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Hugo Di Francesco
Hugo Di Francesco

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Celebrating the publication of "Professional JavaScript" with the family

"Professional JavaScript" (which I've a co-authored), has recently been published with Packt, it's currently the #1 new release in the "Internet Web Browsers" category on Amazon:

As a first-time author I was very grateful to work with the editorial team and the other authors. Publishing a book was a longer-term goal for me, which I've now achieved ahead of schedule and the experience has expanded my horizons as a writer.

Edit 2 I've sent through a list of people for the review referral scheme
If anyone is interested in a free ebook copy through the Packt review referral scheme, fill out the form:

Edit 1: I may reach the referral limit soon, if you're interested, I suggest still filling out the form anyhow and I'll see with my editor 😊

Thanks again to the amazing team at Packt and everyone who has worked on this (Vinicius Isola, Siyuan Gao, Philip Kirkbride).

To anyone who has ever read, liked, shared any of my posts anywhere on the internet, thanks! I wouldn't have got here without your support and readership.

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Jess Lee


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Great work, Hugo.

Keep up shipping.