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Preaching to the choir here maybe, but I love Syntax by Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski. I'm also interested to see what other suggestions come up in this thread! I'm always looking for a new podcast to add to the rotation. A couple of other favorites:

-Frontend Happy Hour
-Code Newbie
-Command Line Heroes
-The Changelog


Great list! I listen to a lot of The Bikeshed - based on your interests you might like that one!


I had a huge collection that I'm listening on a daily basis but specifically for software development & soft skills it's this.

1) Software Engineering Daily - which I was exposed to due to 1 of the episode.
2) The Jordan Harbinger Show - networking & soft skills
3) Master of Scale - Has some awesome interviews on technology & startups. Love the episode for Marissa Mayer that talks about Google's Associate Product Manager program
4) Talk Python To Me - Python related news, trends and technology


I'll go ahead and list my weekly lineup in order of "most listened" to "least listened":

  • Software Engineering Daily
  • Darknet Diaries (not dev related)
  • Indie Hackers
  • JS Party

The remaining are on retainer in case a good episode pops up, like a good interview or hot topic:

  • React Podcast
  • Changelog
  • Google Cloud Platform Podcast
  • developer chats
  • Refactor Your Body (
  • Swindled (not dev related)
  • Joe Rogan Experience (definitely not dev related, but entertaining at times)

These range from development to design/art. Some of these don't update anymore, but they have some archived episodes that are gems (like interviews with big names):

  • API Busters
  • The Architect Show
  • The Big Web Show
  • The Boagworld UX Show
  • The Changelog
  • CodeNewbie
  • CodePen Radio
  • The Content Strategy Podcast
  • Demuxed
  • Design Details
  • Design Matters
  • Design Notes
  • Design Review
  • Dissection
  • Does Not Compute
  • Drawn: The Story of Animation
  • Dream Nation
  • dev chats
  • Founders Talk
  • The freeCodeCamp podcsat
  • The Freelancer's Show
  • Front End Happy Hour
  • Front-end Five
  • The Frontside Podcast
  • Full Stack Radio
  • GraphQL Radio
  • Greater Than Code
  • The Hacking UI Podcast
  • Has Opinions
  • Hope in Source
  • InDesign Secrets
  • JAMStack Radio
  • Javascript Air
  • JS Party
  • The Laracasts Snippets
  • The Laravel Podcast
  • Layout
  • Let's Make Mistakes
  • Louder Than Words
  • Lullabot Podcast
  • Marketing Over Coffee
  • Modern Web
  • NodeUp
  • Dribbble's Overtime
  • PHP Town Hall
  • PHPUgly
  • Practical Product
  • Presentable
  • React Native Radio
  • React Podcast
  • React Round UP
  • React30
  • Request for Commits
  • The Secure Developer
  • ShopTalk
  • Soft Skills Engineering
  • Sprint
  • Stack and Flow
  • Style Guide Podcast
  • SyntaxFM
  • This Old App
  • Toolsday
  • Twenty Percent Time
  • UI Breakfast
  • UX Podcast
  • The Versioning Show
  • Views on Vue
  • The Web Ahead
  • The Web Platform Podcast
  • Wireframe

Non-dev casts:

  • 8-4 Play
  • Retronauts
  • SModcast
  • The Smartest Man in the World
  • EasyAllies
  • Kotaku Spitscreen
  • Joe Rogan
  • Getting Curious
  • Good Job, Brain!
  • The Church of What's Happening Now

Here are some that I listen to in order of most listened to, to less listened to:

-JavaScript jabber (great content)
-The web ahead (fascinating subjects)
-Shop talk show
-Full stack radio
-Command line hereos
-Developer tea
-This developer life
-Reply all (more about the Web than programming)


I'm finding that little of my podcast listening is dev-focused. Closest I can think of is the IOT Podcast, which has some industry-pointed talk (not my industry, tho) but is mostly consumer-focused. It's where I learned about (now balena), which is a great idea not really where I am playing now.

I stack up Developer Tea episodes, but then delete them in bulk...


Great overall tech/security podcast:

It is the main way I keep up with security news.


Hanselminutes - Scott Hanselman from Microsoft but the podcast is rarely about that, it's always fascinating.
Causeascene - interviews with marginalized people in tech.
Inquiring Minds - science and politics. Sometimes about AI and software but always something to think about.
The Bike Shed - nominally about Ruby, but a lot about architecture, project management, open source and leadership


There are so many good ones out there below are the ones I love.

I have subscribed to so many so I will just shameless link the rest πŸ˜›


I really enjoy listening to these one.

  • SyntaxFm
  • ToolsDay
  • Freecodecamp Podcast
  • Akimbo by Seth Godin
  • Complete Developer Podcast
  • Developer Tea
  • Hidden Brain
  • Master of Scale with Reid Hoffman
  • Programming Throwdown
  • Software Engineering Daily
  • The Jordan Harbinger Show

I will resonate some of the podcast mentioned already...

*.Talk python to me
*.Soft Skills Engineering
*.sCD - Second Career Devs
*.Learn to CODE with Me

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