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DevDiscuss Episode 3: Unpopular Opinions in Tech with Kelsey Hightower

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If you have listened to the first two episodes of DevDiscuss, DEV’s first-ever original podcast, you know that our goal with this series is to address the burning topics that impact all of our lives as developers. I hope you find that the third installment in the series encapsulates that goal well:

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This week, @ben and I were joined by none other than Kelsey Hightower, Staff Developer Advocate at Google Cloud Platform and one of the industry’s foremost Kubernetes experts. You likely know Kelsey from his many (many!) talks and keynotes around the world, and he also does a great deal of product development, prototyping, and customer adoption work. In short, Kelsey advocates for the very people that the Google Cloud Platform serves -- but a huge part of his job is also to shape opinions on software development and have opinions himself!

In this episode, Ben, Kelsey, and I discuss:

  • Some of the unpopular opinions that often get cast outside of the warm glow of “best practices”
  • How to consider industry guidance while staying true to your application’s ideal development course
  • Our own opinions on lionized tech concepts like D.R.Y. code, the “bleeding-edge” mindset, and breaking the monolith

…and much more!

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I've listened to all the episodes so far while I'm working and I really enjoy the conversations. 👍


Guest recommendations for future episodes:

  • Gennady Korotkevich and/or Petr Mitrichev
  • Patrick Shyu and/or Jonathan Ma
  • Jon Skeet

@levisharpe 👀 got some recommendations here!


thanks for forwarding! those would be super lit 🔥🔥🔥


Unpopular opinion in tech #...567542

"We use this because {big tech company} made it."

, #...567543

"Despite this not working, we follow the Open Source docs and merge to master... Everyone always updates those since they are so well funded and platform can change to meet my code."

, #...567544

"We're such elite coders. We have a bot we give commands to. All the idiots that haven't been up to our teams standards because they don't know all the 1,000,000,000 tools we use. There is a real talent shortage."