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Embracing the CodeNewbie Spirit. How Do You Define It?

Are you just taking your first steps in the world of coding, seeking to carve your path in a new career? Perhaps you're a seasoned tech enthusiast who's now venturing into a whole new language? We want to hear from you!

Share your unique perspective on what being a CodeNewbie signifies to you. Is it the thrill of cracking your first lines of code, the excitement of embarking on a coding career, or the challenge of mastering a fresh programming language? Let us in on your journey, your motivations, and what makes your CodeNewbie experience so special.

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Chris White

I would say that I never really stop being a newbie. Being an true expert in a language is difficult unless you're actually one of the language developers. Even then you might not be well versed in community solutions such as web frameworks. Take Python for example. When I first worked with it type hinting didn't even exist. That means coming up to speed on type hinting was a new thing for me even though I'd been working with the language for several years. I find that the joy of new things tends to revolve around:

  • Finding something that makes how you develop faster, or the code you're running faster
  • Figuring out something that's not well documented (and adding documentation on it)

I'd say the second point is probably the most impactful. Especially since I find that it's usually a problem shared by many who are dying to find an answer.

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Ben Halpern

There's a special time in the coding career before some developers quite realize just how much they don't know — sure you're making mistakes, but there is some delightful ignorance which we eventually lose.

It's not that way for everyone, but for many.

The toughest stage is when you have made progress but you're hit with the painful knowledge of what it means to transition through the stages of "intermediate developer".

It's a good journey to be on, but embrace some of the delightful ignorance if you can.