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Pachi 🥑
Pachi 🥑

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Thank you!

Good day Folks.
This sounds more like a Thanksgiving post, but since I grew up without Thanksgiving, I have always liked to give my Thanks in the end of the year.

So much happen on the 364 (or is it 365?) days of the year.

We do things, we meet people (in my case mostly online), we evolve like a Pokemon (unless you are THAT Pikachu. Don't be that Pikachu)

Dratini and its evolutions, Dragonair and Dragonite


My point being is, there are LOTS of thanks to be giving friends.
And I would like to start saying Thank You to you... Well, You of course. You are reading. Add a +1 thanks for each of my Posts you read. Thank you soo much! You make me blush >.<

I would like to say thanks to the entire team for keeping this great platform for us, where I feel safe to write even as a codenewbie.

Thanks to the #DEVcommunity, all the helpful posts and comments and the people are just great.

Thank you to the twitter tech community that is always teaching me new things and helping me to stay motivated.

I have lots of goals for 2020 as you may know:

And I am sure that with your motivations I can do it, or at least most of of it.

Next year I will come back with more technical posts and stuff, but let just me end this year with Gratitude!

I wish you a fun NYE and that your 2020 is as awesome as me lol

See you next year friend,


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Ben Halpern

Thank YOU Pachi, for bringing such a great attitude to the community!

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Yechiel Kalmenson

And thank YOU for being a great friend.

Glad to have made your acquaintance this year, and I look forward to seeing you at a meetup sometime in the next one.

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Jaime González García • Edited

Thank you! Love your positivity and kindness! 😄👍

baicai profile image

Thank you!Pachi,Thank Dev platform to make us know each other.