed.

Profile Readme Screenshot


oh man !! Banner is 🔥


Thank's!!! I did it with Canva, it's super easy to make animations with it.


Love the banner 😍😍😍😍😍


woaaah that banner animation


Here is a picture of mine. My animated followers broke😭, I need to handle null values.



Love love love 🌟🌟🌟


I like that profile view counter 🥂


yeappp, I'm copying that 😂🌚


take some inspirations off your profile... love the GIFs

P.S: Can you teach me how to make those progress bars... freakin awesome


Thanks a lot 😄

For the stats I used:

i'll look into waka... thenks alot :)


Dang, those icons for the tools and languages are great! Your profile is really awesome overall, consider yourself followed! (Plus, I knew Cluj-Napoca is in Romania! XD)


Those aren't my work. Here is the repo where I found them 😅 github.com/MikeCodesDotNET/Colored...

And wow, I couldn't imagine some random people on the internet will know about Cluj-Napoca. That's awesome 😄


Those gifs are amazing lol. Def gonna use em, if you don't mind ;)


Wow, I need to add some gif animations 🤯🤯


Wow, professional and some serious meat & potatoes in your skill set! :D


wow, all of these are so bomb 🤯


Not exactly my profile but recently I've been working on tool that lets you embed a "card" showing a list of your recent Last.fm tracks into your profile README.

You can check it out here!


Late to the party but here is mine. Quite simple 🦄



How did you create that banner? And also that animated image of yourself?


That banner is created using figma and the animated image using GIMP

Okay thanks. I'll try to edit my image


Made in an hour when I found out about this:
tried to make it command prompt like and techy


Hope you found some inspiration 🥳


Is there any post regarding how to customize your profile readme? Please share it if possible ☺️


Your readme looks great! It's really informative and I love how it looks 😊

Here's mine: github.com/eevajonnapanula


Looks pretty.
Check mine: github.com/fear-the-lord