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Bubble sort algorithm

Definition of the bubble sort algorithm

Bubble Sort is a type of sorting algorithms that works by comparing each pair of adjacent items and swapping them if they are in the wrong order.

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Space and Time complexity of bubble sort

Time complexity Space complexity
О(n2) O(1)

Bubble sort implementation using python

def BubbleSortAlgorithm(items: list) -> list:
        [name] => Bubble Sort 
        [type] => Sorting algorithms
        [space complexity] => O(1)
        [time complexity]  => O(n^2)
        @params (
            [items] => list
        @return => sorted list
    for i in range(len(items) - 1):
        isSorted = True
        for j in range(len(items) - i - 1):
            # if the number is greater than the adjacent element
            if items[j] > items[j + 1] :
                # swap 
                items[j], items[j + 1] = items[j + 1], items[j]
                isSorted = False
        # if the list is sorted
        if isSorted:
    return items
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References and useful resources

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