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Changelog: Post Analytics Available for All

ben profile image Ben Halpern ・1 min read

Just yesterday I made this post:

By soon, I figured this would ship in a week or two. Turns out things went pretty smoothly and analytics are actually available right now.

Your own totals may not show up immediately, but they should tally up shortly. Let us know if anything seems totally out of whack if you give it some time and things still seem off. We'd love to hear from you if this seems faulty in any way.

The only analytic we're providing right now is a simple view count. We will explore options for getting more granular in the future.

The cover image is from my own dashboard. I seem to be pretty popular around these parts.

The DEV Team

The team behind this very platform. 😄


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I was wondering where are those numbers and finally see it on Dashboard (Doh! Obviously)

Excellent, it's good advance and I see my numbers reasonable.
Hope we can have it on each post, but we are no hurry.

Thanks @ben


If you look on the list on your dashboard, you should see the number for each post. (Maybe doesn't stand out enough, but once you notice it, should suffice for now)


@ben could you please take a look on mobile version?

Statics are over action buttons.


I don't see the per-post stats, just the grand-total counts at the top of my dashboard.


My bad everybody. That part is still locked behind the beta-user-only part.

Sorry for the confusion.

Fixing shortly.

Totally threw me for a loop too!

This PR fixes the problem (and adds a couple more details and design enhancements to the view)


Haha, I just wrote my first post here and was kind of bummed that there were no analytics. A couple of hours pass, and boom, there you go. Awesome stuff!


I was just wondering about statistics recently. 😄
I really like it. 🦄

Have you thought about expanding reaction count to specify how many of each reaction did the user got? It's a small detail, but why not ¯\(ツ)


Probably makes sense. But don’t want to rush too many possibly complicated features too quickly. We’ll see how folks use the new stuff and pay attention to where we should go next.


That what I waited for! Great job! Would be happy to see later the ability to see stats by days and traffic sources. I hope that one day all developers will be here and we all will see how view numbers are increasing day by day.


Woah! That's really awesome 💜💜🦄🦄


Awesome! Is it possible in the future to see metrics by time?


This is not currently available. I will be examining the feasibility of this feature. It will likely be available eventually but I’m not sure when eventually is.


I would like to visualize this data when it will be available. I love data visualization 📈


Awesome, thank you 👍

Out of curiosity, and may not tickle everyone's fancy, but have you considered making a list of authors based on the total number of views? Like, top contributors in a way?


Very cool idea. I understand that the 'Total Post Views' includes all posts, but will we ever see post views per article/content? Maybe I am getting ahead of myself/the Dev.to team here. :)


Yep. Per article also included. Listed next to each post. Sorry if that wasn't clear. 🙂


I like the new Dashboard UI. It suits the v2 editor pretty well. I can see where the new design theme of the website is headed.


Well, that's my ego fed for the day!


Are the numbers updating in real time or are they updated on a timed basis?


Timed-ish. It fetches from Google Analytics, which itself doesn't provide the data in real-time.


This is so much better than guessing popularity based on likes :D
Thank you so much Dev team!


Nice! love the icons :D

It would be great if in the future they could be made optional/opted-in but I guess that doesn't play well with caching.

Thanks team!


Great, that feature was lacking!


Great feature! Thanks a lot! How I was surprised to find analytics on the dashboard after new publication :)


Great! Awesome feature. 🦄🦄🦄