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Are you a Woman learning to code? My Survey aims to capture our shared experiences!

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UPDATE: The Infographic is here!!! Please view at:


While transitioning to a tech career in my late 30s, I always wondered what I shared with other women who were making similar transitions.

So I've decided to create a fun, informative infographic of women who are currently learning to code, and haven't landed a dev job yet. I hope that this infographic will serve to encourage and comfort women at different stages of the developer journey.

In the last few days, I have received 10 responses (yay!). However, more data will mean a more robust infographic.

If you fit my criteria - a woman learning to code (non-binary included) who hasn't landed a dev job yet - would you PLEASE fill my survey out?

Here is the link to it: https://forms.gle/eSsqY41VEfw2EJAp8

I am most grateful, thank you!


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For the Do you have children? question, I responded yes, but he's not my own child - he's my partner's. I never know how to answer those questions, but wanted to mention in case it was relevant.


Great point Desi - I will note that for when I process the survey data. Thanks so much for dropping this note!


Hi Arit- female code learner here. I've completed your survey. I'll be very interested to find out the results. You've asked some really interesting questions.


Absolutely Lorna! Thanks so much for completing the survey! I'll post the resulting infographic here on DevTo ❤️


Thank you!!! ❤️


Just took the survey :)


Awesome! thanks MillCode! ❤️


Done. Interesting survey, looking forward to the results, hope my response helps!


Thank you Calie! ❤️
Yes I shall release the resulting infographic here on Dev.To and also Twitter 😉

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Sorry, but this is sexism to the max. I started out in my late 30's as well and have the same gut wrenching struggles as anyone else regardless of gender but someone like me, cause I'm a guy, is excluded here? We should all look for diversity and that should encompass everyone. Anything else flies in the face of diversity. We all know if I posted the same thing, but towards a male audience the post would be removed...as it should be.

I don't usually like to rant or produce waves but I just had to say something.


Hi Barry, thanks for your comment.

Yes you are right that I am excluding men from this particular project, but that does not in any way discount or disvalue men's experiences in learning to code. Not at all. As a woman myself, I'm curious about women's experiences, but that is not to say that men's experiences are invalid or not worth researching.

You say you don't care who disagrees with you. Well, this is more of an explanation of where I'm coming from. I appreciate your comment, as it prompts me to examine my motives and biases. Truly, I mean no disrespect regarding the struggles of men who are learning to code.

PS Don't apologize for "making waves" - you're sharing your opinion about what I'm doing. I think that's fine.


I edited my comment and removed the "I don't care who disagrees". It was my emotion at the moment...and before I had my coffee (what was I thinking!). I removed it because it doesn't open dialogue. We should all feel like we can express ourselves.

Thank you for your response.

May I ask why we are being censored though? I see both my comment and Oleksandr's comment are being marked as "low quality/non-constructive" by someone, an admin I assume.

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Why do you aim only women?
Do you mean that women differ from men?


There is a real need for studies that cater to women developers, since so many already cater to men whether intentionally or not.

Github’s latest open source survey had 95% male respondents. Stackoverflow’s latest survey had 91.7% male respondents. This survey will be gathering data that we as an industry lack.


Wow, Eli thanks so much for this information. GitHub's annual survey is one of the largest of its kind; I had no idea that female developer participation in it was so low. Now I'm curious as to why... 🤔


I imagine it's because there is a huge shortage of women in tech and while tech companies are frequently pressured to increase diversity which means drawing from a pool that represents less than 20% of developers.

So the real issue here then is that there simply aren't enough female developers, a huge demographic that can be tapped for the overall shortage of developers today. Either not enough women are going into tech or too many are dropping out before making it to a career and it is VERY useful to analyse why this is. Rather than asking "why aren't you hiring women?" we should be asking "why aren't there enough women?".

Don't put your soap box up in the way of productive lines of inquiry.


Hi Oleksandr,

Please read my response to Barry Martin (@bvmcode ); he had similar questions/sentiments to yours.