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JavaScript Fatigue

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What is JavaScript fatigue?

While researching about JavaScript it came to my attention the term JavaScript Fatigue; over the last months I have spend a lot of time researching on the different related JavaScript topics and for sure I am not alone in this task, it looks that every time I need to learn or understand something new about this topic it takes me to different routes (which I have enjoyed).

JavaScript Growth

JavaScript fatigue is the result of the JavaScript ecosystem growth, its extenuating and continually growth popularity and the demand of Full-Stack developers as well as the different coding bootcamps educating and teaching to code has impacted the use, application, and need to learn not just about JavaScript but the tools that can enhance the development of apps and websites.

Too Many Tools and Frameworks

You can virtually build anything using JavaScript, well, yes! But with the help of ES6, jQuery, React, Redux, Webpack, Babel, TDD, JEST, Git, async, OOP, functional-style, npm, Node.js, Yarn, SQL, NoSQL, Graph databases, MongoDB, Angular, etc., etc, etc.

Using the different frameworks and libraries that better fit to the app or development you are working on will enhance your code workflow. Even though you can do a lot with plain vanilla JavaScript, HTML, and CSS; modern JavaScript provides you with a huge choice of tools that will enrich your development.

It can look overwhelmed specially for beginners at first (including me) but understanding the way the different tools and libraries work will set you apart from the crowd during the job hunt and as professional.


The benefit of using the different tools and frameworks is that some are boiler-plate libraries that you can use without restrictions or no need to change to much from the original.


JavaScript is the ecosystem of many other tools, frameworks and libraries, so the importance of been up-to-date with these technologies requires you to be attentive to all the different updates and changes around these tools if you want to use the most recent and new additions while developing your apps or when collaborating with other developers.

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Tomek Buszewski


I work a lot with junior devs, and in my opinion, learning everything is super-hard and rarely works. If you have someone that barely knows JavaScript, don't expect her/he to pick up React, connect it to Redux, fetch data from a GraphQL resource, and transpile it from ES6 to ES5 using Webpack and don't break in the process.

Learn one thing at the time. Remember, being a programmer gives you the privilege of not knowing something. Wether you are senior or junior, saying "I don't know" or asking for help won't make your co-workers think less of you. And you shouldn't too.

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Banesa Guaderrama

Hi Tomek!

I completely agree with you! is impossible to move forward and learn a new tool, library or framework and made it work inside an environment you have not completely understand.

Also, I like your advise and I will walk with it under my arm, accepting you don't know something or asking for help should improve your collaboration and relationship with your co-workers.

Thank you for reading the post and taking the time to comment and provide advise!