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Waylon Walker
Waylon Walker

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I Started Streaming on Twitch

I recently started streaming on and it's been a blast so far.

  • python
  • kedro
  • Data Science
  • Data Engineering
  • webdev
  • digital gardening

Kedro Spaceflights

It all started with kedro/issues/606, Yetu called out for users of kedro to record themselves doing a walk through of their tutorials. I wanted to do this, but was really stuck at the fact that recording or editing somewhat polished vide is quite time consuming for me.



My introduction to twitch came from I watched him on YouTube, and then decided to drop into a stream. It was so fun to watch him live that I started following others in the science and tech category.

Streaming What I Do

After taking a jump in with the spaceflights tutorial I realized that it really was not that hard to do, and I can stream things that I am doing anyways. I will be streaming while I build open source kedro plugins, pipelines, and while I work on my website.


I started storing all the replay, and some clips on
YouTube. If that is more of your thing be sure to check it out. I would greatly appreciate anyone who subscribes to help me. get to the 100 subscriber baseline to get my custom url.

Here is a small clip from my latest stream.

Top comments (5)

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Nick Taylor

Nice! Just gave you a follow on Twitch! 😎

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Waylon Walker

Followed back. I'll be taking another look at your setup for more inspiration.

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Christy Campbell

Followed. Hope it goes well!

waylonwalker profile image
Waylon Walker

Fantastic, thanks for joining me in this journey.