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A huge thank you to @mary_grace , @compumike , @dzello , @jesswest , @margaretmacafee , @samcoren , @gracecheung , @zmarkan , @zach , @eqmapbox , @josh_goldstein , @nickparsons , @meganspeir , @philnash , @greggyb , and @fspaven . These are some of the individuals who advocated for DEV within their organizations and made these sponsorships possible.

Thank you all!!!


Thanks to you, @ben , @jess and the rest of the team for building such a wonderful community and a genuinely great place to hang out online.

I feel fortunate to be in a position to help support this work.


It's been awesome tapping into the amazing energy of the community. Thanks for bringing us into the fold and we can't wait to launch more developer friendly location features in 2019.


A pleasure to work with you and the team Peter! And excited to be part of this awesome community :)

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