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NodeSecure v0.7.0 and v0.8.0@next


I'm writing this article a bit late because version 0.7.0 has already been published 3 months ago. So I'm going to take this opportunity to make the link with the next version already testable with the @next tag.

For those who don't know the tool yet:

Version 0.7.0

Let's discover the new features of version 0.7.0

verify command CLI output

The command now work with CLI. Although it will certainly require some iteration and long-term work to improve the stdout.

As a reminder, this command allows you to have a much more complete report of the result of the AST analysis for a given npm package.

Popups improvement

Warnings and licenses popups design has been enhanced. Also the tables in these popups will now by default be filterable when clicking on a column name.

Warnings popup new features

The warnings popup has been greatly improved with:

  • New top buttons to allow you to quickly browse the sources on npm and unpkg.
  • A search input when there a lot of warnings.
  • Clicking on the name of the file now opens it on unpkg..

New way to walk the tree with cwd command

Before the cwd command was walking the tree in the same way as the from command. It was however impossible to get the tree from the package-lock.json file.

This release will now read and walk with the local package-lock.json by default (can always be disabled using an option).

Lot of hotfix and code refactoring

This version includes a lot of bugfixes and code improvements of all kinds.

Version @next (v0.8.0)

This version is still under development but brings important improvements.


In the previous version we used a home-made implementation to browse package-lock.json. But now we use one of the new npm packages: @npmcli/arborist.

The implementation of this version is much faster and accurate.

It never end

We corrected an issue that caused CLI in some cases to never complete the analysis. The process was blocked indefinitely and the counters stopped moving.

JS-X-Ray 2.0

😱😱😱! This new version of Node-secure includes the latest version of JS-X-Ray.

I wrote a whole article recently about this new version that I highly recommend you to read if you haven't already done so:

What's next ?

  • New :size filter for the searchbar (already implemented on master).
  • Verify command now work for local project too (already implemented on master).
  • I'm working on the possibility to draw the network tree with D3.js instead of Vis.js (The idea is to achieve a much more complete experience).
  • Maybe a new flag to identify native addon.
  • Continue to iterate on all current features.

Don't hesitate to provide us feedbacks which are precious to us to improve or invent functionalities.


The project continues to move forward little by little and I'm still very satisfied with the tool.. And I hope that the people who follow and use it are are also satisfied.

Thanks for reading !

Best Regards,

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