What was your win this week?

Jess Lee (she/her) on September 27, 2019

πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹ Looking back on your week -- what was something you're proud of? All wins count -- big or small πŸŽ‰ Examples of 'wins' include: Getting a p... [Read Full]
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Finally started on a new exciting project for myself. That ticks a lot of boxes for me.

  • My wife likes the idea
  • I like the idea
  • It's reasonable in scope while still having challenge
  • It fills a need I've wanted
  • Saw people on the internet having the same need.

That's amazing! specially if the scope is reasonable.
One thing I do on my side projects is try to plan ahead and break each feature into small tasks. In that way, the remaining tasks seams easy to complete and reduce the friction to keep moving forward. Good luck!


So there are plenty of events apps. But I'm trying to build something out that doesn't require the people you invite to have to make an account to use it.

The use case in my mind really helps with non-profits and grassroots groups.

There are quite a few orgs that still use Facebook for their events. That's pretty gated. I would like to interact with them too but I don't want to use Facebook.

Most of these orgs also have a mailing list. So I would like to have these two be able to be combined. That way you can see info about the orgs events as well as be notified without ever making an account anywhere.

It also works for personal use. You might have a family outing. You have the family emails but not everyone is on one platform. Being able to send an email out with a private link to your event where you can have info and discussion all without having them ever make an account is really nice.

That would remove a lot of friction and makes a lot of sense, especially for people that aren't on Facebook. I suggest checking the eVite flow, they do something like that (not requiring log in) for RSVPs. Good luck :)


Yeah makes it easier to work on your project all weekend!!


This week was πŸ¦„πŸŒˆπŸŒ» for me


Congrats! I just read your article and it's really good! Your idea about asking "Do I really need this library?" before npm install really made me recall this article my girlfriend wrote last week:


Hi I just read her article and loved it. I love how she explained how removing unnecessary code is important. Definitely deserves a lot of πŸ¦„


Congrats on the article and getting the HR call!

If you don't mind me asking, Regex for which tool/language and the resource you are using?


Thank youu! and I am using regex in javascript and currently using it to build a npm package called Pluck. It is not complete yet but after completing users will be able to plk.byQuery('div.coolClass',htmlString) to extract the string from that particular selector. I think it will be useful for extracting the data from web scrapped html string


This'll sound weird but... I finally mastered the bass part I had to master for music class that had been occupying my mind and worrying me for a while, and it's a really good feeling. Also my notes/summary was complemented by an IRL person, which is nice since I take them really seriously (I like taking really good notes for me and other people so I can share them and help others with them)


This is awesome! What instruments do you play? I play the piano =)


I play guitar and bass (Now!), haha. I also want to learn to play piano on a basic level to be able to make melodies on there, though. That's still in the pipeline..


I've been wanting to build a podcast site for a podcast I started recording. I managed to do it using Gatsby and the gatsby podcast feed plugin. and I was able to open up a PR to add some rough new functionality. Successful week for sure.


Nice one Antonin~

And I'd like to check out the podcast when it's out :)


This week, I...ticked off most objects on the todo list for the NPO I'm working with. A buggy interconnected dropdown and deployment, are the last things on the list then it's fine tuning time with the client!


I got promoted to Bronze 1 in League of Legends.πŸ˜…


A few week back, I posted about how one of my weekly wins was making it through a few rounds of interviews with a potential new employer after sending off an application on a whim.

Today, I'm excited to share that I have both received and accepted an offer as a Front End Engineer with the company!



I visited Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica... and found a house to rent that we're moving into in November! So happy DEV is supportive of remote working!! πŸ˜€


Hello DEVs!

This week, I got my 42nd star for ServerMonitor on Github and the first pull request fixing a bug.

Also, I started to rework the whole website UI using TailwindCSS.


I was able to make psycopg2 work with my python back-end & postgresql! Although, I added and commented out so many things in my .bash_profile due to needing to use it with pyenv and pyenv virtualenv...

Not quite sure how...but it works! 🐍


I'm leaving the company and team the helped me grown a lot my soft and technical skills in order to begin a new cycle in another company. And, I have always thought that I wasn't doing my best. And, that I couldn't communicate well with my peers. However to my surprise today, some of my peers expressed real gratitude towards myself for my work and for the knowledge I have shared. Even more surprisingly, my boss encouraged me to keep growing and said that "the doors are opened in case you decide to come back". Now I'm a little sad for leaving rs. I hope that I can keep learning, so that the quality of my work and my communication increase.


1) Made time to watch the Rugby World Cup with my brother. Cheering for the Eagles and All Blacks this time. πŸ¦…πŸŒΏ

2) Made it to the gym 5 days this week.

3) Finished my last week at my current job, starting the new one Monday πŸ€ πŸ€™


Not a code related win. But on the very last hour of the week (assuming your weekends on Sunday) I found an apartment in the city I work in, so now I can stop living in hostels and go home grab my main pc and start working on side projects.

And right now I'm going to write my very first Dev.To post and I'm going to try to make it a regular thing to post on here as I've been wanting to start blogging.


Finding an apartment is a very big win. Congrats!

Be sure to share your first post as a weekly win once it's live :)


Hi, the main points from this week for me are:

  • finished implementing the table sitting for my next year wedding. Made a web app for RSVP and this.
  • had no anxiety issues this week
  • walked outside for more then an hour in the evenings

I wrote my first answer on vi.stackexchange.com (Stackoverflow for Vim)!

Now, just a few weeks ago I was a complete noob to Vim, but right now I can help new Vim users in the community! Wow, I'm proud of maself :)

Here's the link to it vi.stackexchange.com/a/21403/22643, and a screenshot :)


I wrote and published jWhisper (npmjs.com/package/jwhisper) for an article I was writing. It's a small RPC library, but it was a fun build and it was super fun to learn about JSON-WSP. So I'll take that one as a win for the week! :)

  • Did all the work I had to do on my job in less time I expected. The reward was, of course, more work.
  • Finished Michael Kennedy Async course and I feel like I have learnt so much in so little time. This weekend I'll work on my own projects making them async.

For so much time I pushed out async/threading/processing but know I feel like I get it.

  • Broke 3 times my blog views record: 99, 101 and 126. Now is sitting on the average 40-60 but I'm getting fewer visitors from other websites and more from Google.
  • Got 22 followers on Youtube in 5 days (and this one is not even finished). I have 72 now and I started uploading regularly recently, so it's a good growth.
  • I got a comment that was so supportive towards my YT channel that I had to re-read it 2 or 3 times on my phone, and then I went to the PC to read it again. And I still can't believe it.

So all in all, a good week.


Introduced purgecss to my team at work. As a demo, I was able to trim an existing page's Bootstrap-based stylesheet from 160K to 22K. Everyone was impressed. :)


I started learning JavaScript this week.

And a few days in I started a blog because a developer tweeted that one of his biggest regrets was not blogging about the things he learned.


I have some catching up to do and lots more to post, but at least I got it started.

One day my hope is that I'll be able to look back and use the blog as a reference to things I learned and also look back on it as a record of my journey into programming.


Finally (after stuffing around since Jan) got my own website deployed! πŸŽ‰


Learnt that for someone who is not a frontend web developer (me) using an out of the box solution Ghost was the best possible option.

Also, the crosspost to here via RSS feed works flawlessly!


It's always kind of great when you write a tool to accomplish a very specific thing, then realize, "oh, shit: this solves another long-running problem," or "cool: if I make just a tiny modification to it, I can also make it solve this third problem".

I solved three things this week: the one I intended to plus two bonus ones (with only marginal further effort for the third one).


I've been gaining interest in technical writing and typography lately.
Already started a project with writing my own style guides.
Can't say if this is one of my calling but it is very cool to know about this stuff.

  • I took the role of Toastmaster (emcee /host) first the first time at my Toastmasters Club -
  • I realized that the React - Redux - Saga stack finally clicked and was able to quickly implement lots of stuff without struggle and lots of fun.



I added some good first issues to our GitHub repo with the Hacktoberfest label and we already have a merged PR from an outside collaborator. Amazing ✨.


Did a proof of concept today to use React portals as a way to better integrate React into our existing codebase. Currently we have multiple React roots which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but loading our roots is expensive because we load our theming in each root. I was able to do this work because we have innovation days every month which are essentially mini hack days.

Innovating like the Delorian time machine


My wins are:

  • Saving my company $4,000 per month by finding a new vendor for a service
  • Finished out an internal automation system for my warehouse team
  • Took a personal day during the week to take some time off work

Refactored my router to support nested routes and reduced lines and dependencies while I was at it. I was having collisions between templates being overwritten and callbacks executing more than once. Took me a couple days but I did it! Now on to more productive things like making new features!


Learned how to install Dokku on Hyper-V and deploy a node app~

As I've never used Hyper-V (excluding auto-created Docker VM), but after some hesitation, I dove in and got it working.



Added new port in my webapp generator: Eleventy SSG, generate a few UI ready boilerplates, and publish all on Github:

Static Site Boilerplates - prototyped with UI and tooling (Webpack, Babel, Sass/SCSS, PostCSS, Light-server)



Your post Run MySQL on Docker and use in your Java App passed 2048 views!


Been sick for 2+ weeks. But, I managed to write a blog post here after 4 months! Hope I can be more regular going forward.

I also got back on track towards finishing my next technical book.


Created a tiny version of glitch.me that I can integrate with chapters on discoverthreejs.com.

Previously I've been using codesandbox, but the embeds are pretty heavy so I decided to spend a couple of days testing how hard it would be to build jsfiddle like functionality myself.

Turned out to be fairly easy! It's not live yet but after 2 weeks work I got all my old codesandbox examples ported over last night πŸŽ‰


This week was great!


  • learned how async / await works and refactored poorly written promises (there were async functions inside promises...)
  • successfully tamed (refactored) a 2000 line javascript function at work ⚰️
  • learned how to delete rows in mysql (first time writing queries of any kind) and released code with my own queries



I've been really inspired to start diving deeper into understanding the awesome technologies we get to use on a daily basis and to help others understand as well. I always have loved making videos and teaching, but just never was disciplined enough to edit the videos to where they're short enough to easily consume nor did I want to take the time to write good blog posts.

I finally decided I was going to better across the board, and so I'm building a tool that's going to help me simultaneously write the blog post, create the video, timestamp everything, and spit out some commands with ffmpeg to cut up the video into clips as well as to edit down the original video.

Really excited about it and will be blogging about it and of course, developing it as open source software. If anyone's interested, the young codebase is here: github.com/technoplato/TutorialAss... and I'll be posting a blog explaining how things work (using the app itself!) shortly!


I finally started writing and finished my first blog post yesterday! Very happy and very proud if it: dev.to/gopeter/how-to-add-a-groupb...


I started learning Colemak. Typing right now in Colemak itself.
I'm ultimately slow at it.


A couple of small wins:

  • I've managed to do 100 contributions on the DigitalOcean community forum for 1 week 🀩
  • I've got to 100 twitter followers πŸ˜…
  • I've got to 2000 Total Post Views on dev.to 😁

I wrote my very first article here at dev.to πŸ€“πŸ˜Š


I finally completed a project and handed it to the clients


My wife & I finally bought our first house. Looking forward to raising our two kids and all the incredible memories. πŸ’—


I learned the basics of Redux this week. People were not joking about the learning curve.


This week was full of win
changed from android consultant to deep learning / computer vision engineer


My first guest post went live on Vue Mastery
vuemastery.com/blog/unit-testing-v... πŸ“—

I was accepted to speak at CodeMash 2020 πŸŽ™



I was able to demonstrate that my newly written robot mapping package is faster than what we currently use at work. That was fun


Even though I was sick at home I was able to spend some times reading chapters of the book I'm currently reading so I'm happy :)


Final preparations to move a former Intranet page to Azure.
Just waiting for the Certificate and I can switch off the old hardware.


Closing off a client project and deploying a live version of a startup.


This week I went to the firebasSummit and did networking for the first time. πŸ˜„


My laptop physically broke earlier this week but I successfully duct-taped it back together πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”¬.

And I can definitely say that duct-tape is a pretty valid way to solve build-quality problems.


Started working on a bug I expected to be complicated but the fix (and unit tests) were simple. its a great feeling


Released the new version of Fake.REST


Hacktoberfest starts next week and I am REALLY excited and look forward to spending this weekend getting ready.

  • Finished all my action items for the week
  • Planned out my action items for next week
  • And finally created my first dev.to post

Spent a lot of time with my family, especially my sisters, their husbands, and kids. I live about 8500km (5300mi) away, so this doesn't happen all that often.


I was accepted to speak at my first technical conference!

I will be speaking at CodeMash 2020 next January on Software Quality and communicating technical debt to business stakeholders.


Payrise! So that's going on more energy drinks per day.


No win this week. Had five bad days in the office 😒

Cheer me up πŸ€—

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