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Sai gowtham
Sai gowtham

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How to be successful at anything

Here are my 10 short tips:

  1. Show your work to the world instead of keeping in your head💆.

  2. Do the work consistently👌

  3. Respect your work🥰

  4. Don't postpone your work

  5. Make mistakes 🔥🔥🔥

  6. Don't live in your head 💆

  7. No need to wait for an assurance

  8. You are enough to make a change

  9. Set a long term goal 🏘️ and work 🏋️on it

  10. Don't compare yourself with the people already successful in your niche because they are already crossed hard times⚡⚡

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jmfayard profile image
Jean-Michel (

that's great!
I would just add one:

have your own definition of what success means for you, instead of blindly following the meaningless one that the startup porn tries to sell to everybody

Find out your WHY?

gabrsmalta profile image
Gabriel Malta

Not live on our head is the hardest thing to start to do.
Thanks for all advises, Sai

abdurrkhalid333 profile image
Abdur Rehman Khalid

That is Very Grate to Hear that but here is a thing that I want to share as well and that is you cannot be perfect in everything.

You are made for something special and only you can make that thing special and there is no one that will help you to achieve for which you are truly made and have passion as well.

The Only thing that you can do is that you can be honest to yourself and work as well. And Doing Best to Show yourself that you are worthy as well.

michaeljamie profile image
Michael Johnston

Very good tips! Can also agree with others that 6th is the biggest hurdle for any developer, especially those new in the industry.

crazyoptimist profile image

Nice quotes..

stearm profile image
Stefano Armenes

6th is the hardest part imho!

alhiane profile image
Alhiane Lahcen

the pointe that i like 10 " Don't compare yourself with the people already successful in your niche because they are already crossed hard times⚡⚡ "

lucasjg profile image
Lucas • Edited

really good 👍
Let me share Korean proverbs related to the 5th tip.

'Mistakes are the mother of success'


nickstavrou profile image

Even though you do all the above, recruiters still thing that age is a hiring drawback. :(