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dev.to staff on November 19, 2018

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Hello everyone from sunny Malta (Europe) =)

Been working as a web developer for 15 years and now running my software company, Root Codex.

My main skills are around PHP, Python, AWS, Linux, Docker and React. Lately been focusing more on machine learning and other technologies that might be of interest.

We love remote, in fact our company is completely remote with amazing individuals from all around the world.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone!


Hello! I like to have the option to work remotely but I have a hard time 'turning off' once I'm doing something so working at home can be a challenge for my work/life balance. I've been working with WordPress for the past few years and now I'm looking to get out of making marketing websites and into software development. Any advice on switching focus to software is welcome!


There are LOTs of different alternatives when you are looking to get into software development.

One site I like to recommend is freecodecamp.org, it's easy to use, gives you a good start on playing with JavaScript and has lots of resources to help you get started. One of the things I like most about the exercises on this site is that they start with one or more failing tests and you have to update the code to get the tests to pass. It's a great into to Test Driven Design (TDD).

Once you've finished something like that, I'd probably take a look at some of the free online courses that are out there.

Sample resources:

Good luck!


Thank you so much @jbelina ! I'm currently taking an intro to comp sci course that has exercises in Python and I'm signed up for a deep-dive bootcamp into JS and React for the new year. I'll definitely check out freecodecamp.org as I have already bookmarked several of their Medium articles!


Welcome. I usually use Udemy when I want to learn stuff about software. There is utube, but sometimes Udemy is more structured and they provide resources.


I have a couple of courses queued up in Udemy and I have a Pluralsight account I'm using, too. I have been concentrating on Python and JS (and just wrote my first node.js script!) but I'm open to suggestions about what else I should study.

Oh, ok. Awesome! Well that all depends. Java and C# are two of the most popular languages one could study since they can do almost(if not) everything. Angular and React are popular among the front end side. SQL and mySQL are for the back end. There are more backend technology, I only mess with those two as of now. Ruby and Ruby on rails is another good one. There are a plethora of things you could get into. Are you trying to do more frontend, backend or full stack?

Aiming for full stack. I like to be able to jump in anywhere I'm needed on a project! I know we have a few Java repos at work so that will likely be a language I need to figure out at some point. MySQL I'm pretty familiar with and we just finished a project where we used DynamoDB which was very interesting!

My passion/hobby for the past few months has been testing out static website generators and I've built a little Hugo site to test out functionality. I've only just started mucking about with Gatsby, too.

Nice. Well u seem to be on the right track. Keep it up!


To understand better your post...

So, you've been working with PHP, HTML, WordPress, Social media and SEO Optimization?

Now, you seeking to develop applications. Web, back-end or Desktop?

Perhaps, Mobil? Agile Technics,


Most likely not native apps or desktop apps? I have made Win32 console apps in the past and it doesn't interest me as much as web-based applications do. I'm currently learning python and digging into React. I've also recently worked with a team in Vue, Python 3, and AWS and found it very interesting!


Hello everybody from Italy! Just found this community on twitter, seems great! 🎉 I am a firmware engineer (mostly C/C++) but lately I have been tinkering with JS, React and other web dev tools, and I have to say, I really like it!



I'm new here too.

I'm curious whether TDD and Agile methodologies are as popular in the firmware world as they seem to be elsewhere.

Also, since you're playing with JS and other web tools, I'm wonder if you have played with freecodecamp.com? I really like the way their exercises are done, and the fact that the site itself is open source.

Take care!


Thank you Jeff! I have completed the first part of the freeCodeCamp course, I like their exercises too, and I am a big fan of JAMstack, Netlify and other tool (tools which freeCodeCamp make a large use).

About TDD and Agile in the firmware world, I must say that in my current work we don't use them (even if I would reaaaaaally like) because there is a bigger complexity in mocking hardware components and being a 20+ years old (and sometimes stubborn) company we don't make use of Agile techniques.

That being said, I am really interested in these topics and I would like to use them in my side projects (at least as far as TDD).

I have a friend that works at a company doing hardware development, they do their "programming" in VHDL and he's been trying to incorporate Agile practices into his workgroup.

Sounds like the company he works for has different pockets of that are playing with Agile methodologies, but most of them are on the software side and not in hardware.

One of the benefits he's found from creating his project backlogs and breaking down tasks to fit into timeboxed sprints is that he's able to provide project managers with the percent complete tracking vs. hours used much easier than other teams. He just pops a report out of his story tracking tool and rolls up the information by project.

If I recall correctly, he's also integrated Jenkins and some Lint tools to help block breaking changes. It won't catch everything, but it's helped his team quite a bit.

I think we adopted similar strategies, I use Trello to manage my tasks - but mine only. Even if I mostly use C/C++, it would definitely be a good idea to integrate some linting in the projects (there has been a lot of issues related to uninitialized variables, out of bound indexes..)


Hello! I am Amruta, a tech writer at a startup in NYC. In my free time, I make YouTube videos about tech writing. I am passionate about helping developers create good and effective tech docs/blogs. Let me know if I can help with any of your writing projects :)


Hey y'all! I like to work remotely, but I mostly work from the office. I think a key part of successfully working remotely is to set up a solid environment. One tip I've read before is to have a specific room or place at home where you only do work. If you need to take a break, step away from there and go take a break somewhere else, then go back to your workspace. This allows you to imitate that "going to work" feeling, and at the end of the day, you can "leave work" even though you're technically still at home.


Very much agreed - it helps me to keep my morning routine too. I get up, eat breakfast, brush my teeth and shower like any other day, and then sometimes actually physically go walk around the block before doing anything. When my simulated "commute" is over its much easier to sit down and focus - it separates the "home" and "work" portions of the day.


Hello. I'm trying to understand how to build an active open source community around an excellent idea. Maybe somebody here could help me with that or give some basic tips.


Thanks. Could you recommend GitHub pages that you like how they are designed?

If you want to create a GitHub page there are a lot of themes of GitHub


I'd be happy to answer any questions around that! I don't have any huge projects, but I maintain/collaborate on 3 or 4 OS projects. I might be able to help out!


Cool! Thanks for your help. Here it is our GitHub repo github.com/Remmeauth/remme-core/. Could you advise what should be my starting tasks to accomplish for attracting open source community to check it out?

So I guess first thing, what goal do you want to accomplish with this?

Not dependent on that, here are some more things I would recommend:

  1. Get some issues tracked - I assume you have some plans for where the library could go, so write some of those up and tag them where appropriate. Some good tags to start with are "good-first-issue" for new developers and some tags around what the issue deals with (i.e. "security", "updates", "documentation", etc.)

  2. Get a page set up around the project. Explain a bit about what it is, why it's OS, how people can use it, etc.

  3. Post in the next "Who's looking for contributors" post.

Hope those help a bit! Let me know if you have any questions!

Hi Conlin! Thanks for your useful feedback. Could you look at my ideas about the entry readme doc and leave your comment about it on GitHub? github.com/Remmeauth/remme-core/is...


Hello everyone, I'm an old developer newly retired. It's great to be part of a vibrant community where I can keep learning. I wrote my first program in the 1980's on a reel of ticker tape, and had to wait 2 days for the compiler report.


That's awesome. I was learning about programming in the 80's, and didn't play with ticker tape... when I was playing with Pascal on a college mainframe, they had punch cards laying around... but they weren't in use anymore.

At my first job playing with COBOL, I got to switch out disc packs on the company mini computer which was pretty cool.

Take care,



I'm currently trying to learn more about parsers and SQL, so I started a side project (actually two) to cover these topics. I started my account here a while ago I think, but forgot about it. My motivation to post here is to find people who share interest in JavaScript and parsers and who maybe want to collaborate with me. Also it would be really cool to find someone here who is experienced with this stuff and could mentor me a bit :)


I wouldn't mind helping you learn more about SQL. What flavor of SQL are you starting with? (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, ...)


That sounds awesome, thank you very much!

For my side project(s) I'm building a parser for a subset of MySQL in JavaScript as project 1.
Project 2 depends on project 1 and utilizes the parser to make SQL queries on delimiter separeted values like CSV and TSV files. It's also written in JS, but both are super early in development (It works, but doesn't support many operations).

You can see it on npm or github, there is a demo gif in the readme.

I guess for this it would be most useful to have the possibility to ask some quick questions like "did I get the order of operations correctly?" or "is this really what clause XY should do?".

On the other hand we're using software at work that's build on top of MS SQL (an ERP sytem for example).
I have several ideas on how to make life of my coworkers easier but I'm super afraid of touching that mission critical databases.

So for this part I have questions like

  • How to make a copy of that database, so I can play around with the data without the possibility of breaking things?
  • Is there some kind of event system in MS SQL which one could react to (fire a script if x happens)?
  • How to navigate through a database you basically know nothing about?
    • Which tables and columns exist, how are there relations?

Welcome! Hopefully you can find the right folks to connect with!


Hey there! I name is Rhett Trom, and I am not sure how I stumbled in here (Twitter, maybe?), but boy, am I glad I did! I really enjoy the community thus far. I am a fledgling web dev, attempting to learn Rails, and having tons of fun with it.

Finally, I have worked remotely in the past, and I truly enjoyed it.



I just saw a post on twitter and ended up here. I'm learning and relearning all the time, mostly, lately, diving deeper in python, and javascript. having fallen off the Ruby (rails) train.

Also interested in data, mongodb, and TDD. I need more TDD in my life.

Lately trying to give more to writing and music, when there's some downtime.


I love data too, but haven't used MongoDB much. I've done some work in MySQL and lots on MS SQL Server.

I've learned about TDD and so far I don't seem to be disciplined enough to stick to it with my SQL development. However, I do test pretty frequently as I go along and tend to build my stored procedures a bit at a time.

Do you use TDD more with your application development than you do with your database development?


Welcome welcome welcome!!!

I encourage you all to ask questions on articles. Authors are usually super welcoming to addressing follow-ups.

It’s a great way to add to the conversation without having to know everything already.


Hello everybody from Serbia! I found this community on LinkedIn, and looks great!

I am a information engineer. Usualy, I work on Java web apps(backend: java tehnology, frontend: angularjs, angular2+, TS... DB: ORM, mysql, oracle, postgresql).

Here I seen many interesting texts and this can be my favorite site.


Welcome from New York! Have you followed all the tags based on your interests? 😋


Yes, all of them :). Till I explore the site and how it works.


Hi Everyone! I bumped into this site and it seems really interesting. Looking forward to join the conversations.

I'm located in Dublin, Ireland and I'm working on various backend software projects in Go and C++.


Hello from Serbia!
An interviewer brought me here :) We were talking about different ways of finding tech news of interest, and he had suggested giving this community a try.
I'm currently doing frontend stuff, but feel it's time for another career change, so I'm looking for inspiration.


Sure :) I recently had a job interview, and we touched on a lot of topics - the libraries we liked, languages, blogs and so on. And we were talking about how the number of everyday news and blog posts is a bit overwhelming, especially since those are often way too long, and that it was difficult to filter out the ones that were actually relevant for us. He then mentioned that his coworker recommended this community, and to give it a go.
So I saved all the links he had given me and checked them out after the interview. It was a really pleasant conversation, so it left me curious.


Hi everyone! I live in the Bay Area and work as a frontend developer at Airbnb.

I've been doing the engineering thing for awhile and I've been really interested in teaching/writing/mentorship as a huge growth edge for myself. I see dev.to posts occasionally in newsletters that I subscribe to, and I finally decided to join – seems like a great community that is really encouraging of one another! Would love to participate in the discussions here while working on my craft.

RE: remote work, I love it for the most part but I also see the benefit of going into the office. I like having the separation of work and personal life, but I could do without that separation if it meant I never needed to commute!


Hello everyone, nice to meet you all!
I'm from Argentina, currently working as an Oracle DBA in a Government Organism.
It's been only one year since I started to work, so i'm pretty new.
I learned about this platform from my brother, who writes here.
Glad to join you guys!



I'm a front end developer from Finland, living/coding in Brussels.
I was a "Flash guy" in the 2000s, currently I'm interested in the visual and "creative" side of things: canvas, webgl, svg, css3 etc.

Here's the last "thing" I coded, a "cloudy 404 page" using Typescript and Canvas:
sakri.net/how_I_made_my_first_mill... (that's meant to be a joke)

I posted the 404 code on codepen and embedded the iframe in my 404.html page, who knows, maybe I'll get some hits ;)

Fun fact? Our pet Chihuahua has nearly 3000 instagram followers :D


thanks! Y2k testing and Cobol eh? One of my first paid jobs was just before y2k, making animated gif banners with a max filesize of 8kb. That was 5kb of static pixels and a whooping 3kb for "animation" :D Silly as it seems, it did leave me with a mindset for optimization and averseness to bloat :)


Hey everyone! Been browsing here for a minute now and thought I’d make an account and join the community! I’m a Node developer with a focus on the MEAN stack, but really I live anything web dev related.


Hello Guys, it's great to be here 🙌

My name is Andrew, currently living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

I'm an HR Tech entrepreneur with a technical background, running the products for software engineers like CVCompiler and Relocate.me. My team is using Python, NLP and data science.

We love technical tasks with analyzing massive data sets and parsing/working with text. The last challenge was to find the number of pages in '.DOC' document. And I'd say it's not so easy as it may seem at first glance :)

I'm working remotely for the last 10 years and all our tech teams are distributed.


hey there! my name is Giovana and i'm a computer science student.
i play drums in a band that no one will ever hear about. i work with AI and data science but i wish i have enough time to develop more projects with art and programming, it seems so nice!

hmm i really enjoy working remote because i love working with my pets nearby, but i do think that working with other people is nice because you can exchange a lot of knowlegde.

anyways, i'm glad to join dev.to (:


Hello everyone from Nigeria with Love. Being working as a digital marketing strategist for more than 5yeard, 3 years ago I started answering as a Frontend Developer, my score skills are PHP,HTML5, and CSS with CLI and GIT, Active SSH user on Putty.

Currently I give myself the next 12 months to Master JS and it's numerous Frameworks and libraries, with other technologies that might be of interest.

I am looking forward to knowing everyone and to learn from you all.


Hi all!
I'm from Peru but currently living in São Paulo, Brazil. I'm learning Vyper (for smart contracts) and graphql + react. I've been a java developer for 15+ years and got a Msc in Software Architecture. I'm currently employed in the university -helping undergraduate students in programming and software engineering, but I'm willing to work remotely in the future.


Good /morning,afternoon,evening/!

I have been a software developer for ~10 years, and my main goal in joining dev.to is to broaden and streamline my sources of articles and reading (I read too much!). I'm also interested in shifting from being a pure consumer of information to a mix of consumer/producer by writing articles myself.

My experience range from backend development with /java,groovy,grails,spring-boot/, to frontend development with /javascript,extjs,backbonejs,angularjs,ionic,typescript/, to infrastructure/devops with /postgresql,tomcat,IaaS,service-orchestration/, to bigdata with /postgresql,elasticsearch,ETL/, and to development processes with /QA,devcheck,gitflow/. I'm clearly a generalist, and a proud one at that!

My main out-of-work interests are functional programming, semantic web/desktop, type-safe API and service design, performance driven development, smart cities and cognitive sciences. Some far-fetched interests are Golang, Rust, React, Elm, ReasonML, OpenAPI/Swagger, GraphQL, Lua/Lapis, to name a few.

I'm currently planning a permanent transition from Brazil to Sweden, and I'm specially looking forward to meeting people with similar interests and experiences!


Hello there, it's been great pleasure to be here join this community. I am working on Angularjs with front-end technologies and Nodejs, passionate to work more, earn more with supportive and hard working team. Lives in New Delhi, India which is capital. After graduation worked in 2 companies, learn alot and provide better productivity. So i am here to be a good developer cum programmer for easing to Full-Stack Developer.


Hi People I am Erni, from Indonesia
I come back to learn Programming again, I was a tech student before, but ended up working as admin, now I'm trying to relearn what I've already learnt, I'm playing with Python lately, so I'm looking forward to found fun things here.


Hello everyone,
I am Gautam Thapa web developer from Delhi (India).
Currently working in Frontend and backend both role.
Frontend : HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap
Backend: Java(Spring), Mybatis
Database: mysql

I am new in web developer. I have been working as web developer since last year.
I hope Dev community help me and I will share my little experiences.

I like working remotely because we can work from anywhere there is no need to go company and do the job.


Hi everyone! I'm a freelance frontend engineer from Brazil and I work 100% remotely for clients in the Bay Area.

I do mostly JavaScript, React, and Gatsby. I also wrangle Markdown(s) and Pandoc for people publishing books and courses.

I love entrepreneurship and plan to transition to having my own teaching/software products as I gain more experience.

I feel very strongly about software as a tool to amplify user agency and protect user freedom and consent, so I've been very excited about recent trends in #PrivacyTech and the market demand for privacy-respecting and privacy-enhancing software. I have hope that we as an industry can move away from malvertising and avertracking and find better paths to financial sustainability. I'm rooting for the Brave browser as a trailblazer in that space.

After Spacemacs, I think the Web is the best thing ever ;)

Nice to meet y'all and hope to learn a lot and help out however I can. Feel free to reach out.



Hey guys,

I am Erik from Sweden. I am a Ph.D. in Psychology mainly using programming to create experiments and work with the data collected. For most of the time I use Python and R but I've started to look into learning Scala now. Hopefully, I will soon start using Machine Learning algorithms.

Hope to learn a lot from this community.


Hi there from Cameroon Douala in Africa.

i have been working as a full stack developer for 2 years, my main skills are around PHP, Python, JavaScript, SQL, MongoDB and React. Lately been focusing more on arificial inteligence, this is my github: github.com/sanix-darker.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone!


Hi there,

incoming from Berlin, Germany. Noticed some nice discussions going on, so I've joined to contribute a bit.

I've been in engineering for two decades now, originally studied electrical engineering and moved into software development and business side of things over the years with my 2nd time going to university.

Lazyness is my primary motivation causing me to enjoy all topics that help me solve tasks once and for all, eliminating the need to revisit things. Also allows me to constantly learn and try new things.

What enables my lazyness currently? Automated infrastructure, Kubernetes, the whole container world, test-driven development and following KISS in all things.


Hello from Memphis!

I've been programming way too long. My first work-related project was a complete biostatistical package in BASIC on an IBM PC. I have done biomath simulations in FORTRAN/C/MATLAB/R and am learning Python. My current core business is LAMP-stack SaaS, e-commerce, and telephony support for small businesses and startups.

I can and do work from wherever my laptop can access internet, but usually from home.


Hello everyone! I'm a lover of Microsoft technology and such. I'm currently working as a freelance dev but always looking for my next role. I've completed an internship as a Java developer but wants some .NET professional experience. Hopefully one day I could work at Microsoft.😆

I love working remotely, in fact me and the last engineer I worked with would talk about it all the time, but we knew the boss don't really like remote work he likes for everyone to be on site. However, we did get to work remotely every other week.

Nice to meet all of you! Hope I could really benefit here!


Hi Guys, From Kenya. I am a passionate Software Engineer looking forward to learning alot from experts from across the world.

I love programming, developing and solving problems using Php language and SQL database is what i know..


Hi everyone from US, NJ. Currently, I am seeking to start working remotely. Also seeking for working partnership. Someone with fresher background. My background is in PHP Development. However, I am a little rusty in whatever has come in the last six years. I used to wear all the hats; now trying to specialized in coding and DevOps. Currently playing with python, C++ and Java.

Hope to gain some friends here and advise on getting back in track in my career.


Hello Everyone, i'm from Senegal west of africa :)

I'm a full stack developer +5 years.

My main skills are Python(web, mobile and Desktop(, Java and JavaScript.

Ilove sharing knowledge and learn from you.


I've been lurking here for quite a long time. I've been a programmer for nearly thirty years and started a major Node.js project a few years ago. About a year ago, a short sighted leader in my organization forced us to buy an inferior product to replace the Node.js project which was part of a larger nearly two decade old data warehouse project. This was done without an RFP and without any requirements. They are throwing buckets of money at this new product, when we worked with and begged for table scraps.

After nearly thirty years (and it will be thirty years when I do go) in the same organization, I've decided it's time to go. In my post work life, I'd like work on some sort of data analytics platform written in Node.js like the one I've been working on recently. It's an exciting (if not chaotic) time for the entire JavaScript ecosystem. The main tools I work with are Node.js, Riot.js and SQL Server.


Howdy from Iowa (United States)

I'm a database developer working primarily with Microsoft SQL Server. I've been playing with different versions of SQL Server since before the Y2K bug was a thing.

I like being able to work remotely, but I prefer working in an office where I can interact with my coworkers.

I saw an ad for dev.to and was curious about it, so here I am, soaking up the dev talk. :D


Hello everyone,

I've just completed a full stack web development boot camp where we learned the MERN stack. I'm excited to keep learning and to meet other developers.

I'm currently a data analyst and project manager for the US government, but am interested in changing careers to software development/web development. I figured that I would try freelance work first before looking and applying to full time positions.

I found this community while trolling r/webdesign on reddit and I really liked what I saw. I'm looking forward to conversing with you all in the future.


Hello to all

I'm completely new in this site but very happy to start participating on this.

I've been working in the software development process since 20 years ago.

Most of the experience have been in Microsoft tecnologies, from COM components, VB6, ASP pages until current tecnologies like .Net Core, Web API.

Nowdays I'm in a learning curve with javascript, React, Node JS and Cloud Foundry.

I hope in some time to contribute in the site.

Thanks and regards from Mexico City


Hi there! I'm from Mexico. Ready to learn from all of you! I'm passionate about game development and web development. Currently working as a test engineer, but looking for a software developer position. I'm comfortable working remotely but I really like meet people face to face.


Hi everyone!

I work remotely in NYC for a platform called Coda.io. Currently I help our users build awesome solutions on the platform. Since I'm remote, I started getting more involved with online communities to meet other like-minded individuals who are looking to build and make stuff. Also trying to organize local meetups in NYC for makers as well, looking forward to contributing!


Hello everyone! I'm Heitor, a developer from Sao Paulo, and I'm really glad to have found this place. I've been working with software development for about 4 years now, having experience as a backend, frontend and QA, mostly with Python, C# and JavaScript.

I hope to find new ideas and insights about our world made of bits here! :D


Hello everyone, I'm from South Africa. I'm currently studying to become a software developer. I've been practising working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. Looking forward to learning more from everyone here🙂


Hi from Boston, USA!

I just joined Dev.to. I really love the simplicity and the great Code of Conduct!

I'm a User Interface Engineer for HMHCo (an education company in the USA). I've been developing web-frontends as my paid gig for about two decades.

Looking forward to participating,


Question: Which code-style do you prefer?



I have been following The Practical Dev twitter account for a while, but joined this community because I want to get new perspectives on things and to connect with new people.

I am currently a web developer working with python/django, but I am looking to get into Developer Relations for my next gig. I jumped into conference speaking this year and it is really fun!

I don't have a ton of experience working remotely, but a lot of developer advocates/tech evangelists work remotely so it is fairly likely that I will be doing that for my next gig. Any advice is welcome. :)

I am based in San Diego, CA but am considering a move to another tech city.

Nice to meet you all!


Hi! Long time listener, first time caller here. Excited to join the community. I currently work as a release manager in the outdoor industry, but have 10 years of experience in the field as a frontend-leaning full stack developer. I joined dev.to to share some writing, and offer up some mentorship / shop talk opportunities. I’d love to talk about automated UI testing, work life balance, and remote work strategy if anyone is seeking help or wants to chat. ✌️


Greeting of the day from Kapil Chhabra (India) =>

Creative Senior Front-end Developer with 5+ years of experience leveraging JavaScript & React to build responsive websites, mobile apps, and interactive features that drive business growth and improve UX.

Prodded skills - React/React Native, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Looking forward to growing with everyone


Hello everyone Am Avinash Konduri(India)

I've been a Java Developer since late 2012 and I always have a passion for the development and programming. I feel that I've grown more as an engineer than I have the rest of my career combined. I’m also interested in innovation and web development.

Most good programmers do programming not because they expect to get paid or get adulation by the public, but because it is fun to program

I even have a passion for Teaching and sharing my Knowledge that improves my analytical ability

Competencies: Java, Angular2, Angularjs, OracleDBA,OracleSQL and Nodejs


Hello from beautiful Bruges, Belgium! Working remotely, focussing on improving code quality and test coverage in legacy applications. But I don't mind implementing the odd new feature ;)

I've been working in .NET for most of my career, but have worked in NodeJS (JS & TypeScript), Python and a bit of PHP and Java too. Currently AWS Lambda's in TypeScript and loving it!

Other than that I like frisbee, running, reading, writing and playing the drums.


Hello all, greetings from India :) I live and code from Chennai working in Infosys.
My specialization is Microsoft .Net world which is now more than a Framework. Code and coffee are the two drugs which keep me high all the time !!

I have 7+ years of expertise in building and supporting scalable LOB web apps using AngularJS and highly performant desktop apps using WPF, UWP with real time chart controls as my special work experience for leading manufacturing clients.

I like most of the content posted here and would love to read and discuss on posts on software processes, patterns, design choices, tools etc.

Thing I love in .Net :
I love the concept of ORM's (EF in my case) as they simplify and give people like me who like c# more than sql a chance to handle Relational stuff (ya T-SQL is there but coding DB logic in my favorite language is fun).
With LINQ functional programming added to a largely imperative base, C# is now more complete!


Hello Everyone,
I am Obed from Ghana and have been working as a software Engineer for the past 4 years.
My main skills are in JavaScript, TypeScript, C# NodeJs, Angular, Azure Cloud Services, .Net. Enthusiastic about machine learning and fascinated by Prime numbers.
Recently I am trying to get up to speed with python, and rack years of experience in months(I wonder if that works though).


I'm Mike from Austria and atm I'm working as a developer for NAV (soon Business Central), an ERP Software from Microsoft.

Cause we are a small company I'm also leader of our small development team and responsible for training of our juniors.

I really love to get into new things (technology, methodology, organisation changes/tools..) especially the feeling of continues progress and self development.

Ah and I really love to talk :D

Very glad to joined the community!


Hey everyone.

My name is David and I'm from Germany. I'm currently working full time as a product manager, after being Full Stack Developer -> Scrum Master -> Product Manager at that company.

In my free time I'm creating small products and play around with them. Some examples are devsnap.io and feedby.io.

Cheers! :-)


Hi everyone, I'm from Pune, India! Stumbled upon dev.to on twitter, it's interesting. I am a Software Tester (Java, Python, Selenium) by profession but I'm really interested in the Web Development and lately have started with Javascript and heading towards React :)


So I unfollowed everyone/thing? On Twitter that didn’t have a direct coorelation to technologies I’m trying to deep dive loosely tied to NodeJS, React, React-Native, typescript, etc. This really focused my feed’s content and I eventually stumbled onto this site.

Mainly looking for solid resources on concepts/ patterns. I always leap at an opportunity to find out what I’m doing wrong/ what I could do better 😅


I made a switch to React Native this month from Angular 7. My major attraction to this fascinating framework is the fast interaction of components (powered by babel for jsx) unlike the .ts controlled HTML templates in Angular 7 which sometimes need a refresh to update the GUI. The capability of HTML in js code is the peak of this framework transition.

I hope to find the relevant help I need here.

However, I am battling with the difficulty to create apk file from my React Native project using Android Studio. I succeeded in creating a signed apk which was installed on my Techno W2 device without any error; but the app isn't opening, and has no visible launch icon too. Although it is listed in the installed apps in settings. After installing, the 'open' button is inactive.

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated, as I cannot continue my React Native development unless this is resolved. I want to be creating my apk files locally, and not using Expo services which produce huge file sizes.
Note: My React Native Project is generated by 'expo init project-name', then ejected by 'expo eject' in order to regenerate the android & iOS directories.

Thank you.


Hi all, I'm Erik from Singapore. I just joined the community here, through Twitter I think, a few days ago. I'm working, learning and loving full stack web development at the moment and would love to share thoughts about programming and tech.

I would love to have my own online publication site in the near future too, hope to have you guys sharing your experiences building yours.

Working remotely? Why not! Working while still having chances to travel the worlds is the best thing ever, just that not everyone is good at time and self management.


Ola (:

I’m Vinicius from south of Brazil! It took me a while to register to dev.to but now here I’m! I’ve been reading a lot of posts from dev.to recently (actually more than recently) on Twitter and dicided to dive into it and be part of its community which seems well engaged!

Hope to meet some of you IRL one day!

Let’s code \o/


Hello everyone !

I'm a french web developer since february 2017. I work with Symfony and I want to specialize in backend development, searching for the best optimized code, factorization, getting data from a database and posting it is so entertaining !

I'm here so I can share my creations with other devs. I'm learning React and Node, there's so much frameworks and tools to learn, perhaps this community could help me :)

Unfortunately, here in France working remotely is not welcome by most of the companies, it is slowly becoming more and more popular though. But yes, I'd love working remotely !


Hello world!

My first step with "DEV"...

Working as senior consultant/architect at Capgemini (France)
Open Source & Agile supporter
I have been working for 30 years in IT
I've created Telosys (telosys.org/) an open source code generator.
It begins to be known ( dzone.com/articles/telosys-a-code-... )
My favorite languages : Java, Go, Python (and some others)
I'm also part time professor in Nantes University

Looking forward to discuss with everyone...


I am 74 years old but still wide awake. I worked for IBM for 25years until
early retirement.
Doing a lot of studying, python, javascript, java, C#, and more. would like some projects to get more experience.
Remote is king.


Hello everyone
Been working as a App developer for 25 years.
My main skills are around
Technology / Programming / Analysis And Design Information Technology (majoring in Information Systems)
Technical Courses:

  • Using ultra DBMS in programming 29/04/86:6/05/86
  • VMS utilities and system management 28/06/86:9/07/86
  • VAX RDB /VMS database design. 07/11/92 : 11/11/92
  • VAX RDB /VMS Programming 14/11/92 : 18/11/92
  • VAX SQL Programming 21/11/92 : 25/11/92
  • Programming /using DECforms 05/12/92 :09/12/92

    Oracle Education Center

  • Oracle Developer Release 1.5 Forms 4.5 Reports 2.5

  • Oracle Developer: Release 2. Forms 5.0 Reports 3.0

  • Oracle SQL and PL/SQL

  • Developer 2000 Build Forms I

  • Developer 2000 Build Forms II

  • Develop PL/SQL Program Units

  • Developer 2000 Build Reports

    Oracle Designer 2000: Release.2.1.2 Oracle Education Center.

  • Designer/2000 workshop Course

  • Include First Class / System Modeling / Server

  • Design & Generating / Forms Design & Generating /

  • Repository Management / Design Generate Web server Application.
    Online skills certifications Oracle 8.0 Administration & RDBMS Concepts
    Technical Skills:
    skills in most fields of Computer Hardware Preparing Installing & Maintaining PC’s bilingual Software programming, Analysis, Design, Implementation & Developments database Applications, Custom Development, client/server environment, Packages Specification and Integration.
    Skills include but – not limited to – the following Development Tools:
    •Microsoft Visual Basic 8 and lower all types of data Access, connecting to external data sources
    •Control creation for web and desktop applications
    •ActiveX and COM technology
    •Microsoft Access and Higher

    •Microsoft Access as a back-end for Microsoft Visual Basic
    •Microsoft SQL Server as a back-end for Microsoft Visual Basic
    •ORACLE as a back-end for Oracle Tools and Microsoft Visual Basic
    •Designer/2000, Developer/2000, Forms Types of Applications Developed
    •Object-Oriented Development Using High Level Language & Flat Files.
    •Client/Server Development Using High Level Language With RDBMS DB.
    •Client/Server Development Uses a 4GL/GUI/DevTools.
    •Client/Server Development Using Oracle Tools Dev / Des / DBA.
    •Web Development Using Oracle Tools Dev/Des/DBA.
    •DEC’s VAX (11/780,3000,4000,6000,6410,7000,7610, 8530 & Alpha Series)
    •IBM PC’s Clint/Server Environments.
    •Alpha Clint/ Server Environments.
    •Vax Serries Custom Environments.
    •Sun Serries Custom Environments.
    Operating Systems:
    •VAX/VMS/OPEN VMS/Unix/Widows 8/Windows7/Widows XP/ Windows.NET 4.0 Server / MS-DOS/Win311/WIN95/WIN98/Clint-Server Architecture / Web Architecture.
    Screen Developing Tools:
    •FMS (Form Management Services) From Digital
    •DEC Forms From Digital
    •Visual Basic Forms From Microsoft
    •Mantis (Forms Design & Develops.)
    •Micro Focus (Forms Design & Develops). From Micro Focus
    •Developer2000 Build Forms 4.5 & 5.0 Release 1.5 & Release 2.1.
    •Designer2000 Release. 1.3 & 2.1.2 Forms Designs & Generate Modules.
    Reports Developing Tools:
    •Develops Report Generator Using Cobol Programming &
    •Text Designer Editor
    •FMS (Report Management Services) From Digital
    •Mantis Report Designs & Develops from Cincom
    •Crystal Reports From Seagate Software R3 / R7.
    •Micro Focus Report Design & Develops from (Micro Focus)
    •Developer2000 Build Reports Re. 2.5 , Re. 3.1 & Re.6.0.
    •Designer2000 Release. 1.3,2.1.2 & Re.6.0 Reports Des,& Generate Modules.
    Database: ORACLE (7.2, 7.3, 8.0.4 & 8.0.5) Server Design & Generate Object & non-Object Central & Distributed Database.
    •Relational Data Base (RDB-Digital)
    •Access Database From Microsoft
    •Ultra Database
    •Supra Database
    •Clipper 5.1 CA-Clipper Database
    •Clarion Database
    Flatting Files (Sequential, Indexes, Relatives, and Record Files Address/Random/ Building RDBFS From Scratch).
    Programming & database Maintenance Languages:
    •VAX 11- Basic V 2 Plus, Basic A, Q-Basic; Visual Basic R 4,5,6.
    •VAX 11- COBOL, MS-Cobol, Professional COBOL, MF-Cobol.
    •RDB/Ultra & Supra database Programming with/without Cobol & Basic Preprocessors
    •SQL, SQL-Plus, PL-SQL Develop Program Unit from Oracle Corporation
    •Mantis 4GL, Clarion 4GL, Clipper 5.1 CA-Clipper.
    Analysis Tools:
    •Navigator Case Methodology
    •Designer 2000 Case Methodology R1.3, R2.1,R6
    Practical Experience:
    •Applications Analysis Standard Specification & Requirements
    •Applications Design Database Consultant Design ERD for Enterprise Resource •Application Design Functions Business Processing Layouts and Analysis Reports for Many various Application and databases Preparing Short Cut Application

    •Putting Standard Quality Assurances Developments Rules And Business Process For Many Developments Projects using Standards Designer in Developments.
    •Analysis & Design Systems for Many Developments Projects using Standards Analysis & Design Rules in Developments.
    •App Management / App Development Follow-up Cycle / App Testing
    •Trainer / Instructor - for Teach MS Office, International Computer Driving License (ICDL), Structure Query Language (SQL) For Standard Relational Databases System , and other IT Courses.
    Saudi Customs Consultant Project
    Putting Standard Quality Assurances Developments Rules And Business Process For Developments Projects using Oracle Designer In Developments using Oracle designer R.6
    Analysis & Design IMPORT SYSTEM the study was done in two phases;
    The first phase concentrated on analyzing the current Import processing related business functions.
    The second phase was a study of the various options and recommendations for the proposed automated Import System using CASE DES2000 R.6.
    Analysis& Design Exemption System using ORACLE RDBMS 8.0.5 CDM DES2000 R.6.
    March. 1986 To Aug. 1998: Ministry of Health/Riyadh/Saudi Arabia
    • Analysis & Design Healthy Institutes & Collages System CDM R2.1
    • Analysis Training and Scholarship System Using CDM DES2000 R2.1
    • Analysis Medical Supply System Using CDM DES2000 R1.3
    • Analysis Hospital management system Using CDM DES2000 R1.3
    • Analysis Healthy Statistical Analysis System Using CDM DES2000 R1.3
    Healthy Survey System (Surveillance All type of diseases over the Kingdom).
    Scientific Certified Evaluation System.
    Blood Donor Survey System.
    Software Follow-up Control System.
    In/Out Car & Employees Security Management System.
    Ambulance Cars Control & Maintenance System.
    Government Procurement System.
    Personnel & Payroll System.
    Statistical Analysis System.
    Blood Bank System.
    March 1984-1986 Delta Computer Center [Integrated Application Group]
    Delta Computer Center
    Duties were performed using IBM PC’s and other compatibles involved in the Analysis, Design and Development Business Application and Packages.
    Cooperate With Delta Team to Analysis, Design and Development of the following Business Packages:
    1-1- General Ledger & Accounting Balances System.
    1-2- Account Receivable System.
    1-3- Account Payable System.
    1-4- Inventory Control System.
    1-5- Payroll & Personnel System.
    1-6- Full Advanced Integrated Financial Packages.


Hey folks!

After three years in San Francisco at big and small tech companies alike, I'm breaking out. At first it was Uber, then an engineer at a startup that failed, then got stuck in a job that sucked away all my hours (first engineer hire).

I'm moving life into a backpack and nomading Asia. I've been doing React.js and Node for four years, but now I'm branching into crypto dev via Solidity (Ethereum)

I'm hoping to use Dev.to instead of Twitter as a way to keep relevant as I detach from the San Francisco tech scene. In addition, I'd like to collab on open-source and paid projects alike. Let's do this thing together ❤️

DM me with things as simple as hello :)

DawsonBotsford AT gee mail DOT com
Latte pictures from around the world: instagram.com/dawsonbotsford/


Hey everyone,
i'am from Indonesia. Been working as a Software Engineer since i graduated from high school (about 7+ Years ago). Time sure flies :)

Lately, i'm working with Laravel, React, various SQL & NoSQL DB, and AWS. I hope i can learn a lot by reaching out to you guys. There are many wonders (food & places) in my country. Hope y'all can have a visit one day !


Hi everyone!

I'm a software developer at Tulip Retail in Toronto, Canada.

I used to be a M&A investment banker (0/5 stars, do not recommend).

In my spare time I'm an avid creator of SaaS products, and I have an entrepreneurship / programming blog here!

I'm looking forward to getting engaged with the dev.to community! Please don't hesitate to reach out!


Hello from Sri Lanka. Programming more than 10 years in the industry and skilled in Java, JavaScript, PHP and Swift languages. Like to share the knowledge and learn more from the community.


Hello World from Cambridge, England :)

Been web dev-ing for about 6 years and still loving it - mostly because of the ever-changing landscape of tech and the increasingly varied and fun dev community.

I am mostly .NET based, so both standard and core frameworks, but also spend a lot of time writing React/Angular/Vue etc. Part of the Umbraco community. Spend a lot of time working for digital agencies ;)

Looking forward to getting involved!


Hello everyone from Devon, England, in the south west of the U.K. Currently learning front end development and node, also Wordpress, a bit of everything.


Welcome to dev.to Jon 👋.

Front-end world is quite brutal as there are so much to learn.
Any particular area/library/frameworks you are focusing on?


Thanks for getting in touch. Looking at node, js, and Wordpress at the moment, practical issues like authentication and security, my idea is to build one or two marketplace prototypes.


Uhm, hi? I'm Lars Klopstra, I like to code things for the web and I'm still stu(dying) boring things like ASP.net & UML instead of writing cool JS applications 😆.



I'm Jan from Belguim. I like functional programming, data science, rust-lang and category theory.


Hi there!!
I love working remotely! I am from Greece and specially from Crete, South Crete. Also I love developing! Now using Python and try to learn more about it.


Hi people, Zubair here from India #beginner #learner #python


Hi guys, I'm a CS student just landed here because a developer that I follow mentioned this portal.
I've looked only few articles (a lot of stuff to study), but I already found this place very "warm" and also interesting.
Anyway, I hope that my english is kind understandable, and 'read' you later!


Hi everyone, I’m Andrea, from Italy. Actually I’m working as an iOS Mobile developer in Bologna!


Hello all. I hope this really great looking community on dev.to will help me with my coding skills. I'm here to find the way how to progress in coding generally.


Hi all from South Africa
I have done Java,Php,mysql,JavaScript and I was recently introduced to Vue and Node js and would like to learn more about backend


Programming is a great skill that should be encouraged from young as it precursor to fantaste possibilities!!


Ini hal baru bagi saya,di sini saya mencari pengetahuan untuk belajar mengembangkan diri. Saya seorang technician electrical. Senang bekerja keras. Namun dalam program computer saya kurang bisa.


Welcome. Programming is a lot of fun. I hope you find what you're looking for.

source: google translate

Selamat datang. Pemrograman sangat menyenangkan. Saya harap Anda menemukan apa yang Anda cari.


hello there i'm munna khan from bangladesh and i'm here for learning new technology and share everything i know.currently i'm working remotely.


Hello I'm here. Currently learning Django. Anyone with experience in Django will really be of help


Hi, I’m Rose Contreras and I’m actually a technical writer training to be a Python developer. I am looking for opportunities to sharpen my coding skills and network with other devs.


Hello everyone,

My name is Michael Ashefor from Nigeria, a self learning Frontend developer and I'm glad to be in the midst of great minds.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone!


Hey Everyone

I am Udit from India. I live in Bangalore and work at HackerEarth. I am looking forward to learn from experiences of people here and to contribute a bit as well.


Hi there!
I am looking for freelance work in .NET. Are there any opportunities ?



Hay folks, this is Atef! I am a developer and a tech enthusiast, hope to find an engaging community here!


Hi there,

Glad to be here! Currently attending a bootcamp and overall jumping head over heels into fullstack dev. Looking forward to connecting to this community.


Hey all! I'm a freelance Magento developer and I tune up stores for people. Before that I used to work with PHP and Wordpress and slowly migrated to Magento. Yeah I love working remotely :P


Hi my name is mohammed i am a designer on the web pages


Hi everyone.
My name is Shubham Yadav and I'm working as an SEO Analyst with Canbay Technology Solutions.
Recently I have been working on the AMP Projects and it appears to be fun...


Hello everyone, I'm a begginer front end dev from Argentina.
Just found this community on reddit looking for sources to imorove my JS skills and keep learning React.
Hope you all have a great day!


大家好,我來自於亞洲的一個國家? 中華台北?







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Hello from Nigeria. An electronics hobbyists and a young python programmer.I'm a car technician but passionate about robotics.I'm the funny type. I would greatly love to work remotely.

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