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Gone are the days when there were Just HTML developers, CSS Developers, JavaScript Developers, and Backend Developers. JavaScript developers didn't have to learn CSS or backend technology. They were happy with their work. But time has changed. Now If you're a JavaScript developer, you need to know all of them(HTML, CSS, and also backend coding). Because there are very few job opportunities for Just HTML or Just CSS or Just JavaScript developers.

Now is the era of Full Stack Developers. Most of the companies are looking for developers who know how to design front-end, backend, and also HTML and CSS.

If you're a React/Angular Developer, that's not enough nowadays. You need to learn Node.js also which means you need to know how to design front-end and backend also.

So in this article, I have listed out some of the articles which will help you to become a full-stack developer and gain knowledge of front-end as well as backend.

Build An Amazing Application Using React And Node.js:

Random User Generator

In this article, you will learn how to create an application that displays a list of random users on every refresh using React and Node.js. You will learn how to create Rest APIs using Node.js and access it from the React application.

You will also learn how to work with redux to store the data and display the details on the UI to create an amazing application.

Create An Enquiry Form In React and Send Email Using Nodejs:

Enquiry Form

In this article, you will learn how to create an Enquiry form using React and how to send the form details through email using Node.js.

You don't need to use SendGrid or similar websites or buy any services for sending emails. You can create a Gmail account and programmatically send an email from your Gmail. That's pretty cool.

Create A Photo Gallery App Using MERN Stack:

Photo Gallery

In this article, you will learn how to create a photo gallery app using MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node.js stack.

You will learn how to upload images and store them in MongoDB and restrict the file size and file type and then serve it to the client application.

Build An Amazing Job Search App Using React:

Job Search App

In this article, you will learn how to create an awesome job search app where you will gain some advanced concepts of React like Portals, Context API, and also how to add lazy loading images and implement load more functionality.

So there are a ton of things you will learn by building this application.

Create A Full Stack Banking Application

Full stack banking application

This is an advanced application created using React, Node.js, and Postgresql database where you will learn how to create a banking application that will have user accounts, login authentication using JWT token.

You will also learn how to add withdraw and deposit amount functionality and download the transactions in a pdf format for the selected range of dates.

Create A Full Stack Application Using GraphQL:

Full stack app using GraphQL

In this article, you will learn GraphQL from scratch and use that knowledge to create an eCommerce type application to add, edit, and delete products.

Also, you will learn how to add and delete reviews for the products using React, MongoDB, GraphQL, and Node.js stack.

That's it about this article. I hope you will learn a lot by building these applications.

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Hey, I have a question. Suppose I have an idea for a product I want to build. What should I do before I start coding. The thought processes of converting the ideas to detailed designs that can be implemented in code.


I would recommend building a basic project before trying to build your dream project. If you haven't made a to-do list app example, your ideas may not be realistic to what the framework is actually able to do.

The steps would be:

  • define how a to-do list app should work
  • find a guide (searching 'to do list app [react/iphone/android/javascript]' will get you a guide for the framework you want to use)
  • build your version
  • try adding a feature

a to-do list app, with a guide, should take just 1-3 days to go from concept to finished project, and it will save you weeks of time.


Really true. Nice detailed steps. I would also recommend to start with something small and then move on to building the project idea.


Thanks. I think I'm going to do the to-do list and learn from from there.


I wrote an article about that a long time ago. The technique is probably not for everyone, but maybe it'll help you.


On my personal backlog is making a zoom clone with peer.js.


that's awesome 👍👍


I want to become a full stack developer. How long does it take to become one?


It depends on how much knowledge you already have regarding front-end and backend development. To become a full stack developer, you need to be good at HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React/Angular/Vue, etc and some backend technology for example Node.js. You need to be good at all of these to develop a project to become a full stack developer.


Great content.
Thanks for sharing.


Glad to hear that. Thank you!


Found this article Very useful.thanks


Try some udemy courses too. Ultimately what you've built, even if you're a commercial Dev is likely to be limited, and it's a lot of fun making things


😀 Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe in the future, I will do that.


Great resources thanks for sharing! We 💚 NodeJS too


Thanks. Glad you found it useful.


Thanks for this informative article.


Thank you! glad you found the article helpful


quite a good and focused one. Do you permit to translate in native language?


Sure. It's a pleasure for me.