What do you eat at work?

ibrahimghailani profile image Ibrahim Ghailani ・1 min read

I've developed a terrible habit of eating fast food almost on a daily basis. The main reason is how convenient it is. I'd like to change this habit and was wondering what other developers usually have for lunch at work?


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Ben Halpern

One of the best habits you can develop is drinking water. Try making it sort of a thing that you do as a rule. When you have one craving, do another thing.

if (craving) {

Fast food cravings usually arise because your body needs something and fast food is an easy way to quickly become satiated, but it's kind of like stubbing out the actual nutrition. Sometimes water is enough to improve the situation, but these cravings are also letting you know that you are missing some actual nutrients from your diet. If you can go out of your way to eat something nutrient-dense before you get the cravings, they will probably never happen in the first place.

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Marc Nevin

I used to have a really bad habit of snacking during the day, as well as eating fast food at lunch... as well as being quite unhealthy it was starting to become an expensive habit.

So! To get over it I started drinking a lot more water during the day, swapped the snacks for some fresh fruit or nuts.
For lunch I started bringing things like a sandwich, soup or salad into work so I wouldn't have an excuse to go buy fast food.

I still forget to bring lunch, or go out for lunch now and again, but I definitely don't feel like it's a bad habit anymore.

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Ben Halpern

bringing things like a sandwich
Great way to save money too.

I try to prepare some meals on Sunday. This week I have several pre-proportioned tubs of curry for lunch, though I forgot to bring it today. 😑

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Kim Arnett 

I second/third/whatever drinking plenty of water!

I'll bring sandwiches, left overs, did the lean cuisine thing for a while but I have to go in cycles - or I get burnt out on stuff. When I get sick of ham and cheese sandwiches, I'll make egg salad one night for the next couple days. I don't have a lot of time in the morning, so chip bags, yogurt, applesauce, pre-packaged stuff is my go to.

Only took a week of weeding out eating-out every day when I started to feel better and less like I wanted to binge-eat every meal!

Start by aiming for bringing your lunch 2 days.. then slowly work up to more. I did this with getting to the gym, and it made "making it a habit" A LOT easier.

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Valentin Baca

['coffee', 'water', 'coffee', 'water', 'lunch', 'water', 'nuts', 'coffee', 'water']

I love almonds, sunflower seeds, and pecans.
That last coffee is not every day.

But to echo every else again: keep a gigantic container of water on your desk at all times. A liter or a full gallon jug.

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Marius Kallhardt

I restrict coffee to social coffee before lunch and switch over to water after lunch.
On Monday, I bring some spreads, cheese and other diary products and put them in the fridge - we share a fridge and usually there's no food theft. This way I just have to take or buy some bread or rolls and make my own sandwiches for lunch. Add some olives, pickles or tomatos...

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Jacinto Jaimez

I really take care of my health as a developer. I need to feel me 100% physical and mentality to do a great work.
I start my day eating 2 fruits, 1 homemade protein pancake (eggs and oatmeal) and drinking tea or coffee. At lunch i try to eat meat and vegetables every day, then fruits, nuts and granola bar during the day and for dinner i eat meat and vegetables again. Off course, this is an ideal diet for me, the reality is that i eat these stuff and more because in the office there are a lot of "bad and tasty" things to eat, so, i try to eat as clean as possible.

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Ivan Febriansyah Hadi Nugraha

Wherever possible I avoid fast food (I'm not a fan of a junk/fast food anyway), I always delivery from a local restaurant nearby for a better food and fresh cooked than fast food. I'm not eating any snacks but a chocolate bar (not every day).

I cannot avoid coffee. I'm making my own cold brew coffee, and I have a plenty of brewing tools and also coffee bean on my table to make my own coffee, my coffee is without sugar and milk, earl grey tea bags are always ready on my desk when I think I've drink too much coffee, and yes please a plenty of pure water is a must.

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Daniel J. Summers

The past two weeks, I have

  • bought 3 apples and 2 pears on Monday, and had 1 per day
  • bought a 5-pack of Hot Pockets - not the best nutritionally, but at 280-310 calories, a good lunch
  • brought in a pack of baby carrots (good to quell cravings at 35 calories each)
  • brought a pack of peanut butter crackers to have for a mid-morning snack (and give carbs to jump-start a lunchtime workout)

So, my "lunch" is actually part of a larger plan. :)

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Peter Kim Frank

Consider buying some almonds for your desk. They're nutrient-dense, filling, relatively healthy, easy to store, and won't go bad for a while. Just a handful is usually enough to keep me satiated until my next meal.

I'll also echo @ben 's tip to drink plenty of water!

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Davide Santangelo

I am Italian, so I go home to eat what my wife prepares for me and my children. Spaghetti, Lasagne, Parmigiana etc :).

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Hunter Parks

I usually try to bring a sandwich in for lunch with some string cheese and sometimes a yogurt or an apple. Water is something I've started to drink more of during the day to prevent drinking soda.