What was your win this week?

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It's time for our weekly reflection - looking back, what was something you're proud of?

All wins count -- big or small!

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Getting to all your meetings on time
  • Starting a new project
  • Fixing a tricky bug
  • Cleaning your house...or whatever else that may spark joy πŸ˜„ πŸŽ‰
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This week, I... helped launched a kickass #SheCoded campaign with the team! It was definitely our best year ever and I'm so glad the landing page now exists so we can browse all we want throughout the year. We're going to update this in a few days with the full collection of #SheCoded campaigns (from 2017 + 2018). I'm so happy with how it all went!



Congrats! πŸŽ‰

Btw the landing page url isn't working, it is wrapped in ().


This week, I’m so happy the #shecoded event went so well in terms of how the event sort of fit right into the site pretty well between the landing page, sidebar, home feed, etc.

Making an event like that fit the mechanics of the site so seamlessly has been a real journey as the third year doing it.

And of course the energy was awesome and the posts were illuminating and heartwarming and/or heartbreaking.


This week, I.... went to the gym for the first time in my life! I felt so sore all week - could barely move!


Being stuck to a seat, I managed to publish a post months in the making (The anatomy of a critical vulnerability) plus a little Dev.to API library in .NET!


As someone who (voluntarily) started a routine exercise regimen about 6 years ago, you are absolutely right. The first week, often the first DAY after your first workout, is the worst, and getting into the habit is the hardest part. However, it's awesome that you got started in the first place!


This week, I started a new project. I've built a log monitoring panel and its backend. I used Python Flask and Vue.js

My company started using my project in our projects :) Backend has API endpoints. So, my project works integrated by PHP, C#, Java and JavaScript languages.

My project shows error logs, general logs etc and it will show SQL queries (I'm working on it). It has filtering etc. features.

When I completed it I'll share it as an open source project.

This is my project manager;



This week, I wrote my first dev.to post for the #SheCoded campaign!



This week, I broke 900 subscribers here and got my very tiny but first PR merged into the dev.to codebase! I'm still very new to the community, but I really enjoy everything around here: the people (both big names and code newbies, open-minded and inspiring), the joy of information flow and the structure of the platform itself.

Plus, my side project started getting some very serious traffic so I had to upgrade the server plan and face scalability and performance issues which were, thankfully, gone in 3 painful days of a "mostly" purely front-end developer reading through a shitload of various docs. So yeah, it's been a great week!



Congrats on the PR merge! Even the smallest of changes helps make the site better!


This week, I....wrote my first post on dev.to as a part of #shecoded! I also commented on a post I loved, updated my profile and now I'm participating in this reflection. And I finally repotted my plants!



This week, I managed to get a post written. Didn't think I was going to make it!

typing, head wagging


This week, I gave a talk about Visual Studio Code in my company. I was asked to show how I use the editor (because I am the only one who uses VSCode). I did not really had time to prepare anything so I had to improvise a bit.

The real win about it was, that it was real fun and went pretty good so that I grow in confidence and I think about giving talks more often (maybe even outside of my company).

BTW: I really like this question, we should reflect more frequently about our accomplishments.



This week, I... gave two talks at different events. My article on Getting Started with Gridsome was featured in the official Vuejs newsletter and the new dynamic newsletter. Lastly, I received the 8-week streak badge on Dev.to πŸ’ƒ



This week, I finally wrote another blog post, my first since the end of October last year.



This week, I fixed an annoying Let's Encrypt rate limit "gotcha". It was something that confused/frustrated lots of users and it has been on my back burner since July 2017!



This week, I....

I setup my dream stack:

  • Universal React application.
  • Typescript for type checking and linting.
  • Graphql for API
  • Suspense for universal data fetching.

At least i'm done, and i'm very happy. Now i stop chasing hot trend, and focus more on business.


Do I sense irony?

We can all say that we want to focus more on the business, but it's inevitable that we spend a lot of time learning new stuff and experimenting with it. But yes, it's sometimes too much time and the point is you're never done, there's always something new around the corner.


My goal is just: making it work for the first time, then make it stable enough for production.
Only later will refactor or swap part of the stack with newer things if nessessary.


This week, I.... came up with something, called using files as keys in a website for authentication providing both knowing and having something. (inspired by KeePass and VeraCrypt)

It's only half-won though, I need help with the math for it. (I will probably be writing a post about it). But I'm very proud of it, because it's intended to make weak passwords a lot more secure.


This week, I....

Learned MSBuild to automate building click once projects, that reduced the time it takes me to build a package by hand from 20 minutes to 2 minutes.

MSBuild Project File
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Project xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/developer/msbuild/2003">
    <Message Text="Improvements through automation!!"/>

This week, I....
Did a full authentication system for admins on the web app that im working on, and protect all the routes that are meant to be used by administrators only


This week, I had a talk accepted for the OpenWest conference called "Unit Testing Leads to Better Code"!

Katy Perry celebrate gif


This week, I wrote a post and I think some of you guys liked it



This week, I.... Started a new job, am learning Delphi and I set up a Linux server all in my first two days. :D


wow! really? This was my first language I was learning 10 yrs ago. It is cool it is used somewhere in the world. What kind of apps will you produce?


This week, I.... had my first technical interview, a practice one through Skilled. I was super freaked-out and I don't know if I passed, but it was a really great learning experience and will hopefully prepare me for the real deal.



This week, I.... wrote a naive packing algorithm which should hopefully save the company a fair bit of money in logistics costs.

I also had my first solo golf lesson and I'm progressing really quickly with that. Such a good way to get outside, get a good walk in and relax.


This week, I added authentication to my application and the ability to have your own notes/tasks that only you can read/change. Planning to change the ui a bit if I get time.
Link to the app


This week, I....

Started putting together posts here, where people actually seem to be reading them and leaving feedback that makes me feel like I actually know what I'm doing.

I also started checking out Gatsby and went straight to the "quick start" they recommended for the intermediate/advanced devs and didn't feel lost.

All this to say, in my goal of changing careers I have been feeling the impostor syndrome real heavy lately and this week has been encouraging.



I finally finished my half-assed implementation of query learning in tensorflow this week an hour ago. Jeezuss that took a while



This week, I was finally able to dedicate time and work on my open source project and even write a blog about it - dev.to/ritikesh/why-just-cache-whe...


This week, I.... finally decided after 20y of having no stickers to put stickers on my laptops

For those wondering where I got my order from shop.dev.to yeyaa!

Full disclosure: I am not associated with dev.to in any shape or form


This week, I... achieved the 1000 stargazers of my RSS reader app for the first time. Also, we achieved 23 paid subscribers in a month for my other side project and user base or traffic still growing on monthly or weekly basis.



This week, I....

  • Attended my first Ladies Get Paid meetup πŸ™‹
  • Took International Woman's day off for some much needed self care πŸ’†
  • Made the decision to enroll in Flatiron school's software engineer bootcamp! 😲 πŸ’»

This week, I.... Gave a talk about e2e testing with JavaScript at a local JS community. It was great. I was particularly happy because there were many students, and I just love seeing young people interested in development, especially in my country (I'm from El Salvador).


This week:

  • I cracked why a docker container was failing on Azure but worked fine on AWS. This had stumped us for days!
  • Finished the first post in a blog post series for work about Kubernetes
  • To top it all off I did a showcase of debugging containers that run on (Web) App Service for Containers (Azure) with absolutely no prep and didn’t falter!

Really cheered me up writing this!

current: mood


This week, I.... went running two times without any issues. First time 6 km, next time 4 km run. Besides trying to stay fit, I engaged more with dev.to per reading fantastic articles and providing some feedback in these discussions. Also, I read through 10+ async and await in C# articles as a preparation for speech I'll be giving at the start of the next month on windays.hr.

So yeah, fun times. :)

lizard running on water


This week, I....

  • went nuts and made this article a book. Designed a cover, added a bunch of chapters and now it's almost complete. One last chapter remaining, editing and booya!

Other than that I've been deadly tired the whole week running on my last battery reserves.


This week, I fixing a tricky bug of making encoding fit the data cuz is in Japanese kanji~~ and some emoji, though seem a small bug or learn but when application run it without error, feel happy!!!


Posted a really useful tutorial, a really useful one... Which was wrong on all possible ways, but I've got 50 followers and today I brake the 500 views for posts barrier in dev.to.


This week, I started my first tech job as a QA Test Engineer :) Super excited to learn and grow deeper in this craft!


This week, I.... finally wrote my first post on dev.to and completed another python course on pluralsight!!


This week, I finally went full self-hosted for my e-mails, and finally learned how to manage compose in production.


This week, I....

had a successful demo for our client. I just started this job in mid-January. Happy to get a massive win!

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