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What is your current job title and what do you aspire to be?

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I see myself as a Full Stack Developer and plan to stick with this career path for now as I enjoy working on the frontend, backend and on mobile.


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My current job title is "Co-CEO", and there are a lot of perks to this situation, but it's hard not to be envious of folks who get to contribute to software development with slightly lower stakes.

I have no plans to change any time soon, but in the future if I ever find myself moved on from this role, I could see myself seeking out something along the lines of "Principle Software Engineer" and try to organize myself to mostly deal with technical problems throughout my day.


it's hard not to be envious of folks who get to contribute to software development with slightly lower stakes

I feel passion and determination towards the code in this.
That probably explains your competency in the field best and justify the career success as the result of it. I assume the business knowledge is completely different field and obviously, when paired with solid coding knowledge, can do wonders as you and Jess have shown. Thanks for the platform! ❤🙏


Currently, I am an Android Software Engineer, I want to improve my Android knowledge as much as possible and get iOS knowledge more than just a few tutorials. So I aspire to be a Mobile Software Engineer, that can efficiently develop natively on both platforms.


Cool and would do you think would be the most ideal tech stack for creating mobile apps in the future? Native like Kotlin and Swift. Or using something like Dart and Flutter?


I have tried Flutter, but I didn't have time to dive deeper into it. But in my opinion, native will always be the way to go at least in the next 3-5 years, because I have talked with a couple of senior mobile engineers who actually worked with cross-platform, React Native in particular, and they said it works fine in 90% of the time, and for the rest 10% you are losing a lot of time and resources and in some particular case, there might not even be a solution.


Role says Analyst Programmer, but pretty much code whatever is needed except for DB management. In short term I aspire to be a proper software engineer i.e design plan document and execute solutions. In the long run, become a CTO may be!!


Thats unfortunate I don't know how some companies can give you a sales pitch about "career progression" but then give you no option for training to meet that goal.


My actual job title is "Full-Stack Developer." However, you always tend to stick to one side never working true full-stack, and I tend to stick towards the backend side. It is basically like I am a backend developer that will occasionally pick up a small frontend task.


Right now I am a React Native Developer, and I want to be a back-end or full-stack developer, I mean RN is good but I feel myself in another stack, I hope I can do this shift early in my life, I am studying and learning every day a new thing.


What is it like developing mobile apps using React Native? Would you prefer to use native programming languages like Swift and Java/Kotlin instead?


Ok, after +2 years of experience using RN to develop mobile apps and working on multiple apps from different domains and with a different scale, I can tell you RN is a very reliable framework and RN team at Facebook is doing a great job making it more reliable and efficient to carry much larger scale projects.
The community behind it is amazing, and there are huge contributions from so many devs.
But I need to shift to back-end as it was my passion, I worked as RN developer as a temporary job and I knew that It will be hard to back to learn and continue my career as back-end dev, I know it seems a little bit a lost, but I am trying my best!
Thank you for giving me the time to say that :)


My current title is CSO / CISO at my company it sounds fancy but we are a startup and i'm the one with security background.

I do try to get more into my role by writing documents for security best practices, action plans in case of breaches and more.

However I would aspire to be in a red team.


What is a "red team" for you?


Having a team where we can focus on pen-testing and security research and building security tools as a full time work.


My current position is UI Engineer/Dev Lead. I really enjoy coding, but after almost 15 years coding, tbh I don't think I can do it all the time. I'd like to move a little bit away from the programming part (still build things as a hobby) and focus on leading/managing.


I did the management route for a few years after being in technical positions for many years, I found I'd much rather deal with technical issues than managing people issues. Just something to think about, depending if you like people drama or not.


At least we have that "backup": the technical path will be there, and I love it... But I'd like to try something different and, after having some bad managers in the past, try to "do better". Maybe I'm too idealistic.


"Senior Software Developer Fullstack/Frontend, After-Sales Care" Lots of words to say I mostly do React for a customer area and occasionally help out with the Java backend.

Beats "Lead Developer IT-Operations", which was an 80%-management role with glorified DevOps duties on a bunch of messy PHP applications. It was basically "do everything at once but also delegate".

What I'd like to do? What the Lead Developer role was pitched to me as: Fullstack Software Architecture and Project Management.


I have been in frontend web development for 5 years, working with jQuery, React, Vue, and now Web Components via Polymer. Currently at work I get to come up with styling decisions. I'd love to grow more on the UI/UX side to become a true Frontend Unicorn 🦄!


Greetings, I am a data science / data engineering. I use programming language like python, C#, C++, vuejs and Nuxt.js for UI testing. I like processing data and getting insights although sometimes you just need to observe the data and that's it. I want to be a researcher on audio processing and ML applied on multidisciplinary research like psychology, music and geoinformatics.


I am a CG Pipeline Developer, I mostly work with Python with other computer graphics related libraries to create and maintain a production pipeline.

I want to work as a Backend Developer in the same industry and switch to other industries.


My current job title would either say Associate Test Engineer or Test Automation Engineer. While I've worked as a software tester, I got my degree in software engineering, but in the end, I'd like to work my way to Software (or even Enterprise) Architect.


My current title is simple Frontend Developer and all I do is implementing designer's ideas into HTML views in Angular application with a bit of logic if needed.
In future I want to be a fullstack developer with Node.js on backend (what I am learning in my spare time).


Currently, i'm CTO, but i want to be like a "innovation chief" :') managing people is hard, i'm more like a coach who likes to teach than a manager who tracks people time and activity

I would like to only test, create new solutions


Current job title is "old unemployed auto mechanic". Aspiring to be an open source full stack developer / hardware designer. Learning so much, every day, and right now my biggest ambition is picking up a ticket for an open source project that I can accomplish. Contribution to projects and growing a portfolio are the things most on my mind at the moment.


Currently "Senior Developer", but I cover all things IT. I'm actually the lead developer and technical architect of all development within my company. I'm a mentor and manager to two other developers, and I manage the IT support engineer - so I wear the "IT manager" hat, too. Oh, and let's not forget all of the DevOps stuff I do (and am still looking into and learning)

I also advise the directors on most things technical, and provide guidance where possible. I've also been involved in networking the office and various procurement of equipment during that office move.

I'm essentially CTO in all but name, and that's where I would like to get to. CTO or Technical Director. I do, however, worry that it would take me away from some of the coding I occasionally get to do. I'm too busy getting things inline for others to develop, and planning the infrastructure for our current project.


My current title is Senior Full stack developer which is mainly because I can create solutions (both back-end and front-end) from scratch and also deploye it ok cloud platforms. Though it's really interesting as I get to work on all aspects and also get exposed to lot of real issues. But I aspire to become Lead / technical Manager moving up in my role as I am good at managing things and have received a lot of positive feedback in the same. Goal is all set, so as my learning path! 😅😉


I am currently a web development teacher to high school students right now. I don't see myself staying here, as I also want to get back into freelance web development or working with a company. But I also want to create web development learning materials in my native language to help other people get into creating web sites.


Well I think I'm a Full Stack Developer due to all the things I have to do every day xD, but I'm more backend


My title is the wonderfully-generic and malleable "Consultant", sometimes "Consultant Engineer", but I admit to changing it if I'm in a situation where excess importance is placed on title and I need a seat at the table to contribute to the conversation.


My job title is saying: Head of IT..
But probably i'm Fullstack developer as well, just i'm doing ton of managing jobs in organization.


I'm a software engineering student, which basically means the future is open for me to pick any part of software I like and make it mine. I used to want to be a front-end dev when I was beginning, now I'm not so sure. I've been thinking of focusing on back-end, mobile, desktop programs, data science, IoT, even becoming a mathematician or a college professor. I'm trying to take it easy and I know at the end I will end up where I need to be.


My current job titles are "Untitled" at the company I co-founded and co-operate, and "Me" at my holding.
While I imagined those as a pun at first, I think they reflect the complexities and natures of my roles perfectly, so I kept them.

I aspire to be that forever because I'm having a lot of fun.

While I use "Untitled" and "Me" in my LinkedIn bio in the companies section, the "title" people see under my name explain what I do (my occupation) in a more concrete way.
People need an easy way to put you in a box, so I still offer than, but it isn't a job title per se.


I'm not 100% sure. What it says on my contract and what I'm billed out as depends on the client, and what role I'm assuming. We're not pulling the wool over anyone's eyes, that's just how life works in an agency :)


While I am a back end developer on paper I actually wear a large number of hats. This is what happens in a small team (both company and dev). So I do front end, back end, devops, dabble in security, dabble in design, and any other tasks that come up that are related to dev.

Over a long career dabbling in programming I have had the chance to make epubs, create beautiful pdf's, get hundreds of files for textbooks onto a website, make some educational content and now support the website by making new features, fixing existing features and helping maintain the servers. It has been fun.


Title is Cyber Security Architect, aspire to be retired fisherman/camper... I enjoy my job but as they say a bad day fishing is still more relaxing than a good day working.


I am currently a learner and wish to become a CTO one day 🥇


Frontend Engineer.
To be honest, I don't really care how does my title look like. "senior", "lead", "developer", "engineer", etc. Because anyway it's about my knowledge and experience, so I'm fine with any title. But, of course, in a lot of places title affects things like salary, responsibilities, promotions, so it's still better to have a nice title :)

After 9 years of development, I understood that management and people's side are more interesting for me. Dealing with humans is something that I really like (more than fixing code haha).


My current role is Technical Lead, I want to grow in this path and want to be a CTO. I have a long way to go. May Allah give me the strength to keep my dedication and honesty in my work and to all of us here.


Full Stack Developer, right now working in .NET. Kinda waffling around in that Mid-Level-teetering-on-Senior-Level area. I'm okay with where I am right now. No immediate desire for change.


Current - Lead Software Engineer at Optum

Aspire - My own LLC as a software engineer


currently i'm a SRE and i aspire to be a solution architect for every business running on cloud.


Mine is currently Web Designer, although I'm aiming towards becoming a UX designer/researcher. I'm taking online classes and doing volunteer projects to work towards that.


I am an IT Development - Intern. Within the next 2 years I aspire to be a Junior .NET Developer. Within 10 years I aspire to a Senior .NET Developer.


I aspire to be DevOps


My current job title is "Database Administrator," and I aspire to become a backend web developer.


My title is Golang Software Engineer.


I am a Teaching Assistant and I want to be a Remote NLP Data Scientist.


Currently, I’m a DevOps but once I was a PHP and Java front-end and backend developer. Though I’m a DevOps now, I write code also. You know as an IT technology, we must learn more and more.


I'm a 'Developer' but I'd like to be more specifically a 'Front-end Developer'.


I am a Support Developer. I try to take things one step at a time, so I aspire to be a Full Stack Developer where I work. I'm only 4 months in so I have ways to go and a lot of learning to do!


Well, I am currently a fitter, engaged more on construction work. I have a passion to be a full stack web dev.


Software engineer 2 currently. I aspire to be an architect or tech lead.