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Nočnica Mellifera for Heroku

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What do you call your folder where you keep your code?

On each new PC I make a folder named after some version of the afterlife: 'xibalba,' 'elysium,' 'outerdark.' And that's where I keep all my code. I assume everyone does this? And I'm curious where you keep your code on your own PC.

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That's interesting 😄

Mine is simple ~/projects for all my.. well, projects. And inside are dirs by technology for personal stuff, e.g. python/, react/, etc. And %company_name%/ for full-time job projects.

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Emmy | Pixi

I'm boring/lazy. Mines literally just "Code" and it's a top level directory so I can just cd code and find what I need haha

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Nočnica Mellifera

This makes more sense than the people calling it “github”

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Emmy | Pixi

Is that a thing people do!?

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Nočnica Mellifera

on here and on Twitter it is, I think, the most common answer

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Subramanya Chakravarthy

Me too

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Same here!

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Carlos Manique Silva • Edited

I use variants of ~/_git/repo_domain/repo_group/repo_name depending on the hosting.
Allows me to quickly browse stuff that is either local, github, gitlab, etc...

Anything related to software tools I keep in ~/work/tools, organised in concept, vendor, tool, version (ie: ide/jetbrains/intellij/20201).

Project related stuff like documents, assets I keep in variants of ~/work/projects/customer_name/initiative/project

Many people place code together with projects, but having separate folders is useful to avoid long paths, and I get a clear ideia of what's transient and versioned or not.

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Nice 👍

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I'm a bit obsessive-compulsive when it comes to organizing my files (either it has be consistent OR I'd leave it completely messy). After trying complex structures, now under the default Mac OS Documents, I just have:

  • _Work --> has subdirectories for Day Job and each paid side project
  • Foo --> all non-paid/personal coding projects go here
  • Bar
  • Baz

Last two directories will be for non-code personal projects but currently they are empty. I recently changed laptop (~3 months ago); my old projects are in my external HDD.

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Alain D'Ettorre
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ItsASine (Kayla)

Echoing love for ~/dev. It's short enough that it's easy to get to my files, though I am liking some of the organizing in this thread. ~/dev is a mix of Github, GitLab, and local on my Mac which is a tad unwieldy, especially when most of those haven't been touched in ages. My current Chromebook's ~/dev at least is pretty clean since it's new.

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Jacob Colborn

I keep all my projects in ~/code/, breaking down each project into its own directory. I don't have my first customer yet, but when I do I'll have a directory in the code directory called customers and store that data in each customers own directory.

I save creative names for my hostnames. Each host in my network is named after a Norse god.

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Peyton McGinnis

~/dev/<language>/<project> for local projects,

~/dev/git/<project> for projects on GitHub

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Leon Lafayette

Be prepared to be underwhelmed.

I name my folder... dev/ 😀

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Elliot Derhay

On my work laptop, it's on a secondary storage drive. So it's like this:


Of course I'm on Windows and need them accessible via stuff like FileZilla and Explorer, otherwise I'd probably have them all in WSL directly. 🤷‍♂️

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Christian Guevara • Edited

I call it Developer, so I get a nice icon :) Developer folder

The internal structure is:


If the project is not part of a company or just for fun, it goes directly to ~/Developer root.

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Ben Klein


Then I have a workspace for the projects of my job (i22), one for hobby projects (personal), one for experiments (lab) and one when cloning foreign open source projects (external).

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Niko Heikkilä

Mine follows this pattern:




Mostly I use z to jump to correct directory by repo name which is neatly supported by this.

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Nir Lanka ニル

It matches other folder names in ~.

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Nenba Jonathan

i use this pattern