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The Day I Wanted to Give Up

Day 26/100 #100daysofcodechallenge "The day I wanted to give up"
(Hopefully the video isn't too laggy)
I just had to share what I learned today on video.

I've shared a lot of my wins lately. But it's not all wins. Every day isn't going to be flawless, but if you keep going especially through the struggles, you will come out a better programmer/person/etc.

"Don’t give up.
I didn’t give up today and now I have this game to share with you all.
If you are getting frustrated, breathe, step away, clear your head and come back to it.
Just don’t give up."

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efleurine profile image

You are lucky, sometimes I want to give up for days, not just one.

But where you struggle the much, there is an opportunity to make a leap forward, because the ah ah moment might be just around the corner.

Keep working.

I would love to do some gaming too.

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C. Pure

Very valuable lesson and awesome to watch! Hahah also enjoy the dubstep version 😂

n0nb1narydev profile image
Mel R

Haha thanks Courtney I wanted a hardcore twist 😜