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Fernando Doglio
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My Hacktoberfest personal challenge: I'm writing a game in 7 days! (Days 6)

Welcome back to my improvised dev journal where I'm recording the journey of working on my personal Hacktoberfest challenge.

I'm creating a game in 7 days. More specifically, a Platformer Typing game, you can read more about the idea here on my first day's journal.

Today I'm covering day 6, I'm almost done with this challenge and the progress can be seen. Is it an award-winning game? No, it's not, but it's a fun challenge and it's been taking me out of my comfort zone, so I'm really enjoying it.

The plan for day 6

Day 6 was easier than the previous two, mainly because it was more about coding and less about drawing, so everything was more familiar to me.

My intention was to improve the typing UI, letting the player know which direction they had chosen based on the words written and provide some form of feedback when they made a mistake.

The results

With that in mind, yesterday I was able to:

  1. Capture the user's input and highlight the action to be executed once the words match (and before hitting ENTER).

Action highlight

  1. I added a nasty camera shake and red highlight when the word was misspelled. Coupled with an error sound.

Camera shake

  1. I also took some time to add platforms, enemies, and collectibles on the second screen.

Thanks to that, I'm very close to having a functional gaming experience.

The plan for day 7

The final day will require me to close the project, basically, I need to:

  1. Have an end of game trigger / screen.
  2. A purpose for the points. Right now getting coins and killing enemies gives you points, but correct words don't.
  3. A typing speed / errors report at the end of the game.

There are A TON of other improvements to make to the game, but I fear I won't have a lot of time given I only have one day left, so I'll focus on the above points and once I'm done I'll see what I can do as an extra.

That's it for now, here are the previous entries in case you haven't seen them yet:

  1. Day 1 Journal can be found here

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David Dal Busco

Almost there, go on Fernando 🚀🤘😃

savagepixie profile image

Looking forward to seeing the final result!