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Hey there! Welcome to dev.to!

Pusheen Hi
Leave a comment below to introduce yourself to the community! ✌️

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment and say hello or ask them a question. 👋

  3. Or answer this question: How did you get into programming, and what would you recommend to a newcomer today?


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Hi! Dev.to started popping up on a lot of the aggregators I read to keep current. It also seems to be suffering less from the immense degradation over on Medium 0_0 (Anybody else remember how high quality the writing was on Medium when it was new??)

Anyways, I've seen some of the folks on here posting in the Fediverse and I am happy to be here!


We're happy you're here, too!


Thank you Jesse.


Fait Divers and not fediverse ! Don't deprecate my french please...
Welcome to Dev.to


I'm not entirely sure what you mean in the first part of your post. I support the Fediverse :)

Thanks for the warm welcome!

Oh sorry i was thinking it was such kind of buzz words taked from french that it’s hype to use

fediverse = federated universe (i.e. mastodon/GNU Social)
But really interesting that fait divers means “news” in French 🤔


I have a good felling about dev.to, I still am a new user, but my first impression is the it's better of good if compared to Medium


Well I hope you enjoy your time here! There is definitely a lot of talented folks posting on this site :)


Hi everyone. I'm Cesar. I was first introduced to code in my summer job in high school. I worked for a nonprofit and we had to build a website. So that was my first introduction to html/css, but I wouldn't get my first computer until my first year of college. That's when I began working with Java and other programming languages.

I work with C#, java, sql, javascript. I am currently falling in love with working on the front end. I am looking into animations and React.

Aside from tech, I like to play basketball, play video games, and go hiking.


Welcome! I’m a fellow video game fan and React lover. Glad to have you. :)


Oh my,oh my....you are a lot of things.


Hello everyone, I'm Juliya.

I'm a self-taught developer dwelling within Texas.
I started dabbling at the tender age of 12 playing Neopets (of course), eventually progressing onto creating MySpace Profiles as a young teenager.
I've done a whole lot of freelance client/contract work throughout the years but thankfully last year I began gearing up for a much needed change professionally. These days, I am up to my eyeballs in Warhammer 40,000 Miniature Commissions and am starting an organization that will provide digital services and solutions to local metal bands free of charge.
I randomly stumbled upon the site but liked it immediately, mostly for the design. I'm sick of most sites looking the same XD


OH MY! I was crazy about Neopets. I was a bit older, thou :P like, 19 or something. hahahahaha :)


Hey everyone. I'm Dwayne :). After reading a couple good articles from dev.to and hearing nice things about the community I decided to give the site a try.

I'm currently (as of April 2019) learning how to design and implement programming languages using the book "Essentials of Programming Languages by Friedman and Wand (3rd Edition)". It's difficult but rewarding learning from the masters.

My day job is as a full stack web developer for a Point of Sale software company. On a day to day basis I work with Ruby, PostgreSQL and JavaScript (React/Redux) among other tech. I dream of the day I get paid to work with Elm or Haskell or Rust.

Aside from that I enjoy playing basketball, running, cycling, swimming, hiking (I'm pretty active) and living a plant-based lifestyle.


You're welcome, Dwayne. Plant-based lifestyle? Can you please explain that?
I love your profile.


Sure Biodun.

With respect to my diet, I don't consume any animal products. Learn more here.

With respect to everything else, if there is a plant-based alternative I'd gravitate toward that option because it's usually better for the animals, the environment or us humans.


Hi everybody! My name is Mat, and I'm from Lexington, Ky. I'm currently working to earn my React certification from Codecademy and eager to contribute to open source projects. Before this, I ran a record label for 10 years and worked as a freelance journalist for more than 15 years. I have a soft spot for nonprofits, and am passionate about and LGBTQ rights. Married to a great guy and bossed around by a rambunctious mini-Schnauzer!


Hey Matt, Any cool open source project you recommend?

You can check my project github.com/gkpty/almost_cms

Its an open source and free, serverless CMS and SSG. Its changes the way you make static sites

Built with ReactJS, Amplify, GraphQl, DynamoDB, Lambda, Amazon SDK.

let me know your thoughts


Hey this is actually pretty cool. I am building something similar, maybe we can chat about ways to collaborate? Check this out: stormkit.io, basically it’s a serverless hosting targeting modern web apps with server side functionality. It has built in support for ssr. Right now it could be used together with headless cms like prismic and contenful to build modern e-commerce/news websites. Was also thinking to add more features around this use case based on the demand. I’d love to hear your feedback

Hey Savas, Thanks for reaching out. Checked you project out, it seems very cool too!

Our project is fully open source, you can check our code

Any ideas on how we could collaborate?

i will come up with some suggestions tomorrow :) its late here and im using the mobile phone so i could only read the readme file :) I will write you back once i can check more in detail. Peace!


Hi Lucas! Just getting started so I dont have any recommendations quite yet! Will check out your project!

Thanks Mat, appreciate it


Welcome Matt! I lived in Lexington from 2011 to 2017. I was just dipping my toes into learning how to code at that time otherwise we might have crossed paths! Have you taken any of the classes or workshops at Awesome Inc.?


Nice to meet you Ryan!
I was running a record label during that time, but I have just completed a React course through Codecademy. I haven't taken courses at Awesome Inc., but know of their program and respect what they do. Excited to start contributing to the React and JS community!


Hi Ryan!

I've posted some repositories on my Github page. Take a look when you have a moment. Any and all feedback appreciated!


Hi, I'm Karno from Nagoya, Japan. I am working as a researcher about security auditing and communication, and I am not a software engineer now, but I've being interested into software engineering since childhood and I have the degree of information engineering. I am really desired to become a software engineer and I hope this place would be a first step of my new career.
I am learning English language but this language is very difficult for me and I am still repeating trials and errors. Please let me know if you have any information about a good linter for English. Thank you.


You’re doing a fantastic job already in your language skills. I wish I could be multilingual. And I wish you the best of luck in your pursuit of a career In software. You’ve chosen an excellent place to learn. Welcome!


Pm me some apps to stop a spy on my friends phone and spy on the messenger spy


Hi My name is Tim Vogt and I tech Kids to code. Because I want to stay on top of new development and to get more development skills myself. So I can get a remote job in between gigs. Fun fact I have Dyslexia.

I got into programming after a gig wich was an large AWS project on sending newsletters and consulting for a large shop/intranet/companywebsite min php. So I decided to do more Django and Python projects because this made more sense 😁.

I recommend python and study python classes and try to make sense of them.


That’s wonderful. I would love to teach hands on coding. For now I’ll have to get my teaching itch scratched by posting articles on here. But if I may ask, how did you get involved in teaching? Do you do it at a school or a college? Or at some kind of volunteer club?


Sorry for late reply, I teach kids in the local library and now online. We work with microbit scratch an Python turtle. And I give some private lessons. At day job I’m a lead dev of team of 9.


Hello! I'm Travis. I came across Dev.to while doing some self-study on Vue some time back, and I really liked the layout and the information passed through here. I've been creeping for a while and figured it's probably time to step out of the bushes! I *officially got in to software development at the end of 2017, with Lambda School, which I completed in June of last year. After that, I went on a 5 month hiatus journeying in to a Congressional Campaign as a tech consultant. I took December as a "vacation" because...campaign life was a killer to say the least! Since then I've been rebuilding what I learned and actively looking for my first dev role. Obviously took a wrong turn somewhere, heading in to May with no luck so far, so I hope to learn a lot from the community here and hopefully land my first official dev role very, very soon!


Hello folks!

I'm Erika, I've worked as software engineer for most of my career, been focusing on devOps last couple years and now working as technical writer at DigitalOcean. I love writing! I came here because I was looking for a place where I could share some of my personal ideas related to our field, basically something to replace Medium because frankly, they're the worst.

happy to be here :)


Super happy to have you here!


My passion for technology has grown quickly since I was young, even before high school. As such, the curiosity about "how computers work" pushed me to this new technology world.
By being autodidactic and dedicated, I ended up experimenting different types of programming languages such as PHP, javascript, Java, C+ and C#...but I quickly realized my fascination about Java, which defined my professional path.

But technology isn't my only passion. I love travelling and Crossfit.

Why travelling? I love to travel because it allows you to meet new cultures, taste new foods and learn to respect the differences, which I believe opens new horizons in my personal growth.

Why Crossfit? It is a very challenging sport that allows me to prove that I can exceed my self and conquer my fears and new challenges.


I recently finished a contract position, and wasn't really sure what to do with my life. I heard from some people that programming might be a good thing to learn, so I went and did it for six months. I think it was good to try it on my own, and would recommend the same for anyone interested in programming.


Hi. I am a learning FrontEnd web developer and excited to be on this awesome platform. As the saying goes "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.", I really want to go far.
Thank you.


Hey All,

I've been in development since the mid-nineties - at school it was something that interested me and it seemed that I could make a living doing it (and was better than the alternatives given to me by my careers advice teacher). Due to major anxiety issues, however, I have always tried to keep my head down and stay invisible.

Well, I've still got those issues but decided it's never too late to push yourself to try new things!

I've recently started to talk at conferences about the human side of development. Both the ways that I have gotten through challenges in my career, and the mistakes that I and my team have made - and what we have learnt from them! And, thought that maybe these would make blog posts as well!

So now all I have to do is get the courage to write the first one :)


It's such an important topic, and I can't wait to read your first article! Welcome to the community.


Thank you, Jesse!

Just trying to figure out how to split it up (or in my anxiety terms: procrastinating because of fear :)) and it'll be written and posted!


Hi Everyone Myself Ashok I'm a Front End Developer having knowledge of Java script, JQuery,HTML,CSS, AJAX, Bootstrap,CSS3.
having great command on Programming languages include C/Java/C#, ASP.NET, VBScript, T-SQL, JQuery,XML, PHP.

Hello Guys!

I am Oliver and here's is a bit about me:

  • Studied Aerospace Engineer at college and same time dabbled with coding
  • My love for coding was crazy so ditched Aerospace and went full on Developer pursuit
  • Did an internship for an amazing startup for 3 months then moved on to a full time Software Eng. role.
  • Beside spending most of my free time on learning new tech, I do photography, art, sometimes make tutorials.
  • Here's my tiny Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UC3DN9JNd6-DhV...
  • Find me on Github github.com/oliver-gomes



Hi Oliver. I checked out your Youtube channel. I like your speed code video. 😉
Keep it up.


Thank you for checking it out and glad you liked it! 😄


Hi All,
I am Mahrous , I am old developer
programming language for me as my Girls
I change them from time to time :))
I start with C++ in 96
then php,MySQL,Asp,VB6.VB.net,JavaScript,Java
now, I fall in love with Kotlin,Python,Kivy and last one Flutter,Dart
my old dream was the flight
but now I am just a programmer


Hi all! I'm a GIS Analyst working for the Raleigh's (NC) parks department. I don't know that I'd call myself a developer, but definitely am excited by all the ways I can use code to create my own custom tools for working with and visualizing spatial data. I've been reading lots of interesting posts linked back to Dev.to and finally decided I should join the conversations going on here. I intend at some point to share some posts about my experiences using Python and JavaScript to do all sorts of fun stuff with maps. In the meantime, looking forward to learning more from y'all here!


Hi everyone,

Been a lurker here for a while, thought I'd say hello.

Been coding since I was 33, am now 42 and in my 3rd role.

I've mostly been in desktop old fashioned work with winforms,. Net and sql server.

However I'm interested in graph databases, constraint based programming and neural networks - these areas interest me as they feel like they would be converging interests I could use to solve interesting problems.

Currently exploring sql graph for a configurator validation tool for one business.

I'm not as keen on front end work as many others, I prefer to hang around back end, data stuff and code generation, middleware and the like.

As for advice for others, novices and otherwise, older books like code complete 2, pragmatic programming, programming pearls and the like are all valuable reading. And the newest cleverest stuff is often, very often stuff from the 60s and 70s from what I can see, except with more horsepower.

That's all for now :)


I have been a librarian working for public libraries for many years. I am seeking a career change that allows me to seek and share information. I am a complete newbie to coding and programming. I just enrolled in the software development bootcamp program with Flatiron School. I need all the help and information I can get so I’m happy to learn from others within this community. I’m currently learning Ruby and this is the 1st language I have ever tried learning. 👩🏾‍💻👋🏾


Hi Im Clare. Started teaching myself html/css and JS around 6 months ago so im a complete beginner. Previously worked in healthcare but a brain injury forced me to consider new options. After doing a few Intro to Programming courses i definitely caught the bug!! Hoping to learn as muuch as possible!


Hi 👋, I’m a french front-end engineer based in London. As a developer, I love building things that help make user’s happy. As a person, I also love making developer’s lives easier through coaching, mentoring, and automation.


I found Dev.to trying to figure out core Vue.JS concepts.
I need to create UI that I designed two weeks ago and I'm completely new to JS frameworks. I used to be tech. support and tester and now came to design and frontend development.

Excuse my English, my speaking/writing level is rather bad.


You'll find there's no judgement here on the speaking/writing level. There's no better way to practice the language than to use it. Welcome!


Hi I'm Bernard running a startup pumpedfuel.com , I'm seeking anyone who has experience, knowledge, tips and/or pointers they can share writing vehicle embedded apps Android Automotive, Apple Carplay or Automotive Grade Linux - regards


Hi all! My name is Jan and I'm from Ljubljana, Slovenia. I've always been fascinated with computers and everything that came along with. When I first came across programming, I was about 12yo, and had a great chance to learn Pascal, but putting it of, never came throught. So it took me about 16 years to realise, that I want something more challenging than my regular job(I'm currently working in a paper factory in four shifts 'oh, the irony'). So I went back to school (Higer Vocational College, Informatics) and got the basics in C#, SQL, HTML/CSS...
Learning is a bit slow,because I have two kids(a toddler and a baby), but it's motivating, because I'm not doing it just for myself.
I came across this platform by accident and couldn't be happier about it. So I hope, that in the future, I'll be able to contribute and help other devs and devs to be, to grow.
Got a couple of hobbies to: playing games, reading and every possible technology I can study.


Hi! I am new here in dev.to! Hope to contribute meaningful articles in this platform while I continue learning and help others out.

Currently I develop mobile apps, feel free to visit my portfolio @ jmdg.io.
I wrote the apps using Kotlin/Java for Android, Swift for iOS and leaning towards making my new apps with Flutter!

Hope to get in touch with you all soon!


Welcome to dev.to! Looking forward to your first post.


Thank you, Nick!

So far so good. Been having fun and leaning here at dev.to -- it's really a good place to share interesting topics!


Hello :),

I just discovered this place.

I am a mathematician with mostly self-taught front end developer skills (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). Working in psychological research I used to program with MATLAB, while my university studies I used Java.


Hello! I have now read too many great posts on this dev.to to not have an account here. My background is in cloud and distributed systems. I worked in AWS prior to leaving to explore open source software, blockchain, and figuring out how to improve cloud technology.


Hello Peeps,

I am Varun, a web enthusiast by passion and profession and currently working in Singapore. I love playing around with web tools and technologies and building web apps that works on desktop, mobile and anything in between.

I am really moved by the love and passion for technology possessed by this platform members, and that dragged me here. This platform is a one stop solution for keeping pace with ever changing technology trends, helping each other and making new friends.

Looking forward for any recommendation from the front-end folks for the new joiner.

Cheers and Beers!!!


Hey! How is everyone? My name is Damian. I am very passionate about becoming a web developer here in NYC, my home town. I'm currently going to school for web development and admin, with about a year left. Any advice or guidance is welcome. Thank you all in adavnce !


G'day fellow Devsters & their big, fat, black, cats & a handful, or so, of the cat's scrawny, wormy, mangy, worthless, mongrel gutted kittens. I'm tryin' to get my head around, coding and the various platforms & applications that are out & about in the Developer Community. In my previous employment, I had buggar all use for a computer, I was much better at kickin' a crooks door down, at daybreak. So it came to pass, that the Karma bus, was passin' by, a few years back & I was busted up, as a passenger, in a roll over accident & lost a heap of physical prowess. So rather than sit around, lettin' day time TV, turn my mind to mush. I convinced myself that a bloke, may be able to turn a quid, on-line, whilst tryin' to preserve, what's left of his, tiny, little fistful, of gray matter. Keep grinnin'.


Welcome. You can & will be able to make a good living. Start by reading everything you can & engaging with the smartest people you can (for right now you are stuck with me until you can find those of greater intellect).

Focus on the results, not learning, make things, don't be online for the sake of it, Make more things, get traffic & attention or users to them. Read more. Make more things.

Keep doing that mostly. Hours & hours a day & then a breakthrough you have no idea how it happened. That is the startup success story of many.

Let me know what you are trying to get your head around & I'll push you on to the path going the right direction.