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Ryan Carniato
Ryan Carniato

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When Netlify asks you to full-time OSS, you say yes!

Well, there it is.

I'm ecstatic to announce that, as of today, I’ve joined OSS Team at Netlify as a principal engineer.

Yes that's right - Netlify has enabled me to be 100% dedicated to open source software. With their backing, I can focus on upstream open source, contributing to important projects that have a real impact in the direction of the web.

Solid Foundations

Alt Text

First, to answer the obvious question - I'm finally able to work on SolidJS as my day job. I couldn't be more excited.

Netlify was one of the first companies to recognize Solid's potential, making financial contributions since last year. It’s fair to say that, by hiring me, they plan to continue supporting this work.

This means great things for the project. SolidJS has shown itself to have high satisfaction and unmatched performance (both in browser and on server). Now it’s time to focus on getting it into people’s hands.

What does this mean?

  • SolidStart, Solid's SSR framework, will get much more focus
  • Improving the development and deployment stories for all SolidJS projects
  • Preparing for the future and SolidJS 2.0

Most importantly though, Netlify has given me the bandwidth to explore. After over a year of ideating, researching and writing, I can finally start building.

As amazing as this all is, it gets even better.

The Future of Jamstack

Image description

Netlify and Jamstack are practically synonymous. Netlify came on the scene championing this approach, aggressively simplifying the way we could build and deploy web applications. And by any measure this was incredibly successful. So much so that Jamstack has grown to encompass much more than its JavaScript, APIs, and Markup acronym would suggest.

"Jamstack is a feeling" - Jason Lengstorf, Feb 2022

To me it’s clear that the growth in the space isn’t limited to the Jamstack, it’s pushed the technologies forward as well. The Edge is the new CDN. Dynamic is the new static. This means new approaches and new exploration. I've been pushing the boundaries from the outside - now I'm putting myself right in the middle.

The Future of OSS

I’m lucky to have found a company so dedicated to improving the quality of the web for all, especially one that does so in the open. No proprietary frameworks, no proprietary platforms. Just a company that mirrors my own drive to help the best solutions rise to the top, regardless of where they come from. They’ve given me the latitude to see that through.

My work’s focus on open source means I get to continue collaborating closely with other projects shaping this new world. Projects like MarkoQwikAstroViteDeno and so many more, pushing the limits of hydrationcompilationreactivity, and routing, and working with these teams to make these futures a reality.

I talk a lot about doing research and pushing boundaries. But perhaps the greatest thing about taking on a role like this is to positively impact the ecosystem of where developers are today. To help bring those benefits to existing frameworks and tools. That's what open source is all about.

It is an incredible time to be working in open source web development. I can't wait to see what we will build. Together.

Special thanks to David(@davedbase) for the banner and Theo(@t3dotgg) for helping review this post.

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k_penguin_sato profile image
K-Sato • Edited


const vercelRichHarris = Vercel + Svelte
const  netlifyRyanCarniato = Netlify + Solid

const futureOfWebIsBright = vercelRichHarris * netlifyRyanCarniato
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gjorgivarelov profile image

Congratulations! No small feat! That intro video on SolidJS with all its visuals and voice over, very well done. Though am not a web developer, this poked my curiosity.
Svelte was mentioned as a comparison during the explanation of what SolidJS does, any plans for a joined project with Svelte team?

davedbase profile image
David Di Biase

I doubt that would happen. Svelte and Solid don't have similar paths/philosophies.

liviufromendtest profile image
Liviu Lupei

Congratulations! Sounds like an awesome job.

This is an approach I've seen in the industry.

Large for-profit corporations dedicating resources to open source solutions.

But these corporations are all about... the profit, of course.

So, it's no secret that their goal is to market and promote their products on the back of these open source solutions. And this is perfectly fine, as long as they keep those open-source solutions free of bias.

Because I don't want to ever read in the docs of an open source project something like "But if you want this in the cloud, it's best to use a product like Netlify.".

feldev profile image
Félix Paradis • Edited

Reminds me of what Gatsby and Gatsby Cloud became 😆
* cries on his Gatsby projects *

liviufromendtest profile image
Liviu Lupei

Great example.

jovialcore profile image
Chidiebere Chukwudi


iainsimmons profile image
Iain Simmons

Congrats! Very well deserved and a perfect fit for that team and organisation.

I think this will benefit us all and OSS in general.

I'm even more excited for the future, and especially for Solid.js and Solid Start.

andi23rosca profile image
Andi Rosca

Congrats, been following your development of Solid JS closely for a couple of years. Definitely deserved

chasm profile image
Charles F. Munat

Congratulations, Ryan. Awesome news and well-deserved. And great news for the community, too.

I've been a fan and supporter of Solid since well before v1 and have used it in apps, though none have yet gone into production (mostly POCs -- persuading companies to abandon React is very difficult, sadly). I'd like to use it more, but what's stopping me is that I'm now focusing on Deno (and Deno Deploy) in my personal projects. I was even looking at Solid's source code last week and wondering how hard it would be to simply duplicate the parts I needed for my own app (answer: too hard).

So I hope this means that Solid will soon be fully integrated with the Deno ecosystem. That would be a real winner, I think. (Note: Deno Deploy uses Netlify Edge Functions.)

Keep up the good work. I've been reading several of your more detailed discussions of reactivity and rendering lately and getting much smarter. So thanks for that.

peerreynders profile image
peerreynders • Edited


etienneburdet profile image
Etienne Burdet

Congrats! So excited for SolidStart especially!
Well, well, Rich Harris at Vercel, @ryansolid at Netlify… I SEE PATTERNS!

nickytonline profile image
Nick Taylor

Congrats Ryan and welcome to the team!🥳

willaiem profile image
Damian Żygadło

svelte went with vercel
solid went with netlify

peerreynders profile image


raulgg profile image
Raul G

Congratulations Ryan! This is so awesome!

I love seeing how far you've gotten with your project. And now with all your time dedicated to support SolidJS and its ecosystem, and also knowing everything you're capable of, I only see this step as the beginning of an amazing journey that will change the future of web development.

oddcelot profile image
Stefan Kopco

Uhh nice, congrats 🎉
I guess the Jamstack is now even more jam-packed 🙃
Looking forward to see more SolidJS awesomeness 💙

lexlohr profile image
Alex Lohr

Congratulations, Ryan, on that position that we deserve you to be in. And congratulations to netlify for having you. I'm eager to see what comes next.

obetomuniz profile image
Beto Muniz

Congratulations Ryan 👏