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Hello fellow devnauts,

Just signed up. I've been a dev for over a decade now! I've recently been looking for communities to connect with other likeminded people. Happy to see how kind everyone has been with the likes and unicorns and whatnot 🤘😁

If you like cannabis and you code, hit me up! ✌️😚💨 I'd love to see what kind of dank code you're creating.

Pressing face against the glass


Excited to have you here! We write with Markdown around here. Here's a cheatsheet.

Also, here's one of my favorite articles so far:


Thanks for the tips and the article recommendation!


A great point to start and strive to become a better developer •﹏• Thnx


Welcome welcome welcome!

All are welcome to contribute. Giving a ❤️ or 🦄 to encourage the stuff you like is a great way to do so if you're not sure what kind of post or comment you might want to leave.

Please treat comments like you might in a face-to-face setting like at a conference. Show respect, be constructive, and asking follow up questions to the author or others is always appreciated. It's a great way for us to all learn.


⊙﹏⊙ Hi! I'm Daniel.
I have some background on cs and coding is one of my favorite activities.( ´_ゝ`) My weakest points include the lack of experience and self-discipline.(˘︶˘)I'm always looking for new friends.


I lack discipline a lot too 😅 but I want to learn so much! Luckily I have lots of ideas for projects I would like to do at the moment :) What are you "working" on? 😁


Aside of my many unfinished projects, I might be completing some freeCodeCamp challenges 🤔. What about you? 😀

I want to write an app with React Native but I need to do more in C++ first (I need it for school). But I think I will start building the app soon :) Will be something more private I guess but who knows what lies ahead?! :D
I wish you a lot of fun with your projects and of course at freeCodeCamp! I enjoyed learning there about web technoliges a bit too :) (not finished though - ha I'm such a slug)

Yeah! me too 😋 I also wanted to make Native app in the near future, but since I feel more comfortable using Vue, probably will use NativeScript 🤝

Bests coding ;)


Hi everyone,

My name is Lee. I'm a student at Holberton School in San Francisco studying software engineering. I've heard good things about this community and I really like the design and feel of this site! I have about 6 months of programming experience in C, and I'm also comfortable with writing Python programs.

I'm starting to get into web development, so I'm looking to learn more about JavaScript and web infrastructure. I'd also like to connect with people "IRL" who are in the bay area.


Hi Lee! I am in San Francisco and I’m an experienced dev. I’m interested in talking to a Holberton school student and seeing what life is like there. Let’s connect!


Awesome! What’s the best way to contact you?


Hello Lee,

Nice to see you here and good luck (y)


Hi, I'm Parker! I like to write about coding interviews, tech careers, impostor syndrome, and not giving up.


Hey Parker,
thanks for doing that! Hope I'll read a lot of your stuff, definitely need that :)


My name is George,
Just another big dreamer - little doer here.

Was in the IT field back in my high school, and didn't like code at all!
I've tried bunch of stuff, artistic mostly but left them half-way through.
Then I wanted to try and study something in the field of nature and forestry.. but being honest with myself, i can't even stand reading biology, geography and so on ^
Plus i was/am poor af, if you pardon my language. But that's another story.

So I decided to give code a chance after watching YT videos, reading articles, understanding that its probably the most wanted profession out there right now, etc.

Now I realize that, basically code IS Art.. tell that to someone that doesn't know a bit about it, and they will be afraid of it and tell you it's a bunch of lines-of-ultimate-frustration.
That's what i thought back in school too.

Nevertheless, gladly i got hooked with it ^ So from now on i want to make a turn in my life and finally develop a skill, so that i can too, contribute out to the real world and not be a little doer any more. (Tired of being a senseless waiter too.)

I am still in the "tutorial" part though, Web development is what i chose, after trying Java and Android as well.
I know it's a hard and long way to go, but then again... what isn't?

Looking forward exploring code with you guys, and i wish to all of us, to never lose hope and keep trying!
Stephen Hawking despite his hardships, found the courage and the motivation to become great!

Thanks _^


Hello Everyone,
I am Edward. A friend shared a post that I liked and related with it, read it and loved it :). I'm currently learning Android, I love linux and had an obsession for everything low level ;) ( C++). This is a community I have been searching for all my programming years :(. Now I found it ♡:)


Hello, I'm Tom. I have a PhD in Computer Science and have been working at a cyber security company making mobile apps for a couple of years. I have been a long time reader of the site but never actually signed up but it seems like an awesome community!


Cool! Kind of considering taking up a PhD in CS. Is it worth it?


Hi. I'm new here, but not to coding. I believe I'm better than average, but I'm still only a mediocre programmer. I like Occam's razor, not only when seeking explanations, but also when building things; simplicity makes code, documentation, and licensing better. On that note, I think I'm done.



I'm Dhiraj, founder of a resource blog called begindot.com and I have also stated some popular blogs in the past such as sourcewp.com.

We have been creating content around the resources for developers, WordPress related resources, fonts, logos etc. You can find some resources for your next design at begindot.com.

This looks like a great place to learn a lot of things :)


Hi guys:) I’m Kentaro from Japan.
I’m front-end developer n interested in new dev tools, React, Vue, Webpack, Express, Heroku n stuff like that.
I’m really keen on learning new things n pumped up to build things:)
My background n my uni degree ain’t about computer science or sth related to Web development but I started learning web development n I’d love to build more skills on this area:)

So glad to be part of this community.


Hi! Do you live in Japan? 一人で日本語を勉強します。


Originally from Ireland, living in the UK. I love snooker, running and rainy days. I'm a web developer and affiliate marketing intermediate who's having trouble building profitable campaigns. I have had conversions in different verticals but I have not generated any sort of ROI. Would love to learn more from my fellow marketers here and grow with you.


I am Momen, anyone can call me Mo, i am front-end developer, i am interested in many fields, i am in high school, i love computer science and learning so much so that i can set all the day work if i am learning new thing or useful thing, but if it trash i will hate the time i waste in it, i will can't write more about my self :D


I forgot to answer about what brought me here, I see my friend share a question here on facebook, so i entire to here and discover, in the first I don't like it, but with more browsing I like it so much, people write posts 'Explain something to me like I am five' or similar things, it's so cool benefit from you and I like all discuss here it's so useful.


I'm a Front-End Web Dev with a focus on teaching serverless app dev on the Firebase platform.

It's always great to connect with fellow devs, especially those who are just getting started.

Let me know how I can help you grow your career or business!


Hi I'm Frano
I have followed some great articles on FB and found dev.to. I have experience in C++/Delphi/Oracle DB programming. I want to learn more about programming Android apps.
Looking forward to meet new friends!


Hi I am Gonzalo, I am passionated about technology, I have been working for a long years in the software development world and I am interesting on everything around software (I love the Go language :) ).


Hi everyone,
Glad to join the group. I have 20+ years experience in Systems | ARM | FPGA | Firmware | IOT | SOC | Servo | Robotics, and control systems.
i am now re-learning Python in connection with AI and data mining.
Nice to meet everybody.


Hi All,

I'm a long time in development (hoping to soon be released), currently freelancing doing LAMP stack devops (emphasis on the dev) & struggling to cover all the bases.

Also am a semi-pro muso.

Came here for help with ReactJS, and for the community, of course.


Hello all,

I've popped in here every now and then, but I have only just created an account. I am a full stack developer and have been doing it professionally for 5 years (personal development has been a lot longer).

My primary tech is PHP, MySQL and JS using frameworks and libraries to help ease dev work such as Laravel, ReactJS, Symfony and many more.

I have also dipped into Java and C#, but haven't gone too crazy with that tech.

My current workplace is Lightfoot (Exeter, UK) where we have created a device that monitors your acceleration and gives you feedback. If you're revving too hard, then it lets you know that you should ease off the accelerator and enables the driver to save petrol. (Really cool product).


Hi Everyone,

This is Aditya aka D1mz. Initially I was afraid of programming though I'm a cs student. Gradually developed love for linux, open source and CS. Got certified by redhat. Fell in love with programming after knowing how it can make a system admin's life easier. I'm learning python now and trying to get involved in the automation team at work.


Hello everyone, I am mainly engaged in web development on Javascript and PHP. In my work I use React, Redux, Laravel. Now I raise the level of knowledge of the python. I'm interested in the directions of AI and Blockchain.


Yo, I'm Leban. I'm a language agnostic developer. Although I've got some projects under my belt, I always get the feeling that I've got a case of imposter syndrome. For instance, I've just graduated from college. Even before then, I knew that what I was being taught wasn't enough. I started used various sources to learn how to program. I learned how to program in various languages, learn some web development techniques and frameworks, etc. But somehow I feel that awful case of imposter syndrome.

I love the articles here and I hope that I can contribute to the site despite my lack of professional experience.



I am here because I have a lot of desire to learn and I know that I am here with the right people.

Greetings from Barahona, R.D.

My own phrase:

"I just want to be better than yesterday"


Hello everyone, nice to be here! I'm Tara, a web developer, studying in final year of college. I'm passionate about new technologies, design and the web in general.

I'm always on the lookout for friends to build sleek things and discuss about everything under the sun!


Hi everyone, i'm Chris, im an front end developer (angular) and i found this community via twitter, im from Mexico and i love to learn, i know that i will found a lot of interesting things here, regards to all of you.


Hi, I'm very excited to join you all here! I found this community via Twitter and thought it looked great! I'm learning front-end web dev through the Udacity Nanodegree Google Scholarship (recommend applying). It covers HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, React, Git and also offers a careers service. Currently working on my portfolio website, where I've added my DEV badge. Will share when done! I'm a complete beginner with a LOT to learn but hoping to build enough confidence to work as a developer one day. Where I currently work, they use PHP, but I'll wait until my course has finished before I consider back-end.


Hi to all the great devs and like-minded peeps on this site :D

Super excited to finally sign up and be more than just a lurker.

I created an application called dApp news, which focuses on dApp development and resources and I see the marriage from this community to have more dApp devs join in.

Feel free to reach out and I look forward to interacting with everyone!


Hi all! I'm Sean.

Glad to be part of this community. I'm currently a CS undergrad and I love the posts here. Cool stuff! Facebook sponsored posts brought me here. Currently learning a lot of things like CS stuff (right now, it's operating system concepts), and hoping to learn OpenGL some time.

Fun fact? Uhm, does sleeping through a super typhoon (300 km/h speed) back in 2013 count?


Hi everyone!
I'm Camilla! I run a small software consulting company and help people setup data science environments for classes and teams. I've worked mostly with Python, Java and R - now I'm looking into Go (mostly to be able to read Kubernetes source code) and Clojure. I'm generally happy to pick up any languages that is best for the problem and/or the team.
In the future, I want to help companies and governments be better at understanding and interpreting machine learning models.

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