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What is your #1 favorite web framework?

urielbitton profile image Uriel Bitton ・1 min read

What is your favorite or go to JS/CSS framework for web development?
Today, in 2020 there are quite a lot of JavaScript, CSS a d HTML frameworks, most that make our lives as developers easier.

So let me know what your favorite framework is and why it is your favorite!

Mine i would say is Ember JS because of its resemblance to html and Semantic for CSS framework.


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Svelte and Tailwind UI. It's among the most productive combination I've used in twenty years.

I wrote about why I changed from React to Svelte here: mikenikles.com/blog/why-i-moved-fr...


I've always heard great things about svelte. What makes it so popular and useful?

Tries to give more with less boilerplate code which in general means less code written which is easier to maintain with fewer bugs. Also it is a compiler so there is no svelte runtime downloaded on the client thus for smaller project it means faster download times. On top of that it is very easy to grasp and one can be productive in no time. I suggest you start with the tutorial at svelte.dev to get a better feeling of it.

I suggest you join the Svelte chat at svelte.dev/chat. You'll find a super friendly community who can help if you have questions.


For CSS it would be Bootstrap.
For JS it would be nothing because I like Vanilla JS.


nice always good to stick with vanilla


No framework is our favorite ;)

Vue for smaller projects with no routing - and for layering client-side rendering in server-side rendered stuff. (think PHP or something with Vue for the fancy bits) (it's basically Angular 1.5)

Ember for real web applications. (#1) but there are many unique scenarios...

We don't have opinions about React - but we prefer controllers and templates over JSX type things.

Oh... and - WordPress is considered a "Framework," right? We use that for a bunch of stuff - and sometimes use it's json-api - and feed that to a client-side app.

(and if you're talking about CSS / no-frameworks for sure... but in a perfect world - we'd use stylus over SCSS but can't really because the tooling fell behind - but also - we have not-so-secret plans to fund it's revival)

We also use all sorts of fun design-thinking frameworks for planning and stuff - that doesn't have to do with code -and things like styletil.es to plan visual design in a lean way.


I love this...
But for me Angular and Bootstrap is Best


It all depends on your team. If it works for everyone - then it's the best tool! 😉


Not exactly a framework by my favorite is React. For css I usually use styled-components which is a react library to style react components. I don't like css or UI frameworks for react, I only use it when mandatory, but if I had to pick up one it would be Material UI. Its funny but working with angular I really enjoy using Angular Material.


It has got to be React for me! I know React isn't a framework, but with additional packages that React supports like materialize, material-ui for styling the UI, easy integration with express and mongo to form a full-stack application makes react to be my go-to javascript library.


Angular ! It's a bold choice compared to Vue & React with their current popularity. But Angular has a complete ecosystem of libraries you need to build a web/mobile app, you don't have to rely on third parties for any kind of functionality unless it's a specific need which is unusual to find. I'm impressed how powerful is the framework and how many different ways you can implement a same solution/functionality. I've been a long time Angular 1.x fan and adopted Angular from v5 And now working with v10. Personally I'm not a big fan of npm install third party libs to enhance dev process and make easy life in implementing ( although it helps in short time but not good for long term when building enterprise apps). Downside is the learning curve is so high as it might intimidate any new developers trying this.


Each has its own, but we've rarely had a good all-in-one-package solution that we felt was quite right for what we needed. Besides the usual big names and trying out some lesser-known ones, we're now sticking with CxJS. It's not quite simple as let's say Bootstrap, but still relatively simple. It does provide a tremendous amount of flexibility and options.


JS: Angular because of typescript and its robustness.
CSS: no framework needed


Hands down Meteor. Many here write combinations of packages/libraries which has become the go to in JS community, but that is not a framework.
Meteor is an actual framework that gives you the option to use your favorite libraries for front end and in limited capacity elsewhere, but beside its customization options it is all interconnected and working well and takes away the biggest pains in web development, like build system, accounts system, bundling for legacy browsers, etc.
For me it is the "get things done" framework, where after initial selection of stack I don't have to worry about the technical side and can focus on building my app and with the additional goodies that Meteor provides there are many shortcuts like the Socialize packages that make it easy to build functionality known from social media like feeds, friending, messaging, comments, etc. and that are ready to scale-up with my app.


Vue 3 because of the new reactivity system and composition API. Since the only thing I didn't like of Vue was Vuex, no I don't need it anymore.
Also, what I like most of Vue is its CLI. It let's you scaffold a top-notch frontend project ready for production, without the need of "ejecting" for extendability. The PWA plugin and "modern" mode is simply amazing.


AdonisJS for full-stack and API Development.
VueJS on the frontend


For this year , React + MaterialUI


I quite like VueJS as it works very well with Laravel!


I love Drupal Svelte and lately have a crush on tailwindcss !!!


I always default to Next.js when starting a React project. The developer experience is incredible.


I'd go with rails and stimulusjs if the project that I'm working on is not very reactive, otherwise I'm happy to write react or ember.


react - so simple with ES+

const Foo = ({foo, ...props}) => <pre {...props}>{foo}</pre>;

Alpine.js + TailwindCSS


I prefer Vue for my frontend JS framework. I'm especially excited for Vue 3.

For CSS, I love Tailwind, especially in combination with Vuetensils (naked component library).


i like reactjs + bulma css :D


i heard good things about bulma, may try it soon!


ReactJS and Bootstrap are the best