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Public APIs for your Front-end Applications

mddanishyusuf profile image Mohd Danish Updated on ・1 min read

Are you building something cool and interesting this summer then you need public APIs to get data like movie APIs, weather APIs, Machine learning APIs, etc?

I build a platform called Public APIs with 1k+ Awesome, Fun and cool Public APIs to build great projects.

Project Link: https://public-apis.io

What you can do here:

⚡ Blazing fast loading time for every page.
🔎 Advanced Search with Algolia.
💖 Nice and simple design with APIs logo.
📦 Top collection of APIs in some categories.
💬 Comment Box on every APIs page. So, now you can discuss your ideas there.
💾 Save your favorite APIs into your profile.

If you know any good API or you build then request to add there. I'll approve your request.

Website Link: https://public-apis.io

if you have any question then let me know in the comments.

Love you guys :)

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I love the video!!! thanks for making this.


Yes I'm also big fan of this video maker. Thanks.


You're most welcome with <3


cool stuff. Great work Mohd :-)


Thanks Dani.


Great job many thanks Mohd


Thanks Kamal.


Awesome work.. 😎😎


This is great stuff! I never knew about most of these APIs. Bookmarked immediately


Thanks. Yes, sure will check this out.


Awesome work dude. 👏👏👏