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Dev.to Review #11: Top 7 Of The Week, Discussed

dangolant profile image Daniel Golant with malik Originally published at soundcloud.com ・3 min read

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Malik and I get are together again and discuss this week's Top 7 Articles on dev.to.

In our first post, "How we reduced our initial JS/CSS size by 67%", Guilherme talks about his experience cutting frontend payload size for Fider, using techniques like code-splitting, lazy-loading, and moving to smaller dependencies. Malik and I talk about image size, the creativity imposed by constraints, and what "performant" means.

In "5 CSS Tips you didn't know you needed", Lynne covers some solid CSS tricks great for upping your game, brushing up, or getting your feet wet. I try to start a flame war about The Cascade and we talk about the value of CSS-in-JS-in-XSS-in-3EB.

We move onto "How to Write a Game in Under 13 Kb While Taking Care of a Baby", in which (Returning Champ) Jaime González... well, does exactly what the title says. Malik and I quite frankly don't give this post the in-depth investigation it deserves, so go read it, because it will be good for you. Instead, we marvel at the idea that someone could actually take care of a baby, talk about games we've wanted to write, and how to fight multi-tasking.

Another Returning Champ, Jenn, walks readers through toxic behaviors she's seen in the workplace, her reflections with leaving fast and never looking back, and various red flags, in "My experience with toxic teams". Malik and I discuss "Culture Anti-patterns", the meaning of the word "toxic", and what a Minimum Damaging Toxicity might look like.

Next, we discuss "Demystifying the Long Arrow 'Operator'". Some Dood walks readers through a very specific way of writing a decrementing loop and how not to be stumped by it, while also explaining that the notation should be avoided since it's a bit misleading. Our discussion takes us to the best Indiana Jones movie (obviously Crystal Skull) and syntactic styles we try to avoid.

User heftyhead keeps us on theme with last week in "Let's talk about an unnecessary but popular Vue plugin" about a potentially needless module import. We touch on importing really small modules, weigh the utility of a module against the risk of adding it, and once again mention Themes.

We finish off with a post from Our Glorious Hegemon, Blessed Be His House, From Whom All Light And Warmth Radiates Eternally titled "On GUI-shaming and a mountain of hot takes". The Singular Voice Of Truth In A World Of Shadows talks about showing appreciation for one's toolchain without disparaging anyone else's. We talk about how different workflows just mean more work for more people, the difference between healthy social pressure and shaming, and █████████████████████ The Infallibility Of The Word Of Our Leader.

We've changed up the formuoli for the last two conversations based on feedback; do you have any thoughts?

Do you have a "Cultural Anti-pattern" that immediately raises red flags?

Do you think it's actually possible to raise a small child, or are we right that it's a myth?

Let us know in the comments!

We're still experimenting with post formats, audio, etc., so if you have any thoughts, feel free to let us know here, or on Twitter at @dangolant and @milkstarz.


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I absolutely love these podcasts Dan and Malik! You rock!


you da best conlin! Thanks for the love, hope you're doing well! :D


Things are great! We should catch up sometime soon!


Appreciate it man!


Thanks for the feature, guys! I definitely agree with what you said about my rather toxic 😬 way of saying that the operator is not "beginner-friendly". Now that you mentioned it, I do feel like I should have done better to discourage the usage of the "operator".

Nonetheless, I enjoyed reading the comments section of that article. It was a pretty spicy topic. Everyone went ham against the usage of it. I'm glad to know that future readers of the article will know that using the long arrow "operator" isn't exactly a best practice of coding.


Definitely our spicy post of the week :D

I appreciated you pointing out what it is, I think people could've definitely phrased it in a more constructive way.

We only know what's good from figuring out what's bad after all :)


Hey man, thanks for listening. I’ll just add that I wouldn’t read too far into the use of the word toxic, I think Malik just really wanted to make the pun.


No worries, man! No offense was taken at all! 😉 I knew that it was a pun on the previous article regarding toxic teams.

Also, I love puns. He has my +1 Respect for that.


Another great episode, fantastic that its right there for me in the podcast app when I wake up on a Wednesday morning (NZ time).


Really glad you enjoyed the episode :)