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Daniel Golant
Daniel Golant

Posted on with malik • Originally published at Review #15: Top 7 Of The Week, Discussed

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Hey all, We have a great discussion about some great pieces this week, as Malik and I got together again to talk about this week's Top 7.

Starting it off, we have "VS Code settings you should customize", which goes over some productivity hacks in VS code. We talk font ligatures, code formatting, and VSCode's evolution.

After that, we move on to ["A Developer's Guide to Getting Fit"], where Eric gives readers an overview on how he managed to lose 30 lbs with intermittent fasting, a calorie deficit, and a consistent workout schedule. Malik and I discuss our opinions on sharing about personal health and how we relate to our work.

Next up, in "Code smart, not hard", Miklos provides a list of five tips that developers can use when working on large applications under certain circumstances. Malik and I talk about generalizing those circumstances, and how peoples' different work backgrounds and experiences influence their thought processes.

After that, we move on to "The 14 habits of highly effective developers (Part 1)", in which Paul touches on several practical code tips, as well as a tip about mindfulness.

Following that, we discuss "SQL Series: From A to Z". Helen covers 26 topics for new and experienced data analysts alike, going over things like window functions, query plans, as well as more broad terms like normalization. Malik and I talk about the value of more people putting their spin on detailed lists, talk about the growth of the community, and touch on some of the posts that caught our eye. This one is particularly worth checking out.

Moving on, in ["21 Platforms That Serve As A Lifeline to Web Developers"], Nikhil goes over a collection of different communities, tools, and websites that developers (especially in the freelance scene) would benefit from in their day to day life. We talk about Malik's freelance experience, go over some similar tools we like, and our favorite mentions in the list.

Finally, we go over ["20 VS Code Extensions You'll Actually Use"], in which Al goes over 20 VS Code extensions that he finds actually useful, leaving out plenty of nifty, but not that helpful, extensions we've seen before. Malik and I discuss our go-to extensions, and our concerns around tool bloat.

Do you have any thoughts on slowness related to VS Code extensions? Do you think the VS Code has started growing outside its scope?

What tools and services save you time on the non-core parts of your work?

What are the parts of projects you think are indispensable, that you've ended up needing even in situations when you were convinced you wouldn't? What should people build first when they're rolling solo?

Let us know in the comments!

As always, we're still experimenting with post formats, audio, etc., so if you have any thoughts, feel free to let us know here or on Twitter at @dangolant and @milkstarz.

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Geoff Stevens

Great discussion! Thanks for chatting about my post. I've really enjoyed hearing different opinions about settings on VS Code - it's always fun learning how everyone has personalize their workspaces. Looking forward to more!

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Daniel Golant

hey man, glad you liked it :)