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D1️⃣Idea fixing🌌 and brainstorming🤔 for DigitalOcean hackathon

Hackathon Journey
hello all 😊👋
In this First Post, I am going to tell you guys about how I got the idea and how I am going to work on a hackathon project.
Before Article begins i need a help with one thing
i need a help with this if got this help then my entry is going into valid submission category

or else if someone added credit card to DigitalOcean how many applications i can host/deploy with help of 50$ credit.

Let's Begin
Brief story What I am building⚙🛠?
A few days ago team announced dohackathon DigitalOcean hackathon as this hackathon is about to deploy your creative project on the DigitalOcean platform
As I love space from my childhood days this time I am building an app related to that app name is Space Travel in this app I am going to build a react app in that app things will be work according to the following activity diagrams

First Page of the webapp
Alt Text

Second Page of the webapp
Alt Text
as of today, I am having these features in my app but sure in the upcoming days I will add more features to this app if you have any features then please comment I am happy to hear from you.

Category Submission:

  • Random Roulette

Additional Resources/Info

  • NASA API for images/content.
  • reactjs for building an app.
  • I am still figuring out which UI library I am going to use most probably do it with the reactjs/CSS stuff or else any library.
  • for creating activity diagrams I used the Figma tool.

This is it for this article for day 1 of the hackathon
Have a good day all and thank you for reading and all the best for the hackathon.😊❤✨🎉

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