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uh-oh, now here's a post I am ready for. A friend and I have been compiling interactive visualization / storytelling websites that inspire us for the past-half year. They may not exactly be "data" viz, but they are in the same family and they are really cool. Check a few of them out:

is a digital publication that explains ideas debated in culture with visual essays. There are a ton of high quality, cutting edge data visualization articles on this site. Here's my favorite one: Let's learn about waveforms

Explorable Explanations

A collection of visualizations and interactive web pages from many authors that are fun and awesome. A lot of data viz.

Article: Following Europe's Migrant Trail, Through the Instagrams of Refugees

Really interesting article format that uses a small amount of data (instagram posts) to tell a story.


I LOVE pudding - especially their breakdown on women's pockets and have been working on a project to pitch them!


Awesome! My friend and I also want to pitch them a project! Would love to see what you come up with.


Oh man, you were not kidding! These are great; thanks!


I used to think PacMan was the only suitable case for a pie chart.

Until I saw the pyramid:

(No attribution because I cannot find the original creators anywhere)


A friend lended me a book called "Playful Data: Graphic Design and Illustration for Infographics".

It's very entertaining, and can be a source of inspiration.


I'm surprised not to find Dan Shiffmans YouTube channel in here.

Besides his neural network videos, his videos are mainly about visualizing math algorithms.

He's an absolute talented person when it comes to teaching these topics and you just gotta love his mistakes while he's coding.


I'm a sucker for ‘Scrollytelling’ (scrolling + storytelling) visualisations:

... to name a few.

Just love how interactive and engaging these are.


I don't know if this would count :( ,

CSS -> HTML <- JavaScript <-> TypeScript <- CSS,
TITLEBAR : (Name,Favicon)
} + JavaScript {

Yan. Holtz.

Here's his main site, but he has a network of about 5 sibling sites - each with their own niche.

The vis themselves are great. But how he marries his data science with friends' design to tell a story is... I like it a lot.


Everything by Shirley Wu is amazing!

I'm a particularly big fan of film flowers which represents blockbuster movies with flowers.

They key used in the visualization:
categorization of films by flower shapes and colors


I have a weekly newsletter where I collect interesting data viz, mostly maps in the civic space and more news about Civic Tech and Open Data.
You can take a look at the previous issues here:


Some time ago, I wrote code to generate a sort of heat map of the marriage penalty/bonus in US tax law. If these charts make no sense, that's kind of the point: it's a weird and arbitrary feature of the tax code with no obvious rationale.

Heat map of bad tax policy that makes no sense.


It's really got to be the Alexa supply chain research Anatomy of an AI System by one of the professors in new york university and co-founder of AI Now Insititute that did it as part of their research


Made an earthquake visualization here

Made with Nuxt and USGS earthquake API

Check my github profile for the repo!

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