What happen with echojs.com

omenlog profile image Omar E. Lopez ・1 min read

Yesterday in the morning as always I went to check echojs.com ,website which read a lot of what was happening in the javascript environment and I found this

Someone knows because the site is not publishing the news as they have always done...??


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It seems they're done. here is an archive of the 6th anniversary post. With they're 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 anniversary posts they always said "As usual, looking forward to the upcoming year, and hope you guys enjoy your time on Echo JS!" and for 6 they didn't. At the same time, on the 1st post they say the domain is registered until 2021, so idk how much has changed since then.


I'll try to reach out to Frederic for more info.


FYI. It is back! Apparently community feedback and some volunteers helped convince the owner to bring it back. You can read more about the status here. echojs.com/news/25644


Echo JS announced that they are turning on the site again on Twitter, twitter.com/echojs/status/96382529....


Looks like they put an archived version up on their main site, but it seems like the information about shutting down is gone.