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Introducing the CodeNewbie daily check-in thread

As we push to continue building on the essential services that CodeNewbie has provided since its inception, we're introducing a new thing on DEV: CodeNewbie daily check-in threads.

Linked above is the very first thread. It's just a post on DEV like any other, but it recurs daily and members are encouraged to use the comment area to post updates, encourage one another and generally use the space to maintain a sense of consistency and discipline.

Software is such an abstract field that we need a sense of shared alignment in order to wrap our heads around everything we are learning, and to gain a sense of groundedness. Initiatives like CodeNewbie, #100daysofcode, etc. have done a lot to serve this need, and we hope this new initiative will help organize the conversation and help folks make important connections right here on DEV.

Just like learning and maintaining vocabulary in any new language, software development requires immersion to help it stick. In a time when we can't even go to local meetups anymore, immersion more than ever needs to come through involvement in online communities such as DEV. We hope that the less formal nature of comment threads will also reduce the anxiety of getting involved. Code Newbies around the world are encouraged to check in daily, even if it's just a sentence or two about what they're up to or how they're feeling.

Instructions to take part daily:

  • Go to (this will always point to the latest thread)
  • Ask a question, share an update, and help others stay accountable
  • Support your fellow programmers by answering questions and offering encouragement

Follow the CodeNewbie staff account to help make sure you never miss a thread...

Happy coding. 💚

Top comments (6)

wolfhoundjesse profile image
Jesse M. Holmes

I love this! I try to catch people on Twitch that are learning in public, learning to code. Now I have something more specific to point them to.

ekafyi profile image

Thank you so much for initiating this! I'm on an extended social media break now so quite isolated from Twitter-based dev communities, so it would be very helpful.

carnold22265 profile image
Christopher Arnold

Great idea

sharadcodes profile image
Sharad Raj (He/Him)

Nice update

lawrencedarcy profile image
Lawrence Wakefield


chrisf1031 profile image
Chris Ford

Very nice!