What developer podcasts do you listen to or watch?

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I've never really gotten into podcasts, but I feel like now is the time.

I'd really love to hear your recommendations for podcasts that you listen to or watch. I mainly program in JavaScript or Ruby, so things in that space are good, but I'm interested in general too.


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I'm a consistent listener to The Bike Shed. Here's the last episode

And Software Engineering Daily, here's one from recently I liked:

And Changelog, really liked this one:

P.S. You can put these players from podcasts on dev.to in posts like such:

{% podcast bikeshed/135-a-series-of-unfortunate-examples %}

...but I'm not 100% sure yet that it won't be buggy. 🙃


FYI, I don’t know if it’s a mobile issue, but when I tried the podcast markdown trick in Safari for iOS, i just got the moving icon in the page that made it look like it was “thinking”.


Thanks for the tips! Is there anything particular about those series that attracts you or keeps you coming back?

Also, the embedding in comments looks good, but the site notification and email notification are a bit broken.


You said "watch" as well, so I'll shamelessly promote my programming stream :)

I do mainly hands-on work in Fuse, or algorithm and complexity using Leaf.


Ah cool, I've followed you on Twitch. I used to do some streaming and might start that up again in 2018 too.


The 2 I listen to regularly are

Hanselminutes - hanselminutes.com/

Stack Overflow Podcast - stackoverflow.blog/podcasts/

Hanselminutes I enjoy because the guests come from lots of different areas and levels of expertise so it's interesting to hear what they are doing and some of the story behind it.

Stack Overflow Podcast I think is just fun dev humor and with a little bit of shop talk in the middle.


Thanks for the suggestions! And wow, I'm on Stack Overflow almost every day and I didn't know they had a podcast!


I enjoy Adventures in Angular and JavaScript Jabber....if you go to their main site, they also have a Ruby podcast



Ruby Rogues was the first dev podcast I got into. Still like it but don't listen as much any more. It's still pretty good but it definitely had a glory day a few years ago.


I had a Twitter recommendation for JSJabber too, so I'm definitely checking that out. Thanks for the suggestion :)


I mostly listen to CodeNewbie and BaseCS! I have been programming for a while and I always learn so much from the podcasts.


I keep hearing such good things about BaseCS, so I better give it a listen. And I really should have thought about CodeNewbie, I love Saron's work!

Thanks for the suggestions!


I would greatly recommend CodingBlocks

Great trio with a good balance, interesting topics and always the passion :)


Not to be all self-promotional, but I’m kind of fond of Arrested DevOps

I would also suggest Go Time and Software Defined Talk


My favourites are Hanselminutes, Greater Than Code and Code Newbies.

All of those are language-agnostic, but Code Newbies and Greater Than Code have deep roots in the Ruby community. You may like that.

Hanselminutes has been around for a long time and covers a lot of topics. One week you may listen about embedded systems and the next there may be an episode about frontend web development and machine learning. The host always manages to keep the conversation very pragmatic.

Greater Than Code has a very diverse panel and receives a guest every week. They focus mostly on the social implications of technology. The conversation is one step above rote code but always very practical.

Code Newbies has a slight focus on career advice and brings interviewees from all kinds of backgrounds.

These ones are also worth a look:

  • The Bike Shed
  • Developer on Fire
  • Security Now

I don't listen as often as I used to, but the itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/errant... is a favorite. It's more high level and talks about the industry as a whole but, the most important thing, it's shorter than my morning commute.

I rarely finish podcasts that last for more than 30 minutes unless they are incredibly interesting.


I highly recommend developer tea, it's a great non technical podcast that talk about burnouts and productivity and many other problems that devs encounter in the non technical area


.NET Rocks!


Herding Code

MS Dev Show

Stack Overflow Podcast


The Tim Ferriss Show (some tech stuff, productivity etc. but not dev)


I like to listen to Syntax.fm by @wesbos , it's episodes are focused on JavaScript and web development


Surprised no one mentioned Developer Tea yet! That's a nice, quick one

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