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SpaceTravel final changes and newly updated UI improvements/new search component many more details

Note:- If you want to know my hackathon journey how we worked you guys can check out series of articles for this hackathon

Hello all 😊👋
This article is continuing with last so as if you're following the series then your knowing 3rd component is done but some responsiveness/UI related issues are there at that time but now all things are fixed and improvements are done by @itshally she joined at last moment but work done is looks cool.
and also we added new components:-

  • footer.js
  • search.js
  • footer.js component includes information developers and authors and articles links and a short description of the project etc. This is how the First component of the app looks like now after including footer.js component zoomed out snap First component

*How Space.js component looks like now text to speech icon and also newly updated UI and other things see screenshot⤵️ and that search button for newly added component stay tune for knowing more about that *

And also today I added a new search.js component for that I used Unsplash API and after right-clicking on those images, you can download those high-resolution images in your local system see snaps of that ⤵️
too many (20)images because adding more screenshots
and now this it for this article after this article final submission article will come for this dohackathon

Special thanks

  • @itshally for making the app better also she is a core contributor to this project thank you
  • special thanks to shraddha didi for availing hosting for me by adding their credit card thank you so much, god, bless you onkar khedhkar Onkar Khedkar and shook goud for suggesting changes and inspiring me to do good stuff. This is for this article tomorrow we will submit our project final submission and also we will release the app publicly under the MIT license. thank you for reading have a nice day all.😊 GIFY

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wow cool bruv love the space pic

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krishna kakade

Thank you bro