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Jess Lee
Jess Lee

Posted on with Ben Halpern and Peter Kim Frank

First monthly progress report

We're going to start sharing a quick update with the community each month — this is the first one.

It’s been 1,174 days since Ben started the @thepracticaldev Twitter account, 550 days since he purchased the domain name, and 485 days since I joined him on the project. This time last year, we had closed October with 69,259 sessions and were dreaming of, one day, working on full-time.

We finished October 2017 with 1,203,378 sessions for the month and are up to 39,539 registered members. And we've long since left our jobs. We couldn’t have done any of this without you, so we wanted to share our story of how we got here, how things are going, and how you can help.

How we got here

In January 2016, I was working at a larger company and was preparing to go full-time on, but Ben was in a trickier situation because his full-time job was serving as the CTO of a small startup. He and his partner on that project, Peter Frank, had met through Reddit and had worked together for the last four years. Peter knew the community was growing, so it wasn’t a big surprise when Ben approached Peter with his growing conflict of interest. Ben shared that he was getting more and more distracted by and that he and I were trying to find a way for me to go full-time.

After some soul-searching, the three of us agreed to combine our efforts and resources. We merged teams (we’re now five people total) and have been operating with friends & family funds ever since. Peter has been an amazing co-founder and we’re really happy with the balance we’ve struck these past ten months. Fun fact: we’re referred to as “PBJ internally.

How things are going

Our primary focus has been growing and building features that are useful to the community while thinking of ways to begin creating a sustainable business model. We intend to hit a sweet spot where we have features that both add value and generate revenue.

An example feature is the new #hiring tag. We are building the #hiring page because so many of you have indicated on your profiles that you’re looking for work. We hope this feature is helpful to you, and we also hope that it’ll help us generate revenue. Companies are free to post jobs right now, but we’ll be charging a fee once we’ve made some key enhancements. It's still very early.

How you can help

A few ways:

  • Post on #hiring if your company is hiring and give us feedback on the process. Remember, it’s free.

  • Let me know if this post was helpful and what you’d like to see from us moving forward. This is v0 of our ‘monthly report’ and we want to make it better with every iteration.

  • Find a post you like, leave a nice comment, and make someone’s day.

Happy Coding!


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lpasqualis profile image
Lorenzo Pasqualis

Awesome! I love that you are starting a monthly update. What about publishing what things were done/changed during the previous month?

I notice changes every now and then, but it would be cool if there were listed in the update, as I am sure I am missing a bunch.

jess profile image
Jess Lee

Great idea, thanks!

foresthoffman profile image
Forest Hoffman

+1 to this.

A monthly changelog would be very handy.

ben profile image
Ben Halpern

Thanks for the support y'all. 🙏

jess profile image
Jess Lee • Edited

Here's the syntax:

![name of image](link of image)

If you click on the image icon below, it'll upload an image for you and turn it into a link.

Let me know if that makes sense!

meanin profile image
Paweł Ruciński • Edited

I peek on for some time. Found many useful articles, thanks for creating it!

Now looking for some oss contribution opportunities. Maybe this is something which could be a future feature in monthly reports, to give users a way to group up?

belhassen07 profile image
Belhassen Chelbi

I felt like I'm there with you lol, great work ♥

foresthoffman profile image
Forest Hoffman

The transparency here is refreshing. Looking forward to seeing where #hiring will go.