Pet Projects: How to stay motivated doing it?

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Hi everyone, do you have new project ideas? Have you finished your previous one? I doubt it!

So I have a question to "The Chosen Few" who actually finished their pet projects (especially if those projects are not your day-to-day job), how did you do it? Any advice?

Also, I am encouraging everyone who has a working in progress pet project to share theirs in the discussion box. And just maybe, if we knew that anyone may check our project, it may motivate us more to finish it.

I'm fairly new to JS but mine is here:

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I've been there before ;)

  • Basically, you need to work on a project that solves a problem you're experiencing, regularly(ideally). This way it's more likely you will stay motivated.

Credits: Kent C. Dodds

  • Share your work with others, you may get a cool feedback, which also helps a lot!

I am encouraging everyone who has a working in progress pet project to share theirs in the discussion box

My webpack-based, local playground, currently in beta!


I didn't know that you can embed tweets here in comment that's cool @thepracticaldev !

a problem you're experiencing, regularly

That's the keyphrase, that's my problem. I'm more excited on the tech that I'll be using than the actual problem the app should solve.

Glitch Playground! That's a really cool and interesting name for a side project.


Very good points Ben!

I would strongly consider making it a project focused on building a public API around something.

This one too, I should really take this advice. My work mostly revolves on developing backend apps and managing apps in the cloud, but, my pet projects are usually full-stack, and frontend development itself consumes a lot of time for me, diminishing the excitement.


I have a lot :D

A Project Manager :
Made with Django ( Many issues to getting done )

A Financial manager :
Made with Django + Vuejs


Django + Vue.js !! Dude we have the same tech interests. It's not too often to see someone who uses that tech especially here in PH, where python is not too popular and everybody else use Angular or React.


What is PH?

Actually I'm using Django just to wrapper my stack, that actually is Django Rest Framework to build an api and Vue.js to consume your content.

Very easy.. the most complicated part ( that I found ) was do auth in vuejs using token.. but was my first attempt.

Philippines, Asia.

Yeah I know DRF, been using it to develop some internal data integrations. For the auth, I find it complicated too. Haven't tried to do auth without the help of a framework, so now I want to do it differently, so I'm trying to do separate frontend and backend.

Django is awesome framework really.. After use it for couple times I'm trying adventure me by the core details and your source code.. To specialize more.

It's a good exercicie :D

Have you seen Classy Class Based Views and Classy Django Rest Framework yet? Those are very useful to dive deeper on those magic view classes of django/django-rest.

Some times yes.. But don't too deeper.. Awesome resources... There are too about the forms:

Classy Django Forms


Very nice! it looks like you're trying to solve a very common problem (at least, I share the same ones).

One suggestion: please, use english, otherwise it would be difficult to attract people/help (even casual, interested, ones).



Wow.. Great suggestions!!!

I'll try write my github project all in english ( to pratice and share more knowledge with others ) , really , write code in english open projects to the world

Consider english a shared protocol for communication that helps to reach a wider audience :-)

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