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5 Vs code extension's to increase your developer productivity

Hey there developers. How is it going. Today in this blog, I will be showing you 5 useful vs code extension's which will increase your developer productivity. So if you are interested, continue reading...


I use this extension all the time when I am working on any project. Basically this extension allows you to add bookmarks in specific lines in a file. You can also add a note why you have added this bookmark. And you can also explore the bookmarks in the bookmarks tab. Which will show you all the bookmarks in a particular project.

Vs Code extension

2. Better Comments

This extension is super helpful if you want to improve code commenting. By default the comments have a dimmed color. By using this extension. You can make them colorful for any specific purpose. Like if there is something todo, you can use the TODO tag before writing the comment. Like so - // TODO: what to do. For more information's about usage, please check out the better comments documentation.

Vs code extension

3. Code Spell Checker

If you misspell any word in vs code, by default it doesn't shows any warning if the spelling is not correct. By using this extension, You can will get a warning message in the problems tab if any of the word is not spelled correctly.

Vs Code Extensions

4. Prettier

This extension formats your unformatted code. So you don't need to focus on formatting you code. Prettier will do it for you. To start formatting your code with prettier, make sure you add these settings in your settings.json after installing it. And you will be good to go.

"editor.formatOnSave": true,
"editor.defaultFormatter": "esbenp.prettier-vscode",
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5. Thunder Client

Are you still using Postman for api testing? Well that's fine. Postman does this duty just perfectly. But for me, when I am working on any project in vs code, I do like to be in vs code. I don't like to open any other external application, it effects on my productivity. So I use this cool Vs code extension. It works same as postman. Nothing new, you can send request to any kind of api from vs code. It really helps me to increase my developer productivity.

Vs code Extensions


These are the productivity vs code extension's, Which I use all the time and wanted to share with you guys. Now I wanted to know what are your productivity extension's? Let me know in the discussions. And make sure you follow me for all the cool article just like that.


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rubeeengm profile image

Bookmarks, Nice!

hsmyers profile image

Good article with the exception of 'prettier'. Since it supports only languages that I do not use it is more or less worthless. There! A strong opinion about a pretty printer that claims to have strong opinions.

domnikl profile image
Dominik Liebler

Thanks so much for Thunder Client 🙏 Was indeed still using Postman, but having that integrated in VSCode is so much better!

aisuko profile image

Thanks for sharing, all these plugins you mentioned are useful.

ajaymarathe profile image
Ajay Marathe

nice post and there are many extension that use, for example, eslint, git graph, react snippets etc

hilleer profile image
Daniel Hillmann

Thanks for sharing! Very interesting extensions indeed. Especially the bookmark one I believe could be very useful for me.

lyrod profile image

Good article !

trigus00 profile image
Gustavo Mendoza

Great article !!!