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I'd recommend following a group we (by which I mean myself mostly) have dubbed the #DevDaemons for their overall strong content on this site. Plus the name just sounds cool πŸ˜›

There are likely people who will be added to this group later. Regardless, follow them!


Thank you so much! I'm on board with #DevDaemons haha


One of my favorite recent follows is @kathyra_ -- I've learned so much from her, plus she's hilarious.


@ananyaneogi obviously crushed it with her last post which is sitting at #2 all time, but look at her backlog. She's an awesome frontend writer and great community member.


In no particular order ...

@adnanrahic - for writing some in-depth posts on AWS Lambda and Serverless that have clarified how to use these tools in real life.

@andrewbrown - for all things AWS including a really great YouTube channel.

@venikunche - for creating a platform for people who are underrepresented in tech to discover opportunities.

@vintharas - for posts on what it's like to publish a technical book, and some epic gifs over on Twitter.

@lkopacz for making accessibility accessible.

@molly_struve - for encouraging beginners and posts on all things SRE.

@daveskull81 - for sharing the journey from self-taught programmer to Dev Advocate.

@smh30 - for sharing the journey of studying towards a Masters in Information Technology after 30.

@alanhylands - for posts on Data Science, Business Intelligence and an excellent series of interviews with data professionals around the world.

@ronsoak - for posts on life as a data analyst and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

@jamesmh - for sharing posts on career ownership and how to level up as a developer.

@swyx - for posts on Machine Learning and Networking.

@katiekodes - for posts on JSON, XML and data wrangling in both English and French ... impressive.

@amrutaranade - for posts and videos on being a tech writer and making it easy to explain tech topics.


Thanks for the mention Helen. I love your content too!πŸ˜„πŸ‘Œ


This is an awesome lists of folks and I'm honored to be included. Thank you! :)


So this is a weird thing to say, but I actually follow fewer people so they don't take over my feed and I can find new people! That being said, @karaluton has really great stuff :)


I like to use the "Latest" feature on the homepage for this purpose! There's always something great to be found

It's really crazy to me how rare it is to find uninteresting or garbage content on Dev; on Hacker News or Reddit or basically any other site with an any-user-can-post-stuff model, sorting by most-recently-submitted is a danger zone, or at least a great way to spend hours pushing through sludge to find anything worthwhile, but on Dev I use it all the time to find new authors. Maybe this is just because Dev is relatively young and has only really blown up pretty recently, but I like to think it has more to do with the community here


@samanthaming has great tips for JavaScript and CSS that are well written and practical.


Someone not mentioned yet is @desi

They ask thoughtful and meaningful questions as well as round up beginner posts! Always excited to see a notification pop up that they wrote another post!


Right,my turn.

She's already been mentioned like a million times and we've all ready at least 4 of her articles, so if you don't already go follow Helen Anderson.

Not only does Andrew know πŸ‘ his πŸ‘ sh!t πŸ‘ when it comes to AWS, but his constant use of emoji's is something I'm weak to.

Alan Hylands, along with Helen, is the reason why I'm writing here. His articles on tackling urgent culture are the catalyst for my Crunch and Burnout articles.


I'm relatively new to the DEV Community, but I follow @taeluralexis and recommend her writing in general.


Give Amberley Romo a follow if you aren't already, she's good people :).

Max got my others in his post.


I'm glad we both decided to not mention Max as a recommended follow because he stole a lot of the good answers.


One of my favorites was @mudasobwa , but he disappeared/got banned, not entirely sure what really happened.


Probably can't comment on the status of whether someone is currently suspended, but yes, it's a shame because he was a great contributor in many ways.


I recommend to follow me. Just follow me, without any reason xD

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So is going to charge attendees in future - what's next for event organizers?

So is going to charge attendees in future - what's next for event organizers?

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