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dev.to staff on July 24, 2017

Welcome to dev.to! 👋 Please introduce yourself to the community! You can start by sharing your favorite programming languages, what you're in... [Read Full]
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I'm a dev evangelist focusing on an open-source ETL project. Previous to that I was a dev evangelist & senior product manager in AI. I started as a front-end dev and have recently taken up Python. I'd love to find open-source projects to contribute to and get involved in.


Hi Ash! I really love Hood.ie - Gregor is a fantastic maintainer that will help you get started on a bug fix or a feature. Highly recommend checking them out (then blogging your experience here!)


Ohh, great info Juanita. I'm going to check them out also. I've been looking for a a friendly project to start contributing to.


Awesome! I've heard fo hood.ie. I'll check them out. Thanks!


Hey Ash, welcome to the community. How'd you get into evangelism? It always seems like folks have a fun ride getting there.


Howdy! Excellent question. I definitely agree there isn't a straight path really. I started out as a front end dev and then moved into product for apis for a few years actually. Kinda go back and forth but getting back into coding more. I really like working with devs and building stuff so found my niche! 😊


hi everyone! I've been doing custom wordpress sites for about 6 years as a freelancer, started when I was in college and have continued since I graduated last year. recently I've stepped into a front end role for a C# application and am loving it so far

outside of dev world I'm all about music. I play in an emo band and go on tour a couple times a year (sleeping in a van, no WIFI, what???)


it's called citysick! we be on spotify n stuff. new music coming out end of august :)


How was the transition from Wordpress to the C# app? Different expectations?


it was actually way easier than i thought it would be since i can actually edit the source HTML rather than use a template override, filter, or whatever. there is a C# guru doing all the hard C# stuff though, I'm mostly just changing the cshtml and moving things around


Awesome, congrats on your new role. Sounds like it's going to be balancing act between your job and the band. That's a great way to get away from the screen though.


thanks! yeah it can be a challenge but luckily my boss is super cool about it. his sons do music and the app I'm working on is music centered so it makes sense!

and yea, it's a great release especially after a day of hairy bugs


hey everyone, i'm kevin.

I started the journey 18 months ago; I first studied RoR in a coding bootcamp. Got a job at an airline company & learned Nodejs on the go to build Lambda functions for work. Right now i'm the devops lead for an e-commerce venture the under my company. Our stack primarily Magento 2, Angular 2 running on AWS.

In my free time i learn python for text sentiment analysis & the backend of an airline chatbot. Not pro-AWS but familiar; not anti-GCP either.

Who here are from airline companies? Say hi! :)


Not from an airline company, but that does make me think about what airline companies do with software more.

Also, you're killing it; 18 months later and you're a DevOps lead? Congrats dude!


Thanks man. It was a super bumpy ride with countless mistakes.

There's plenty of ways airlines seek to innovate from facial-recognition to speed up check-ins to buying flights and luggage via an AI assistant.

but to get to lead the devops my coding time had to take a hit. gotta spend less time looking at Cloudwatch dashboards!

I for one am looking forward to the day where we have instant check-ins on planes. Or luggage tracking! I've never had my luggage go missing but I imagine it must be a nightmare.

I don't think I'll ever stop wanting to code. I'm sure that'll change a bit in say, 18 months, but maybe not. Are you going to keep up with side projects or have you done a bit of coding as a DevOps lead?


Hello! I'm Janno from Tallinn, Estonia. I've been coding for living since 2002... I've been working with certain Microsoft ERP platform but during last 8 years I've done iOS development and also web development. Swift, Ruby, JavaScript and a little Java and Python. RoR, Django and React. But development itself is not my sole interest ... I also want to learn to design UI/UX ... but first of all, I love to solve problems (which can be solved with coding/software).


It is all about solutions, isn't it? I'm also beginning to teach myself UI/UX to better support my team. I'm looking into a MOOC I can take to start learning a bit more formally though and plan to enter a hackathon soon as UX/UI to improve. How are you planning ot learn design?


Hi! I think I'm going to look at product design and interaction design in general before I dig into UX/UI world. Found myself a book called About Face.


Haven't decided how or where to learn/study UX/UI design though :)


Hello! I'm Pam, an engineer in the DC area with a background in architecture and design. I currently work in media coding in Ruby, Rails, and lots of Vanilla.js. I'll be moving from revenue work to systems engineering in a bit and I'm pretty excited about that! Advice from other systems engineers is always appreciated as I thread these new waters.

In my free time, I run an organization called Color Coded which is all about inclusivity and learning new skills in tech. Besides that, I'm working on learning some React and React Native for side projects and try to do a challenge daily on Exercism

Excited to be here!


Welcome, Pamela! Color Coded looks like an amazing organization. Please let me know once some Merch is available :)

Don't hesitate to start a #discuss thread to spur some conversation around systems engineering topics, and be sure to share the knowledge as you continue learning React / React Native.

Happy to have you here!


Hi everybody!
I use python for data science and ruby for web development.
Now, i'm studying about sentiment analysis system and trying development through python.

Also i practise martial arts in my free time!!


Hey Santi! I take mixed martial arts during every season except summer, a mix of Muay thai, Sinawali/Kali, and Wing Chung (with occasional Tai Chi and fencing workshops). Opinion mining fascinates me, anything particularly cool that you've learned about it recently?


Hi all :)

I am a very passionate Developer... I really love programming to the point I get my wife being jealous of my Laptop ;)

As a self teached developer I am hungry to learn and play with new stuff all the time, like Docker, Apache Kafka, Rust and any cool stuff I came around in Twitter or other interesting places on the internet, dev.to is one of them recently.

I spent my time in OOP land, being a strong advocate of SOLID and Clean Code I really recommend for any Developer to read our Bible, The Pragmatic Programmer book, followed by the Clean Code book. This books changed the way a code forever and led me to creation of the Resource Design Pattern.

But recently I discovered a language with a huge potential on The Canary And The Caterpillar talk by Neil Crawford in this DevOps meetup around moving from Monolithic to Micro-Services architecture using Elixir.

So after reading the articles why Elixir and Why Elixir has Great Potential plus some more Youtube videos with real use cases of adopting it for massive and demanding projects I just got really hooked on it to the point of establish this learning path for Elixir.

Currently I am professionally working on the backend team that builds, in PHP7, the API's for the e-commerce Apps that we develop and maintain for some of the biggest UK retailers.

If you are curious to know more about me just visit exadra37.com or search in Google for my nickname.

Feel free to ask any question you may be wondering the answer for ;)


I should really finish the Pragmatic Programmer and Clean Code, thanks for the reminder of how awesome they are. I love how excited you are about Elixir, I've been hearing buzz around it but as a super new dev I am not familiar with how it could be applied in web dev. I'd love to read some of what you think and you go deeper into it :).


That books are very important to understand the principles of writing solid and clean code.

For web developments is very well suited... see techworld.com/apps-wearables/how-e...

The Phoenix framework makes easy to start with web development in Elixir, see phoenixframework.org


Great to have you. We'd love love love more Elixir content if you'd like to submit some posts 😁


On the moment I am just learning Elixir, but I will be glad to contribute once I have something useful that I can share ;)


Hi Everyone,

I am newbie in the industry with passion for development and learning coding. I like Java & Ruby in general, I been using Linux for a while, I am continuously trying to increase my skills for development in Java and ruby and I particularly like Practical DEV as it provides the solid platform for the newbies like me to enhanced my knowledge and fulfill my passion.



Love hearing that you digging the platform as a "newbie"! Although you know Java and Linux, which I really don't know much about, so maybe not-so-newbie after all?


Thanks Andy if i would have done program like you in Ruby and JavaScript then can say yes not a newbie :-) but me absolute zero in development, Java me only trying to learn and need some good guidance to way forward ...


Hey folks, I'm a golang, C, python dev and am excited to join the community. Been working in fintech for about 12 years, active contributor to all things open source!

I'm originally from Canada but live in the US now, maybe time to go back? :D


From Toronto, and that's just crazy. Small world no doubt.

Actually was wondering if dev.to was based from Toronto...long shot but it stuck out in my mind hehe.

Based in New York 😊

I was born and raised in Canada but am currently located south of the border.

Sweet, just moved to Chicago last year from NYC. Good times, but kids have their impact :/

Thanks for putting together the site, it's a pretty sweet resource. Glad to be part of the community.


Hello everyone, my name is GabrielLacerda, My main programing language is Javascript and I'm working very well with other languages like Python and Php, I'd like to learn the react way of doing things, at this moment this is something a little difficult me to understand this whole things, thank you guys :)


Welcome Gabriel! We've got some great articles on React via the React tag page, such as this one: Learning React? Start Small


Hi there!

We are start-ups and group of full stack developers.

We recently developed the Crowdfunding portal for a social cause- a Singapore based startup using MEAN stack and Neo4j-rare technology combination.

Going to Launch soon...



I'm a full stack engineer who mostly works with Ruby and JS. I've been making websites for a good 11 years now and am still surprised every day by the cool stuff we can do. I'm also an avid gamer and writer and have recently decided to start writing about web development!



Hey everyone, I've been working on the Ceylon to Javascript compiler for 5 years and am fascinated by type systems and programming language design. I also maintain a transactional switch that I wrote in 2005 for the sale of mobile phone topups in México.


Cool! I'd definitely read a post about your progress with Ceylon to JS.


Hello everyone. I'm Yasha.

I like sushi, beer, BF1, long boarding, playing Pokemon Go... But above all, I like creating new things that I often think of. I started a company while still in university. Since then, I worked with many different clients. I most often use JavaScript (react, node) and Swift.

My goal for the next couple of years is to get more into machine learning. There are many complex problems that could be solved using ML.

Ah, also.. i've been wanting to start writing dev posts.. Maybe one day 🙏


What language do you think you'll explore machine learning in?


Most likely Python. There are great frameworks/libraries for ML for Python (TensorFlow, PyTorch). But I'm yet to try out R. Looks fairly simple to jump into. Also, since Apple release Core ML for iOS and macOS, it might be worth while to integrate some ML features into apps.. There are many possibilities. But I think I'll start with Python 🐍



I'm a developer, mostly doing things for web. I have a passion for robotics and AI. Been programming for almost 10 years and I worked from plain HTML, CSS and JS to ReactJS with Redux, Angular, PHP, Symfony, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, JAVA, on the web, you name it and 99% certain that at least a tutorial I did (get a life right? ahah).
On the mobile apps I developed for iOS using Obj-C.

Anybody here who love to try new languages and/or frameworks?


Definitely! Gonna get into Preact and some PWA stuff this weekend. If I'm feeling REALLY ambitious I might start some Kotlin stuff for mobile dev, but I think React Native is going to be a good start.


Heard a lot of good things about React Native. And since I really enjoy ReactJS, I think that what they're saying is true! Also, React has a library for VR so I assume they want us to use React on every technology available xD


Hello guys, I've worked with C# a lot, but since 3 years ago I moved to Javascript, node.js And mongoDB. Currently I'm learning IOS and Swift because I wanna create different stuff for mobile. Beside I'm a React/Redux Developer (I love React more than Angular but shhhh :D)

Also I'm looking for different project, to help a little bit on github, I'm not pretty smart but I'll be a great help. I think it's the best way to share, help and improve yours skills.

Currently I'm trying to achieve 100 days of code, but when you have a son and daughter is so difficult but not impossible.

Thank you guys!


Good luck with the 100 days of code! Feel free to drop a post here and there on the site about your progress.


Hi! I'm Wilson, from Colombia.

I'm studying Systems and Computational Engineering. I started in the world of code when i was 13 years old (now, i am 18 years old).

So, most of the time i program in ror. But 3 months ago, i started a project with a friend and we are using julia (it's amazing!) and python.

Soooo.... thanks!


Woah, what's Julia? Never heard of it before.

Also, welcome fellow Rubyist!


Hey! Julia its an new programming language. Its so amazing. Its focused in maths and stats.


Hi, people. I'm Walisson but call me Shodocan. I'm assuming a new hat as QA on bawi.io, I'm very excited about that new job and I'm looking for new toys and techniques to become the best QA what I can be. I'm a Golang lover but I also like java and python.


Welcome from the other side of the Atlantic 🌊 :)


Hello! I'm Alex. Mostly I program in Ruby and a little JavaScript, and sometimes I do Clojure for fun. I just started experimenting with Elixir, which seems really interesting so far.


I've heard Elixir is great for messaging apps and integrating with a Rails app. What got you into Elixir?


Yeah that's exactly how I got interested in Elixir! I wanted to pick up another functional language that was also on the more practical side, and there's been a lot of talk about Elixir in the Ruby community over the past year. I'm halfway through the KV tutorial and it seems great so far. I've been trying to come up with a good project to make with it soon.

Awesome, I'd love to read a post about your future project! It's interesting how similar the language's syntax is to Ruby's. I wonder if the language will pick up and become one of the more popular server-side languages to use.


Hi there, I am embedded software professional by experience and currently writing Android apps (ya ! You read it right !) for wireless embedded products such as Bluetooth low energy, beacons etc. Would like to learn Python going ahead for applying machine learning to embedded/iot :)


Hi there! I'm Sander and I just joined the community. I'm an experienced software dev, currently working on cloud systems (AWS) and programming mainly in nodejs, but my vice is probably embedded programming. Unfortunately, not a lot of that going on in Perth (WA), where I live since 2014.


Hello I am Sangeeta from India. I think I found something inspiring here :) I am happy to be here.


Welcome, Sangeeta! I would say the same about here, too :)


hey I'm Ruth from India . I love coding but sometimes i hate coding but im in love with coding and my aim is want to be an developer ! im currently learning JAVA , my next language is Swift want to create an app ,


I love coding but sometimes I hate coding.

I'm sure this is something a lot of us can agree with :)


:> do you think #blockchain will be our future ?


Hi everyone,

The name's Timo Heinäpurola and I'm a game/technology engineer. My background consists of B2B IT experience and game development. I have worked on games such as Wreckfest (Bugbear) and The Walking Dead: No Man's Land (Next Games). I'm currently maintaining the vision and architecture of the in-house game engine at Reforged Studios.

I'm also an active speaker at events and the occasional blogger. Looking forward to contributing to this community!


Welcome! I always like seeing game developers. Not sure how much other types of development you have, but I've heard that game development is super hard, especially compared to web dev. What's your take on it?


It depends, as usual. One feature that does make it more complicated than say the IT projects that I have worked on is that games can change quite significantly if something just isn't fun. Something not working out can easily cascade requiring modifications to other systems too. This is especially noticeable when planning new features. It's really hard to plan for the game to be fun. You actually have to build prototypes to make educated guesses. In B2B IT projects it's often enough for the first iterations of the product to just work and that can then be improved upon, but a minimum viable product must be a polished high-quality piece or otherwise there's no market for it.


Hi everyone.

Started my coding about a year ago, so still very fresh to it all, looking forward to it though, currently learning HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to become a front end developer. Although living in South Africa has it's "Perks" in that very often the internet decides to not work for a good few hours or days or Eskom (our "much loved" electricity company) decides that when the power goes down that they'll only fix it later which generally means half a day later. But all in all, glad to be here and get stuck into the learning.


Hi everyone, I'm Diego.

I come from Brazil, my English is rusty and a little bit worse than a five years old child, but I don't care anyway. Despite that, I'm a newbie in Java programming with two years of experience. I started to write a blog at the beginning of this year to help me practice and share my skills and knowledge. Right now I'm focusing on my attention on mobile development. I'm using Linux and Hackintosh, I usually to switch on between these OS all the time, sometimes in iOS programming and other times in Linux programming in Android and Java. I play guitar, and I've started to play with a loop pedal.

That's it!


Hello, currently typescript, nodejs, and react developer here. I've worked with PHP, VB, C# and Python in the past. Still struggling to join the wonderful market of big data and machine learning since I'm an "old school" Www era programmer lol.

Nice to meet you all!


Hey Melissa. I've dabbled with React a bit myself :). Any resource suggestions for machine learning?


Hi, my name is João Paulo Silva (aka JP) and I have been a software developer for more than 15 years. I've developed in Pascal, C, Perl, Delphi, C#, Java, CUDA, JavaScript, Python and now, I'm in love with Clojure. I also have passion for data engineering technologies like Kafka, Hadoop, Spark and Cassandra. I like discussing about event driven and reactive architectures. I'm always up to learning something new.




That's a whole lot under your belt. Welcome aboard! What else are you adding to your toolbox these days?


Hello Everyone,
I'm Hayatu. I code web applications with Laravel mostly. I sometimes work with Pure HTML, CSS & JavaScript. I am currently learning Vue and React Native, I wanna learn how to build Progressive Web apps


Hi all.

Here is a link to my First Post on DEV

I will slowly build my profile and posts in the coming weeks on months. They will be mostly technical and / or my troubles with thinking machines.

Blockchains are my Hobby. Coding is my Future. Hacking is my Present. Troubleshooting is my Past.


Hello I'm Kaveri.

I'm B.E graduate and now working with small-scale software company as a software engineer. I learned c,c++ and Java programming laguages in college. My favorite language is Java. I want to learn Python, Ruby on rails and go language next. I'm currently learning jQuery,AJAX at work for one project.


Hi there!

I am a self Learner PHP Magento Developer having 1 year of development experience. Learning by contributing and solving issue faced by community people. Having special interest in Algorithms and Data Structure.

Currently learning Python and JavaScript and actively looking for the open source project to contribute.


Gopal Patel


Hey, I'm Zorex. I'm a junior developer in a fintech startup. Mostly I do web api or integration bridges using python and django. I have experience using Docker, nginx, and Kubernetes since we have to deploy our own apps ourselves. I'm studying AWS also on my free time, but I can only do ec2 because it's on the free-tier. I'm a hungry-learner, which is a match with my company since we got to choose what tech tool we wish to use. Also I'm actively attending community meetups, codecamps, hackathons, cos of free food, haha jk.

I just started learning javascript for frontend stuffs lately.


Hi everyone,

I'm Alex and i started coding fully about 4 months ago. I'm very much familiar with the concepts and workings of raw javascript. I'm currently learning react and nodejs. I hope to grow and be better as I entrench myself in this process. wish me well


Welcome and good luck, dude! The programming journey is a great one. How are you enjoying it so far?


Thanks Andy. I must confess it's been really inspiring for me, despite the knocks here and there. But we move still


Hello all,

I am a Web & Internet programmer/architect. I've been writing applications and systems since 2000, and have been involved in all aspects of online applications - setting up servers (Apache, Tomcat, IIS), Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle), server-side (PHP, Java, Python, Node), and front-end (Angular, Backbone, whatever else came along the way).

I work with start-ups and leading tech companie - providing the bridge for their gaps. Companies that focus on machine-learning and need front-end development, or business ideas that need an MVP to get started - this is my bread and butter.


Hello everyone!

My name is Drew - just wanted to introduce myself, as I am new to the community but, so far, I really like the vibes here. I am a blockchain and fullstack developer for several companies (notably: Greenstream Networks Inc., Tradestar, and PotCoin) in addition to running my own web development and blockchain firm (called Infinite Internet). I've worked as a professional developer for 7 years now, and got my start working in big data solutions and ERP management systems.

Outside of development, I spend a lot of time touring and working on music. In case anyone is curious, here's a music video for my band: youtube.com/watch?v=qfbDG6VTpJc


Hello everyone, i’m Ciprian.
I’ve been coding for 7 months in Javascript and AngularJS and the front end markup languages, I just landed my first job at Cognizant Technology Solutions as a developer. Very excited to start a Dev forum to learn more, really trying to get connected to the community and seek wisdom from the experienced developers out there and learn with the beginners like me.


Hello, Mandar Badve here.
I am web developer working with Microsoft Technologies like ASP.NET MVC and Windows Azure since 6 years.
Also have experience on JavaScript and CSS frameworks.



I'm Stefano a java developer but a ood & functional student!


Hi,my name is Okafor. I'm a software engineer. i have worked with Java,plsql, JavaScript Frameworks and python


Hello everyone!
I am sankarsh interested in programming and some science fiction too.


Hi Sankarsh, glad to have you here. I'm a sucker for creative non-fiction podcasts myself. What's the best thing you've read lately?


Hello, I just wanted to get rid of the notification icon over the bell xD


Aha, he's an honest one. Glad it worked on you ;)

Welcome aboard!


My name is Priyal Kumar, Indian(age: 20).
I started C language in 6th standard, learnt so many things. Next thing I'm gonna do is freecodecamp.


Hi, my name is Syntrydy. Java developer with three of experience.


Heya, Enrique here!

I am a code, game, grill and beer enthusiast. I hope I can learn from your experiences and become the ultimate code-grill-beer-gamer machine.



That's one heck of a goal. So do you write game code or are you a coding gamer? Personally, I'm the latter, but I might one day make the jump.


Welcome folks. In addition to introducing yourself, feel free to ask questions about how to use dev.to or anything else. Happy to chat.


Hi everybody, i'm here by following Iris project (github.com/kataras/iris), and it seems this place will enrich me.

I hope i'll able be to give my participation to this adventure.

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