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Posted on internal search is... bad?

I remember the search being super useful, but it ain't so anymore

Compare a search for Sprint interview questions

Alt Text

Versus Google

Alt Text

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Ben Sinclair

I've put in a bug report for this already here:

I think it's doing a full text search of the post content but not the title.

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GrahamTheDev • Edited

That seems like a fair assessment, I might have a gander at the query and see if I can offer any suggestions.

Normally I would do a weighted search based on exact match, all words, some words and one word and then a further weighting on whether it is in the title (higher weight) or number of occurrences in the body.

But given the size of database that would be a really slow query!

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Abhinav Kulshreshtha

I believe there should be option for advance search included. Personally, There are times where I remember parts of title of a post I read in past, and now when I need another look for that, I can't search for it. An advance search where I can just choose to run full-text-search on titles only, will make my life easier.

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Adam Crockett πŸŒ€

I think comparing Google search to search is like comparing the international space station to a potato πŸ₯”

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Shaiju T

Yes the search is not working properly. Search is very important feature. Sometime i want search my own comments and its not possible.


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Mikhail Karan

Yah, essentially useless :(