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Introducing the Forem Shop! New Merch, Giveaways, and More.

Editorial Note: This giveaway is now closed. We have emailed everyone who entered below — if that's you, please check your email for a special prize code. Don't see it? Peep your spam folder!

Today, we're excited to share that we've redesigned the beloved DEV Shop to be more representative of our community's structure and relationship with CodeNewbie Community and Forem.

Introducing... the Forem Shop

Now, you'll be able to find all the DEV merch you love alongside a brand new CodeNewbie collection — all underneath the umbrella Forem brand (and yes, there's new Forem merch, too!).

A peek at the biggest changes to our shop...

Restructured Logic

As you'll see when you head over to, DEV merch is now a collection underneath Forem — as is CodeNewbie merch. The reason for this change is that our ecosystem has changed dramatically since we launched the DEV Shop a few years back. Now, DEV is just one community underneath the Forem umbrella of open-source communities and we wanted the structure of our shop to reflect that.

View the DEV Collection here.


Inclusive Sizing and Fit Language

One of the most important changes we've made to the shop is the removal of gendered language from our sizing and fit terminology. We think our new language better reflects our values at DEV of inclusivity across the gender spectrum (and many other human spectrums, too).

Forem Collection

You can now buy sleek Forem-themed merch to show the world that you believe in a more transparent and accessible internet with a greater emphasis on healthy communities. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Forem Sweatshirt

CodeNewbie Collection

It was high time we released a dedicated collection of CodeNewbie products that represents the friendliest community of early-career software developers, coders, and mentors! We look forward to adding to the CodeNewbie Collection over time.

CodeNewbie Socks

"Computers, Amirite?" Merch

Just for fun, we've released a small sub-collection of "Computers, amirite?" merch under our DEV Collection. Because really... what more is there to say?

Computers, amirite

SheCoded Collection

Today, we also released the 2022 #SheCoded Collection. If you publish a valid #SheCoded, #TheyCoded, or #SheCodedAlly post on DEV by March 9th, you will not only create a $20 DEV + GitHub donation to Girls Who Code but you'll also receive a credit to purchase swag from this collection. More info on #SheCoded (DEV's International Women's Day Celebration) here.


Forem Shop Giveaway 🎉

For a limited time, we're giving a $15 USD Forem Shop credit to anyone who shares a post on social media with a link to and a picture of their favorite item.

Instructions to enter our giveaway:

From now through Friday, March 11 @ 11:59 PM UTC...

  • Take a screenshot of your social media post
  • Drop that screenshot in the comments below alongside a link to your social media post
  • Please tag @forem if you choose to publish a tweet!

We hope you enjoy the reimagined Forem Shop and the fresh new items we're offering! 🌱

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grahamthedev profile image

OK so this was a big reminder that I have $100 worth of vouchers for the DEV store (I hope they are still valid, they are old now).

If they are valid, what is a good way I can run a competition that adds value to the DEV community to give them away (I don't do merch) and would anyone be interested?

michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington • Edited

Word up! Your code should indeed still be valid.

what is a good way I can run a competition that adds value to the DEV community to give them away (I don't do merch) and would anyone be interested?

This is a super cool idea and I really appreciate you asking for feedback on a way to do this that would have a positive effect on the community. 😀

I'd love to see a competition that encourages folks to do something cool like:

  • Who can create the most engaging discussion?

I'm thinking this might be measured as the discussion with the most comments... that said this could be game-able and cause folks to create fake accounts to boost their own comments. You could of course try to filter out comments that feel low-bar or like they're from fake accounts, but that'd be tricky and potentially error prone! Alternatively, you could choose the discussion here subjectively based on what ya think is the most interesting prompt.

  • Who can create the best post #a11y post?

Yeah, this ones subjective, but I think you would be well qualified to judge these posts and pick out a valid winner.

  • Who can provide the most helpful comment to someone looking for help (someone that has posted under #help)?

I'm definitely coming up with a lot of ideas that are tricky to measure. 😅 This one is probs subjective unless you wanted to quantify it by number of likes, but when there's a quantitative way to win, I just slightly worry about folks gaming the numbers...

I'm sure that you can come up with some good ideas here so feel free to take or leave these!

As a logistics thing for these, you could require submitters to use a particular tag that you create on each of their posts or have folks embed their post as a comment in your post about the competition. Getting folks to comment on your post would boost visibility of your post, so keep that in mind!

And if you would, just make it clear that this isn't a DEV official contest. You can mention that I have given you permission to regift your Top 7 code in this way though! I think this is an awesome idea. 🙌

grahamthedev profile image

Thanks a lot for the great suggestions and how to go about it!

Obviously something around #a11y would be right up my street!

I don’t mind them being subjective (my vouchers my rules 🤣) but I will see if I can come up with some simple rules that are hard to game / cheat!

Thanks so much for taking the time for such a well thought out comment, competition will land in the next couple of weeks then! ❤️🔥

Thread Thread
michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington

Happy to help out with a bit of advice. 😀

I think it's an awesome idea and am excited to check it out when it goes live!

kaviiiiisha profile image
Kavisha Nethmini

that will be great!

posandu profile image


mhasan profile image
Mahmudul Hasan

Sure, You can start a giveaway competition! That will be great!

miaauch_ profile image
Mia :) (she/her)

Congratulations on the new shop! It looks great!

Twitter screenshot

link2twenty profile image
Andrew Bone

That's really generous give away 😯

jmvarghese profile image
Jess Varghese • Edited

Awesome merch!

kithminiii profile image
Kithmini • Edited

Congratulations Team forem🙊❤

📌Link to the tweet:

Image description

10xlearner profile image
10x learner

Congrats on your new redesigned shop @forem ! 🥳🎉🎉
Twitter post

asmitbm profile image
Asmit Malakannawar • Edited

Congratulations Forem!! This new site looks 😎


Link to my tweet!!

tim012432 profile image
leviarista profile image
Leví Arista • Edited

Mugs are great!
DEV mug

_jp_000 profile image
Jay Parmar • Edited

Excited for my first goodies from Forem
link to my tweet


noviicee profile image

Congratulations to the Team! 💜
📌 Here's my tweet:


thomasbnt profile image
Thomas Bnt ☕

Awesome 😎👍

gokulks profile image
Gokul_Zuzu • Edited

Looking forward to the voucher

gokulks profile image

I haven't received the gift card yet

mhasan profile image
Mahmudul Hasan • Edited

I love your mug and pad ❤😘 and share my affection to my twitter community! 🎤🔊 check out

Screenshot image

graciegregory profile image
Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Update: The Forem team will be in touch with your swag codes the on or soon after Tuesday, March 15, 2022!