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markdown guide is hosted by the awesome Nolan Lawson. Lots of developers are on there, though mostly front-end I believe. Mastodon also has a federated timeline with cross-instance toots so you don't have to be afraid of being locked-in with only the people of your instance :)


I'm on (the only obvious public instance without a ridiculous CoC) to keep an eye on the whole Mastodon system.


  • Every Mastodon user I have come across does also have a (more actively used) Twitter account. It is pointless to follow both accounts.
  • That leads me to the suscipion that the current wave of "everyone must be on Mastodon now!" is not that different from "everyone must be on GNU Social/Quitter/Diaspora/ello now!" which happened much too often.
  • Especially note that this is the second time that "everyone must be on Mastodon", they did that before when Twitter "broke" their APIs - and they all came back to Twitter.

TL;DR: It's not worth the effort. It will die soon. For the second time.


I don't really feel this "everyone must be on Mastodon now!" going on in my bubble. Maybe everyone can't find a suitable instance or app to use and they roll back to Twitter?


I'd rather call Twitter "the least evil". Talking to yourself is only fun for a short time. :-), freshly registered as I lost my previous account (not that I was ever very active, I always fall back to Twitter. But this instance seems more alive than the previous one I joined).


This instance has gotten some mentions, and looks promising. Do you think the admins are reliable; as in they keep the platform updates rolling and data backed up?


For what I can see yes, he is very active in terms of updates, it is hosted on DigitalOcean and has a small but steady income through Patreon


I have recently joined an instance called As the name suggests, it is full of techies, many of whom I have been actively following on Twitter, who migrated over to Mastodon full-time. I blogged about my early endeavours on Mastodon in a recent post.

In case any of you have already joined Mastodon, or thinking about coming over, you are more than welcome to add me as a friend:


Old post, but thought I would chime in for future searches...


I've found myself comfortable in - but maybe someday I'll peek into this one, thanks.

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