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Daniel Golant
Daniel Golant

Posted on with malik • Originally published at Review #13: Top 7 Of The Week, Discussed

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Did you miss us? After a month long hiatus, Malik and I are back again to discuss this week's Top 7 Articles on!

This week's discussed posts are:

Do you struggle with CSS specificity? Do you think that the use of JSON web tokens why over-hyped? What tools do you think people reach for too quickly, and which do you think should be brought in as early as possible?

Let us know in the comments!

We're still experimenting with post formats, audio, etc., so if you have any thoughts, feel free to let us know on here, or on Twitter at @dangolant and @milkstarz.

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kmaschta profile image

You pronounced it great!

Sure, don't waste time with my HTTPS-nerdy things if you don't need or for your side-project. But for your long-term projects, it might do a difference.

Thanks for the comments, guys :)

vintharas profile image
Jaime González García

Yey! Glad to have you back! :D

milkstarz profile image

Glad to be back! Definitely gonna try some new stuff this year :)

aspittel profile image
Ali Spittel

Yay! Excited to listen. Glad you all are doing this again!

helenanders26 profile image
Helen Anderson

Great to have you back!

Fantastic episode as always :)

dangolant profile image
Daniel Golant

thanks, we're glad to be back :D

sarthology profile image
Sarthak Sharma

Welcome back guys. 😊

alex_barashkov profile image
Alex Barashkov

Thank you guys! It was fun listen about own article in the podcast 😀

akashrajput25 profile image
Akash Kumar Singh

Thanks for this ! It was fun listening about the podcast 😀