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You hated it and then you love it.

It's not about the new year, it's about my 2018 revelation. I'm a selftaught devop, then engineer at college and now i am a selftaught again. I had always hated the frontend, it always had been a pain for me... and then BOOM, react and angular came to me few months ago, like a tsunami they erased all my frontend's feelings.

Now i make angular apps and mentor typescript, i felt in love with the frontend, i can build apps instead of pages, delegating to angular and bootstrap to make my hated part of the job :)

So, i want to ask, did you feel that way with any tech? Maybe the community made a change to something that you hated/disslike and then it became one of your main resouces or skills?

Angular made it for me.

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Alexandra Grazhevskaja

Angular is a framework that was created in order to make frontend follow object-oriented principles.
Angular has a strict OOP model. For the developers who are not qualified and experienced with frontend, but are fine with backend and OOP, it helps to start easily โ€“ the barrier to entry is low. It helps to avoid the bad quality code and inconsystecy. A lot of things are built-in, the OOP model is built in, the low-level mechanisms are hidden.
Great that it helped you to change your mind about frontend! ๐Ÿ‘

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Ben Halpern

I think Ruby on Rails really invigorated my love of web development after previously messing around with PHP.

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I know what you mean, express made it for me on rest api development.