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How to clear commit history using GIT

I am working in a presentation to Hotmart Dev team and it will basically have a hands on during this presentation and I will be sharing the final code on Github.

But I don't want them to follow each step I made so I decided to clear the whole commit history.

I obviously had to search because I never had a need to clear the whole commit history and I found this on Stack Overflow from 2014 and edited in 2020:

The answer is pretty clear how I had to do it, so I am sharing here.

Let's see how it was done!

git checkout --orphan latest_branch

Add all the files
git add -A

Commit the changes
git commit -am "commit message"

Delete the branch
git branch -D main

Rename the current branch to main
git branch -m main

Finally, force update your repository
git push -f origin main

That's all folks!

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Junxiao Shi

Last time I force-pushed to the main branch, people started screaming up and down the hallway. Since then, I configured branch protection rule in GitHub, and it's no longer possible to force-push or clear commit history.
I keep my history clean since the beginning, and never need to cleanup upon release.

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Waylon Walker

I've been there, where you just need less history to big everything down.